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Summer 2017 Wedding Décor Trends

What’s better than an outdoor wedding on warm summer day or night? Maybe a summer wedding that’s all about the latest wedding décor trends. Follow our guide of what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the 2017 summer wedding season!

In: Bright Colors on Natural Tones

Think natural, neutral colors like burlap, sand, wood, creams, etc. You’ll see these at the trendiest summer weddings… with a twist. Actually, a dramatic bright flashy flare! Wedding colors are going bold with flashy neons and other bright colors. The key is to use these colors sparsely throughout the space, and have them tie the room together with the subdued natural tones.

Out: Traditional Invitations

Gone are the traditional simple paper-in-an-envelope wedding invitations. You want to make a statement and go with the times? Go with an in-your-face invitation. If you’re going with paper invites, choose unusual shapes and try to tie in your bright bold wedding colors into the invitation.

Creative wedding invitations for summer

Or why not think completely out of the box and have invitations printed on a medium other than paper? Whatever you decide, make sure your invitations are unique and memorable (but not in a bad way. No one wants to receive a wedding invitation printed on a brick. Please.)

In: Going Green

Traditionally the wedding industry hasn’t been known for being particularly environmentally friendly, but that’s all changing. 2017 is gearing up to be the hottest year on record (once again), so green-conscious weddings are a huge deal.

Try going for a “green wedding” as a theme! Go local with your decorations, avoid using materials that are environmentally damaging, and give away wedding favors that encourage green living at home (giving away potted plants or herbs is wildly popular!). Limiting yourself to a local, sustainable, and green theme can be a challenge, but that’s why you’re the expert here. We have confidence in you!

Out: Low-Key Centerpieces

Forget the small inconspicuous centerpiece. That’s SO last year! 2017’s all about in-your-face, bold, loud centerpieces. Just try to go with tall, slim vases so that the large centerpieces don’t obstruct the guests’ views at their assigned table.

In: Metallics

Brides in 2017 are all about metallic accents in their wedding. Particularly, shiny metals that tie into the natural/neutral theme are all the rave. Think coppers, rose golds, pewters, etc. and try to tie them into the room tastefully.

Remember not to go overboard with the shiny materials. A little goes a long way!

Bold summer wedding decor and centerpieces

Out: Fairy Lights

Oh, fairy twinkle lights. We love you, but your fame is coming to an end! The new big thing in 2017 is hoop lights. These chandelier-styled lighting arrangements look absolutely fabulous at weddings, especially when hung high in an outdoor tent. Of course, we won’t completely abandon the beloved fairy light. Fairies can be used in addition to the hoops to create a magical atmosphere.

In: Statement Entrances

Why wait until the guests are actually inside the venue before the party begins? Statement entrances are a great way to set your wedding apart from the traditional event, and let guests know right up front that they’re in for an experience!

Say you have a beach-inspired wedding. Consider a palm tree and seashell-lined entrance where steel drums are playing and guests are offered a mojito before they enter the venue. Or think even bigger. If your wedding features some of those natural woodsy or water-based colors we talked about earlier, turn that into a whole experience and have guests rowed across an enchanted pond or walk through a magical woodland path in order to reach the venue!

Not only do these entrances make for wonderful wedding photos, but they’re sure to make unforgettable memories for the guests and the bride and groom!

Wedding arches decor ideas

Bonus In: Low-Key, Relaxed Music

While wedding music doesn’t really fall under the “décor” umbrella, the music goes hand-in-hand with the event’s design and can make or break your wedding. Out is the traditional DJ. More and more weddings are opting for live musicians – but not full bands.

The trend right now is to have a single artist or duo perform a playlist of calm and laid-back music. Think acoustic guitar, soft piano, or a single cello quietly playing in the background. These are especially trendy for the guests’ arrivals and for cocktail hour. The full band or DJ usually still comes out later in the night when the dancing kicks off!

What are some of your favorite summer wedding trends? Let us know in a comment!

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    The Statement entrance is probably my favorite thing on this list! So creative!

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