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How to Plan the Perfect Pinterest Wedding

When it comes to gathering wedding inspiration, Pinterest is one of the most frequented sites for wedding clients. But there’s one problem: with millions of ideas on the site, you risk working with constantly changing expectations and trends!

Here are a few ways that a professional wedding planner can make a Pinterest wedding come to life – without putting your own brand and creative style at risk!

Get rustic

Every wedding planner knows the tell-tale signs of Pinterest inspiration: rustic, outdoorsy, and vintage-inspired décor. Complete with mason jars and twinkle lights, a rustic-themed wedding is a go-to Pinterest board for brides.

You don’t need to go overboard on rustic décor, though. Take a few creative elements of a barn wedding, and use them to put a twist on a traditional ceremony. Add some wood elements, like a distressed sign or a centerpiece platform, to harness that country chic vibe.

Rustic wedding board for reception decor

Use your hands

We know that DIY can be irksome for a busy event planner, but the truth is, you’ll eventually find yourself with a client who loves DIY wedding décor. Rather than sending her away, listen to her vision and lay out how your services can help her get her dream wedding (without the hassle of working from scratch!).

Two reasons that brides tend to like DIY décor: it’s cheap and it’s personal. During the wedding planning process, your clients will want to be involved. Making DIY wedding decorations is an easy way for brides to stay in the loop and work on the wedding in their spare time. The important thing to stress here is that you are the wedding planner – you’re the one meant to do the work!

But this doesn’t mean you can’t let your clients use their creative ideas. Choosing one or two small projects for the wedding is a great way to connect with your clients and give them the wedding of their dreams. Let’s be real, DIY décor doesn’t always turn out how we had envisioned. Make sure your clients understand this fact!

Once they hear these words of wisdom, they’ll be on your side in a heartbeat.

Create clever sayings

Give your client’s wedding a creative spin by making up some fun and cute sayings for the big day. Use them on signage or on stationary to give each wedding a personal touch.

Try to narrow down your client’s relationship to get an idea of what the couple’s journey together has been like. Take this idea and help them think up their own wedding slogan. It’s an easy way to make your clients feel creative and make their wedding stand out!

Add calligraphy

…to EVERYTHING! Seriously – what would a Pinterest wedding be without having some fun with calligraphy? And no, you won’t have to learn it yourself!

Seating guide for wedding decor

You can easily download fonts online, and paying a couple of dollars for a font you’ll use endlessly is well worth the investment.

Using calligraphy gives your client’s wedding a fun and formal tone. Rather than sticking to regular old Monotype Corsiva, you’ll give each wedding a classic Pinterest-y twist!

Make a signature drink

Yes, this is a huge trend for Pinterest weddings – and we’re on board! Making a signature “couple’s cocktail” is a fun way to give the reception some extra flair. It can be a combination of each couple’s favorite flavours or drinks, or you can put a new spin on an old (fashioned) favorite.

Have your clients name their own cocktail, and make it the top menu item at the bar. It will be a drink they can enjoy together for years to come!

Tradition with a twist

Pinterest weddings have no limit. They can be overtly out-of-the-box, or touch on every wedding tradition known to man. Either way, you have a lot of leeway when you get to work with a Pinterest bride!

Naked wedding cake design trend

Rather than diving too far into trends, have your clients select a few of their favorite Pinterest ideas. It will be easier for you to customize the idea to their vision. Plus, you don’t risk ending up with a bride whose far-flung expectations didn’t pan out.

Keeping the wedding traditional with a bit of personalized stationary and décor will provide the perfect amount of Pinterest inspiration to mix with your own creativity!

Love working with wedding ideas? Learn the ins-and-outs of wedding planning and start an exciting career path!


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