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Event Planning Courses: Online VS. In-Class

If you’re passionate about planning events, you’ve probably considered an event planner career. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into this role, sometimes even more so with weddings – the most important days of your clients’ lives. It’s just not possible to enter the industry without some type of training, and we highly recommend obtaining an event planning certificate before jumping in.

But when it comes to your course options, it can be tricky to determine what the best fit for your goals and lifestyle will be. More and more event planning courses are moving online so this could be a great option for your busy life. However, in-class event planning courses are always available as well, and they have their own perks! So how can you choose?

Read on for the pros and cons of each course, and let us help you make the right choice for your event planning career!

Online course pro: Less expensive

We know that money isn’t everything, and investing in your education is wise. However, you simply can’t ignore the fact that traditional colleges and universities cost students tens of thousands of dollars, while online event planner courses are significantly cheaper. Why is this?

Well, online schools generally don’t have a physical campus to maintain, which allows them to keep the cost of education low and accessible to more students. You have other responsibilities in your life besides becoming trained as an event planner, and online schools recognize that.

Online course con: No face-to-face interaction

All types of courses have their drawbacks, and in the case of online event planning courses, it’s the limited social interaction. It’s the nature of the beast—you’ll be learning about the wedding industry, practicing your organizational skills, and completing hands-on assignments from the comfort of your own home, but as a result, you won’t be meeting new people.

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Of course, you can always connect with your fellow students through your school’s social networks, and use forums to share ideas and chat about assignments, but there won’t be anyone to lunch with between classes. And you also don’t get to know your tutor in person.

In-class course pro: Internship opportunities

One huge benefit of attending an in-class event planner course is the opportunity to intern. Hands-on experience is invaluable for aspiring planners who want to hit the ground running in their careers, but most online courses don’t offer internships. Of course, students who study online can seek out internships on their own, but they won’t be connected to the school.

A common requirement of in-class event planner courses is to complete an internship in order to receive an event planning certificate – the school often helps students locate the best internship for their skills and interests, allowing them to get their foot in the door before they graduate. Once you finish your course, clients will want to see that you’ve either planned events yourself, or you’ve helped to plan events in the role of an assistant or intern. An in-class course can provide you with this chance!

In-class course con: Stress and pressure

Deadlines, exams, and lectures, oh my! There’s nothing easy or breezy about an in-class event planner course. You’ll need to juggle your current responsibilities such as work and family around attending classes, either during the day, in the evening, or on the weekends. And this is no picnic!

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Being on time for lectures and handing in assignments on set days is a huge amount of pressure for aspiring event planners with full-time jobs and children to care for. It’s no surprise that many students don’t end up completing their courses at all – sometimes it’s simply too much!

Online course pro: More access to courses

So many successful event planners started their careers by enrolling in online courses, and we’re not surprised. The flexibility afforded by an online school is incredible! You can study, learn, and complete assignments on your own time, structuring your training as an event planner around your existing lifestyle. The cherry on top? You can actually access your course material at all times.

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You’ll be given access to an online platform where you can find your course guides and assignments, and work on them whenever it’s convenient for you. An in-class course simply isn’t available at all times – if you miss a lecture or practical lesson, you’ll need to find a way to catch up, which can be super inconvenient.

Online course con: Technology trouble

Pursuing your dream of becoming an event and wedding planner online is an amazing thing. We live in an age where technology has made this possible – but with this convenience comes frustration, as well. If you’re enrolled in an online event planning course, you need to be prepared for technology to sometimes leave you at its mercy. Glitches can easily arise when it comes to computers and internet connections, and while these wouldn’t be such a big deal if you were simply writing an email or browsing Facebook, they become a problem when they prevent you from completing assignments.

Pro Tip: Be sure to save your assignments on a USB stick as you go (or email them to yourself) and be patient when it comes to your online event planning course. You’ll get there, and the beauty of online classes is that you can go completely at your own pace! So take it easy and do your best.

Ultimately, only you can decide which type of event planner course is right for your goals, interests and current lifestyle. Keep these pros and cons in mind when making your choice, and don’t rush – we’ll be here when you decide!

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