I Planned My Wedding—So Why Take A Wedding Planner Course?

First of all, if you managed to plan your whole wedding without any prior event planner course—you’re a rock star! We can only imagine how stressful that must have been, with every single detail resting on your shoulders…

And this is exactly the reason why wedding planners are so in demand. Although some love to organize and plan their own weddings, for most people it’s a huge burden. Not only will you stress over every minor thing, but you’ll be so distracted from your everyday life for a long stretch of time.

So when thinking about your own wedding, consider the things you had trouble with—and consider the fact that going into wedding planning is more than just planning!

You need credibility

Start your wedding planning business

If you have gorgeous photos of your own wedding, no doubt you should put those in your planning portfolio. Yet, most clients will want proof that you can take someone else’s unique tastes and personality and turn it into their dream design. This is where wedding planner training comes in handy. You automatically have proof that you know A) how to work with different types of clients, and B) you have all the organizational skills and industry knowledge to plan every detail.

Clients want to know that their dinner will be served on time, that the band will show up, and that every guest will receive their invites with due notice. There’s so much more than this that goes into one single wedding, and it’s crucial that you know every step of the way! Your event planning certification is the best way to prove this.

You’ll meet other professionals

As always, we’re going back to a fundamental part of event and wedding planning: networking! You’ll need to network locally (or nationally, if you’re dreaming big!) in order to find new clients and vendors. More than this, you’ll need to do your research to find out who your competitors are. Think of it this way: if your competition has formal wedding planning training, they’ll probably draw clients better than one who doesn’t.

It is true that you can find clients through social media, word of mouth, and many other ways—but for potential clients who have never met you, it’s important that they see your credentials up front!

You get the resources

Where to find wedding planning templates and event resources

The best part about taking wedding planning courses isn’t just what you learn, it’s what you get! Okay, besides from the awesome certification you get after your wedding course, you also get some crazy good business resources—FOR LIFE.

Seriously, you know you’ll need business templates, planning templates, client cards, etc. so why not capitalize on this with your training? For example, QC’s event and wedding classes come with free access to your career center (where you’ll find these resources and templates). Throughout your entire career, you can go in and use these templates for your business and planning processes.

Way easier than scouring the internet for professional wedding planning resources, right?

You get feedback

Yes, we believe that you planned an awesome wedding. However, there’s a big difference between planning your wedding and someone else’s! And if your clients don’t have the heart to tell you that your design isn’t what they asked for, you won’t be able to better yourself as a wedding planner.

This is where your wedding training comes in—you get a personal tutor who will tell you what you do well, and what you can improve on. Feedback from an experienced planner who’s working in the industry right now super valuable for a planner’s career. It’s impossible to get everything right the first time, but it’s so much better to mess up on an assignment than on actual wedding plans…

You’re not alone

Meet Event and Wedding Professionals

Starting your own business can be intimidating, so it’s important to know you have support. You can always get support from your family and friends, but who can you ask when you need business advice? You might be lucky enough to know some business owners, but you don’t want to feel like you’re constantly bugging them for advice.

So don’t discredit the idea of a wedding planning class before you look into it. You may have the power to plan weddings without proper training, but you’ll only benefit by learning industry etiquettes and planning skills!

Don’t forget—your event and wedding certification can boost your salary too! Find out how to maximize your wedding planner training!

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