Creating an office for your event planning business

Your Event Planning Course: Setting Up an Office

Every successful event planner has a well-organized and functional workspace for their business. Whether you work from home or have your own office, it’s important to keep everything you need in one spot. Want to create an environment that will inspire your best event planning ideas yet? Set yourself up for success by enrolling in our Accelerate Your Business Workshop with QC tutor Candice Coppola. Watch the video to get a taste of what you’ll learn in the business course of your event planner training!

Let’s Recap

There’s plenty of ways to help your business run efficiently so every event detail is perfect. Candice offered a few of her top tricks for keeping her clients satisfied!

Stay Organized

Create a system and stick with it! As an event planner, it’s so important to have immediate access to any contract or detail. Whether you’re working with client or venues, you need to have everything at your fingertips. Using client files or binders, like Candice, or organizing documents into digital apps will give you direct access to any information you may need.

Create a Business Environment

Especially when you work from home, you need to focus on creating a professional environment during consultations. Meeting a client should be in a quiet area where you can control what’s going on around you. Candice’s advice is to stay away from busy and chaotic restaurants or coffee shops—this can hinder your ability to communicate with your client. If you become distracted and miss details, you could end up having an issue down the line!

Be Flexible

Candice mentions that clients are thankful for an event planner who is willing to travel to them. This makes your client feel more relaxed and able to work with you. Providing your client with options makes your meetings less stressful. So make sure wherever you hold your meetings, it’s in a place that clients will feel comfortable doing business with you!

Are you an expert planner? Find out more about how to start your own event planning business and take control of your own career!

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