How to work and travel as a professional event planner

Work & Travel with Your Online Event Planning Certification

As an event planner, there are serious advantages to completing proper event planning training – and real perks that come with your certification!

We know it’s difficult to make a decision about the future, so we’ve put together a guide on how you can get and use your event planning certification to work and travel. The sky is the limit, so read on and get inspired!

Getting certified

Event planners are organized, outgoing individuals who can think quickly on their feet. If that sounds like you, we highly recommend pursuing this exciting career! Planners are always in demand, so it’s a fantastic field to pursue.

Completing an event planner certification is a great first step, since event courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to plan beautiful events and parties, work with different clients, and be successful in your career.

Online event planning courses allow you to learn at your own pace, so you can keep up with a full-time job and other responsibilities as you pursue the career of your dreams!

The event planning industry is unregulated, so proper training and an official certification will give you a competitive edge. You want to start your career on the right foot!

Hit up associations and conferences

Attending event planner conferences

Not only will an event planning certificate allow you to hit the ground running in your event planning career, there are tons of perks as well! Many professional event planning associations and conferences offer discounted tickets to certified event planners. Attending conferences allows you to network with other planning professionals and build your brand.

The Event Planner’s Association (EPA) is a California-based national trade association for event professionals that holds annual events.

The Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners (CanSPEP) is a group of independent event planner entrepreneurs who hold thousands of conferences and events each year.

In terms of conferences, Engage! Summits hold three day conferences for luxury event professionals in various locations around the world.

New York City’s biggest event industry networking event, the Event Planner Expo, brings together event planning professionals to build their contact lists and get to know each other.

Attending conferences and meeting other event planning professionals is a huge perk of being certified!

Getting to know clients

As an event planner, it goes without saying that you’re a people person! In this role, you’ll spend a great deal of time getting to know your clients – after all, you’re helping them plan the most memorable days of their lives!

During your event planner training, you’ll build strong interpersonal skills and find out how to keep lasting relationships with your clients. You’ll know how to work with different client personalities and build great relationships throughout the months you spend working with them.

Once you’ve planned a successful event for your clients, whether it be their wedding or a special party, be sure to keep in touch! If your clients felt a strong connection to you during the planning process, you can bet that your reputation as a professional event planner will travel quickly through word of mouth.

Event planner with client

Different careers to choose from

One of the reasons why event planning is such a dynamic career path is because there are so many careers to choose from! While a wedding planner may be the most well-known event planning career, there are other specialized roles such as Special Events Manager, Wedding Stylist, and Destination Wedding Planner to explore.

Starting an online event planning course helps teach you skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the industry. Many event schools offer specialized courses that can lead you down exciting and adventurous career paths! It’s important to spend time researching the industry to find which job would suit your interests and talents best, and get the right training!

Adventure calls

Depending on your career of choice, the event industry it can be adventurous! One of the most exciting event planning careers is undoubtedly that of a destination wedding planner. This role requires a great deal of event planning knowledge, a love of travel, and some prior work experience.

Destination wedding planners help their clients choose the destination of their dreams, coordinate travel arrangements, plan wedding ceremonies, and much more. Just think – you could be jumping on a plane and traveling around the world as part of your job!

Planning a destination wedding on a beach

Interested in this career path? Check out how pro destination wedding planner, Candice Coppola, brings back inspiration from every destination she visits for her future events!

Are you ready to take the plunge into the world of event and wedding planning? Check out the pros and cons of becoming a certified planner!

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    Michelle Bhowani says:

    Great program! Books are easy reads and content is never boring. Assignments help get you ready for a career in the industry! Definitely recommend!

    Kimberly Johnson says:

    I am so excited about doing this and making people’s dreams come true while doing work I love. I love a blog that helps me move forward and improve.

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    Great advice! Not a lot of opportunities to travel in my area, but still getting plenty of work to keep me busy!

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    I truly and honored and grateful that I can extend my gifts and talents to assist those with planning their events. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge and information given here at QC.

    Nolwenn Dolivet says:

    Really excited about this career. Thanks for giving us all the tips to succeed !!

    Chelsea says:

    Before I took the Event Planning Course, I did not realize how many career options came along with becoming an event planner! One thing I did learn was how important interpersonal skills are when it comes to deciding whether or not this career is for you. You have to be willing to strike up conversations, be the middle man, and take charge if need be!

    Rochelle Gould-Duplessis says:

    I am so ready to start my new career. I look forward to building my empire with QC!

    Felicia says:

    Really happy to take my event planning experience and combine it with an event planning certification and formal training

    Michelle Lefebvre says:

    I love this course it really helped me achieve my dream!

    Natalie Falconer says:

    I have been wanting to start a career in event and wedding planning for the past 5 years. Finally I took a leap of faith!!! I have finally started the next chapter in my life and I am so excited, pumped up and ready to learn as much as I can about event and wedding planning. Thank you QC Event School 🙂

    Stephanie Gardner says:

    I love the diversity of event planning. So excited to start my career!

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    This is so exciting! Can’t wait to complete my courses.

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    I am so excited to start this journey into Event and Wedding Planning. I can’t wait to see just how useful Blogging will be to my business.
    Adriene M

    I am so excited to be only one unit away from completing my Event and Wedding planning certification! This has been very educational and fun. Thanks.

    Tonya Casey says:

    I would definitely love the opportunity to attend one of the wedding and event planning conferences! It would be a great chance to get to meet other people in the field.

    Jessica says:

    I started pursuing certification and training in Event & Wedding Planning because I love planning, love events, and desire a moderately flexible job that allows me time with my family and opportunities to travel. QC Career School has really pushed me to reach out, start a business, pursue clients, and try new things!

    I’ve definitely come across lots of opportunities to travel as an event planner!

    Rachelle Atkinson says:

    It’s exciting to see the many options available to me and everyone who does this course.
    I cannot wait to start my business and to show my full potential.

    Schyler Douglas says:

    Great information, thank you Victoria for sharing! Can’t wait to get started!!

    Amanda R Cordova says:

    I have always loved planning birthday parties or baby showers. I have always wanted to be a part of planning a wedding and now maybe with my training I can do that and make dreams come true.

    Angie says:

    I am very excited to take these courses and expand my skills and the best part about taking these courses is knowing that at the end of the day I will be making other people happy and helping them create great memories that they will cherish

    María Vázquez says:

    I’m so excited for this career and looking forward to run my own business as a wedding planner and event decorator! I want to make my future clients weddings a dream come true.

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    It’s really awesome to know how much I can do in this field! It’s always been a dream of mine!

    Cara Priester says:

    I love the flexibility of QC’s online courses. This is especially important to me as a mama to 2 little boys! I’m excited about the different opportunities that can be available to me as a certified event planner!

    Hillary Ueck says:

    The last few months have been so difficult for me and my family. My grandfather just passed away due to liver cancer. He is litterbugs my best friend. The one thing that was very convenient was that I was able to work on school in the hospital. The convience of being able to work on school where ever you go was amazing! I work full time and I have been working on the courses and I am really enjoying the feedback they give, the assignments are very enjoyable and I can’t wait to make my own business! My grandfather told me to follow my heart and that is exactly what I am doing! He would be so proud. Thank you QC for making it possible!

    Hillary Ueck says:

    * literally was my best friend

    Rachel Goodwyn says:

    How Exciting!!

    Roopa Sundari Sukumaran says:

    I found this course interesting. So excited to start my course

    Nicole M.W. says:

    I love this! I’ve been thinking of moving to London for a few months and it’s nice to know that I don’t have to put my eduction on hold for these adventures. I can do both! Plus, it’s a great way to open up my world views so that when I come back home I have more experience to help with event planning.

    Stacey Clutsam says:

    the potential to improve helps me work towards my Dream. Keeping update with new trends is the best way to gaining knowledge love blogging!

    chantal leblanc says:

    I love this online course while I work full time at my certain job and do my school work on my own time and I recieve great feedback from my toturs! The only thing I wish I could leave a note while submitting my unit or respond back to the audio feedback.

    Angelita Leano says:

    I just completed my Event and Wedding Planning course and received my certification with merit. Now I’m on my second course, Event Decor. I cannot wait to finish this course and two other courses. I’m so excited to start my own business by 2018. In the meantime, and while taking these courses, I continue to do events with the community and other organizations. I feel more accomplished having a certification from QC Event School as I carry on with my passion of organizing events. With the lessons learned, I can see what areas I can improve and make the events the perfect scene beyond expectation.

    tessa says:

    I am so excited on the journey im on in the event planning business

    Angela Smith says:

    I’m excited about the versatility this career path has to offer. There are so many directions I can go as an event planner which makes the profession even more appealing.

    Aimee says:

    My two most favorite things! Thank you QC for introducing me to this industry over the past year. I can’t wait to begin.

    yesenia says:

    I cant wait to begin these courses! I feel that QC is going to help me hit the ground running! Im excited to learn and grow and to reach my professional goals!

    Some many info and great resources on your blog. I have fours courses I’m anxious and exciting to be certified for to have my dream career where I can shine for my future clients.

    Rebecca Gillies says:

    Absolutely loved this course! Definitely recommend

    Crystal says:

    This school has taught me so much. I am a mother of a 2 year old and work a full time job in my local hospital. I loved how this school lets you work at your own pace and squeeze in studying when you can. Unlike other school it wasnt to hard nor to easy. I think it all balances out nicely

    Catie Linton says:

    So Excited to be finished and working!! Can’t wait to do what I love 🙂

    Gayle says:

    I’m loving my journey with QC. Becoming an event planner is such an exciting step in life!!

    Andirea Frazier. says:

    I just started the event planner program and the flexibility it gives me for my schedule.

    Josie Strauss says:

    I loved this event planner training!!! I recommend!

    Crystal says:

    I loved the Event Planning Course! Easy to read booklets and the tutor is helpful. I love that you can go at your own pace giving me the flexibility to work full time as well!!
    Can not wait to extend my career and move forward!

    Rachel says:

    I completed the Event and Wedding Planning course recently. I really enjoyed the flexibility to complete assignments. In addition, I had an amazing tutor and have learned so much throughout the course. Even as a QC graduate, I still have access to tons of resources to continue progressing in my career. QC is a fantastic school and one of a kind!

    Kenlita Calhoun says:

    QC Event School! great support staff & awesome tutors!

    Amy Green says:

    Great courses and highly recommend the School! I work full time and the flexibility of the courses works great for me.

    Jess lane says:

    Looking forward to in rolling in these courses!

    I would do it free several times a year that’s how much I love planning on every level.

    Emilie Eirin Bergseng says:

    I really want to take this course!

    E Jablonska says:

    Taking this course has been the best decision !! The content is easy to follow and my tutor has given me lots of valuable feedback. I would recommend this course to anyone who cannot commit to attending school on a daily basis. I am thrilled to complete my event and wedding planning course and finally start doing what I love – planning memerable events that will live a life time in the memory of those attending.

    Neetha says:

    Great classes! Really recommend this to anyone wanting to take courses!

    Teona Coleman says:

    My passion for event planning is one that is beyond me. Since I was a young girl, I’ve always had a obsession with colors and planning. It brings/gives me great joy to have the ability to bring a smile to others.

    How fun! What a great article. Very helpful.

    Kiara says:

    These courses are very informative and the teachers are very responsive. I would recommend to anyone!

    Aleita Kowalchuk says:

    I especially enjoyed the Event & Wedding Course! The booklets were easy to read and the assignments very manageable. The student support is fantastic from QC!

    RaShawn Tremble says:

    This read was very informative with just the right amount of nuggets to help me propel into the career of my dreams. Thank you for being so transparent.

    Brittney Warren says:

    Just received all my Event Planning books in the mail and am so excited to get started!

    Michelle says:

    I just signed up!!! I have been planning parties as a hobby for as long as I can remember. Now, with the help of QC Event courses, I’m hoping to turn a hobby into a successful business..

    Kendra Sandeen says:

    Just started my courses. Have always had a knack for event planning now I will have the tools and more knowledge. Very excited.

    Amber says:

    Great advice! I’m excited to pursue this further. It’s something I’ve been considering for a while.

    Marissa Quam says:

    I’ve been wanting to enroll in this school for 7 years now and yesterday I finally did it! I’m so excited to be starting my dream career and to make other people’s dream come true!

    I am so excited to finally have a career as an event & wedding planner — a dream I’ve had for 16 years! I have two clients within 6 months of launching my business, and I know my success will be in large part due to the wonderful courses I completed with QC School!

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