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4 Luxury Event Planning Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

When you think of luxury event planning, what comes to mind? Large budgets, celebrity clients, and high-end vendors are all part of the luxury planning experience, but there are many variations on these jobs!

Your event planner certification can propel you into fabulous positions that focus on floral, catering, and other production elements at a high-end level – you just need to know what you’re passionate about, and where to look!

Although luxury clients can be demanding, the role of a luxury event planner is highly rewarding. It’s time to polish up your event planning resume and reach for these exciting luxury jobs you didn’t know existed!

Floral Designer

Fresh, beautiful flowers are an integral part of weddings and events. A luxury wedding and event planning course teaches you how to create a luxurious ambiance using floral decor. This training is excellent prep for a role as a Floral Designer! High-end clients expect the very best from their event planners (they are, after all, spending a great deal of money), so Floral Designers are expected to be exceptionally knowledgeable about different arrangements and obsessive about details.

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Meeting with the bride or host, and carefully listening to their vision is an essential first step in the role of Floral Designer. Your goal is to create personalized, extravagant floral arrangements that fit their preferences and surpass their expectations.

Keep in mind that your client is always right, so although there may be (some) wiggle room for you to flex your creative muscles, you ultimately want to tailor each floral design to your client’s tastes – they’ll feel as though their money was well-spent, and you’ll build a strong reputation as a trustworthy and fabulous Floral Designer!

Production Manager

It’s no secret that luxury events are more expensive than regular events, but did you know that they are also larger, more customized, and much more intricate than average events?

For example, your client may have her heart set on a castle ceremony followed by a procession of horse-drawn carriages (it’s not uncommon!). Her expectation of you, as the luxury wedding planner, will be to make those dreams come true. In your role of Production Manager, you’ll juggle many responsibilities such as assessing the space and accessibility of a wedding venue, developing floor plans, determining if any items need to be built from scratch, and managing contracts.

Strong leadership skills and confidence are required to succeed in this position. Since this is such a multifaceted role with a heavy workload, new event planners who want to break into the luxury event planning industry will need to begin at a coordinator or assistant level, and work their way up. The experience you’ll get in this type of role, including working with luxury clients and managing critical details, will be invaluable to your career!

Conference Services Professional

As an event planner, you’re well-versed in different types of events, including corporate ones. Your event planner training makes you a great candidate for a Conference Services Professional, often found in luxury hotels or high-end event planning businesses.

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Don’t be fooled by this job title – corporate event planning may constitute the bulk of your responsibility, but you’ll also put your luxury wedding training to good use!

If you’re employed by a hotel, you’ll hear from wedding clients who want to know about your packages, and you’ll put together contracts based on their needs. Luxury wedding clients are generally very savvy when it comes to shopping around for the right wedding package. They can afford the very best and won’t settle for a package that doesn’t meet their needs. Customizable wedding packages are the standard for high-end hotels who want to be flexible and accommodating to attract more luxury wedding clients.

As the first point of contact for clients, you’ll provide a polished and professional first impression of your organization or hotel, which is vital to the luxury event planning process. Besides weddings, you’ll also work on corporate events such as conferences and banquets, and you’ll be responsible for creating and organizing menus and booking meetings for well-known organizations and groups.

Inventory Manager

This planning job is invaluable to any luxury event. The Inventory Manager keeps all elements of the décor organized! In this role, you’ll work very closely with your clients. Similar to a Floral Designer, the Inventory Manager needs a clear understanding of their client’s vision for the event and then find (and sometimes build!) event décor.

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Since luxury event planning clients can be particular about details, the Inventory Manager must be ready to hit the ground running when it comes to sourcing specific décor. Linens, backdrops, fine china, and rare flowers are just some examples of high-end décor you’ll be working with. Besides finding décor, you’d also be responsible for maintaining them and keeping careful inventory records. This is the ideal job for a highly organized and creative event planner!

Inspired to start planning? Find out if you should get started on an event or wedding planning certification!

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