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4 Easy & Elegant Event Décor Hacks

Event décor can take up a large portion of your clients’ planning budget if they don’t keep a close eye on their expenses – and if they go buck wild on every cute and/or fancy thing they stumble across. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be that expensive! Especially since rustic weddings are hugely popular as of late, people are taking a more hands-on DIY approach to their events.

Think your clients need a little help in the decorating department without spending an arm and a leg? Check out this article for some easy wedding and event décor hacks you can pass along!

Fixing Things Up with Fabric

If the bones of your clients’ venue don’t match the event theme and color story, you can always purchase yards of fabric to drape over unsightly wallpaper or cover rusty beams. Besides customizing the pattern and color of the fabric, you can also look into pinning together sheer and opaque fabrics to layer and create a cool, well put-together effect. Then, use uplighting right against the wall near the drapes to create visual drama!

Fabric can also be used on tables instead of renting tablecloths from the venue. For a decadent feel while still using cheap tables, drape some opaque fabric over the tables—make sure they touch the floor or the effect is ruined! Use fabric of a different texture as the table runner to pull together the centerpieces and make bigger tables feel fuller!

Lantern DIY Projects

wedding decor lantern

Lanterns are the new mason jars! Yes, lanterns have been used in the past to complete wedding décor, but they can hold much more than simple tea lights! Why not string twinkle lights in and around the lanterns on a particularly tall tree to replace the traditional arch?

To play up the romantic atmosphere, lanterns can be purchased and painted then filled with flowers to create a terrarium centerpiece. These are much easier to do than taking apart a light bulb (potentially shattering it in the process!) for those cute bulb terrariums.

If your clients opt to use traditional votive candles in lanterns for the centerpieces, surround the (closed) lantern with a garland of flowers. Complete the piece by nesting the table number in the flowers. Make sure the heights are staggered to create more visual interest!

Using Scents for Double Duty

If your clients are having an outdoor summer event, beware of mosquitoes! These pesky bugs can be seen flying around and biting people when they least expect it! Especially if some of the guests have mosquito allergies, some level of bug repellent should be present. Receptions in outdoor tents often have mosquito nets, but what would you say if we told you that there’s a way to provide mosquito protection right in the décor?

Eucalyptus and lemongrass are famous for being irritating to mosquitoes. We’re not saying that it’s foolproof, but these scents keep the bugs at bay while smelling refreshingly pleasant for us humans. Why not plant some of these just outside the party space, or burn some scented candles? Some guests may be sensitive to fragrances, so choose fragrance strength carefully!

The Power of Paint

Spray paint decor

Adding color using a paint can save your clients heaps of money because they can choose items they like based on design, and paint them to suit their theme later on. Anyway you can reduce the influence of a restrictive criterion when choosing décor is a plus in our books!

Since metallic features are in this year for wedding décor, we’ve seen a lot of cheap dollar store and Ikea finds transform into expensive looking décor items using the power of spray paint! Try spray painting twigs in a trendy rose-gold color to stick into floral arrangements. It’s guaranteed to look like a million bucks even though you may have found those branches in your yard the previous week!

You can also ombré the vases, drinking glasses, and those lanterns we mentioned earlier for a touch of elegance without spending too much time and resources on the projects. We’ve even seen votive candle being dipped in melted Crayola wax for a candle-safe alternative.

However your clients go about DIY-ing their event and wedding décor, make sure they do a test run before putting all their eggs in one basket! The last thing you want is for a DIY disaster to occur the day-of…

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