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6 Things You Need to Know About Millennial Marriage Trends

The wedding industry is constantly evolving and adapting to new trends – both in decor and audience! Successful wedding planners are always two steps ahead of these trends in order to anticipate a change in client flow and needs.

So what are the most important things event planners need to know about millennial marriage trends? Read on to learn why this generation’s ideas of marriage will change how you plan weddings!

It’s happening later

Millennials have it pretty tough – we were pushed into an education that we couldn’t afford, and that offered no stable job prospects. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re learning about a couple since they’ll likely be older and out of the dream-like state that most engaged couples are stuck in.

As we get older, we become more mature and handle small inconveniences very differently than we did when we were 25. This means that your clients will be easier to please since they have the maturity to put their unrealistic dreams out of mind. Yes, it would be nice to have an ice sculpture and a chocolate fountain – but millennial clients won’t be expecting the world.

Depending on your client, you’ll probably be working with a couple who is educated and are in a professional mindset. They’re setting their careers up and have put off marriage to do so. Not only will it be easier to reason with your millennial clients, emotions (hopefully) won’t be running the show!

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Budgets are strict

Let’s face it, the economy has been in better shape. Millennials have not been dealt the best odds when it comes to securing long-term and high-paying positions. Even with two Bachelor degrees and a Master’s, there’s no certainty in today’s economic climate.

What does this mean for wedding planners?

You need to be mindful of how much everything is going to cost your clients. When a millennial couple tells you $10,000 is the highest they can go, then you do not go any higher. We’ll bet they’re willing to sacrifice the open bar if it means they can save a few thousand dollars! Budget is king for these clients.

Millennial clients don’t want cheap weddings though – they’ll probably do some DIY projects to keep costs down, without sacrificing their wedding decor. By the same token, some clients may have been saving for a few years for this wedding. If they decide they want a big wedding and tell you cost is no issue, then believe them! It’s their day, in the end, and you’ll make it happen.

There are no rules

If there’s anything about millennials that will give you a hard time planning, it’s their creativity! Wedding trends are always evolving, of course, but there’s a new level to the whole industry – what hasn’t been done yet?

Clients love using their creativity to create themes and decor for their events, and this is becoming even truer when it comes to millennials. They’re doing away with traditional wedding aspects, and coming up with unexpected twists! Some are simple, like a themed cake, where others are out of this world. We’ll let you come to those on your own terms, though…

The only thing to remember with these new wedding trends is to always be realistic. Just as you do for every other wedding, make sure that your client’s vision is within reach!

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It’s not just weddings

In general, marriage is starting to fall by the wayside with new generations. It’s not a defining structure as it used to be in society, and not everyone wants to be married. This can be bad news for certified wedding planners, but there’s still a way to bring in these clients!

Celebrating love and relationships doesn’t just have to be through weddings. Start marketing services to couples who don’t technically want to be married, but want to celebrate their love with friends and family. Whether it’s an anniversary party or a vow ceremony, your clients can still declare commitment to their partner without marriage.

Plus, there’s another issue when it comes to marriage – some regions don’t allow for everyone to be married. This is becoming less common, but same-sex couples may not be able to marry in their own city. This is where you come in to help these clients celebrate, whether there’s a marriage license or not!

Destinations are popular

Since cost can put a huge damper on a millennial’s big day, destination weddings are a great alternative to a huge family wedding. Not only do they allow your clients to travel and have a gorgeous wedding, they can also have an intimate ceremony with their closest friends and family (without the guilt!).

Millennials spend a lot of time trying not to offend people – we’re already seen as lazy and greedy, although that’s entirely false. Weddings have always been a point of contention between friends and family. Rather than feeling guilty for not inviting everyone they know, give your clients the option to have a small remote ceremony. This can relieve a lot of stress for clients with an overwhelming guest list!

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Don’t talk about kids!

“When’s the baby coming?” – an all too common question asked to newlyweds. This can be frustrating on many levels for couples, especially when it’s their wedding planner bringing it up! The reality here is this is an extremely intimate question. Starting a family is a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly. With the economic concerns that plague millennials, having children isn’t as big a priority as it once was.

Even if a couple does want kids, this isn’t your place to meddle. We know you’re only trying to show interest, but let’s just focus on the wedding for now.

Ready to plan millennial weddings? Be sure your venues have everything you’ll need!


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