worst Halloween party games

6 Worst Halloween Party Games

What’s a party without games? We’ve all been to Halloween parties that turned out to be absolute duds. Heavily organized party games don’t do so well if people have had a couple of drinks, so we’ve tended to shy away from them throughout the years. Simple games that require less than 2 minutes of explanation can be incredibly effective when you’re in a hectic-environment… but there are some games that try as we might spice them up, will still fall flat.

Want to make sure your Halloween soirée isn’t plagued by groan-worthy anti-party games? Keep reading!

Creepy feel box

First on our list is not quite so much a game as it is a “sensory activity”. Since it’s often branded as a game, we’re going to name-check it on our list anyways! The creepy feel box involves asking your guests to stick their hand in a bowl or box that’s filled with gross or creepy items without having the pleasure of actually knowing what’s inside. Since it depends on the suspension of disbelief, something that gets harder and harder as you grow up, the game is most suitable for kids under the age of 9. After that, you’ll get some odd glances from your friends who know that you aren’t sick enough to accumulate bird brains or eyeballs to put in a box for a two-minute Halloween game.

Wrap the Mummy

Worst Halloween Games

You can pretty much guess how to play this game once you’ve read the name. Your guests are divided into groups and they have to wrap their person with enough toilet paper to make them a mummy as fast as they can to beat the opposing team. Frankly, it’s a waste of toilet paper! We’ve seen people suggest using three-ply luxurious toilet paper to mummify adults for this short game.

We appreciate that this activity can replace the urge to TP a house on Halloween, but let’s be honest, grown adults don’t need this much deterrence in committing an adolescent crime!

Guess the amount of candy corn in the jar

Some may praise this game as being a slow burner—you make a guess at the beginning of the party, and then find out the winner at the end. It’s all up to chance, so most people don’t approach the game too competitively. More importantly, this type of game is never seen as a main attraction or activity. When the winner is announced, there’s a small hoot, and then people move on. Unless people are paying for a guess and the group sum is then won at the very end by the person who guesses the amount of candy in the jar, you can count us out!

Bobbing for apples

girl bobbing for apples party game

Whoever thought this game was a great idea must not have realized just how unsanitary the whole thing is. The fall season is also flu season, so having everyone dunk their heads into the same bucket of water and open their mouths to take bites out of the same apples doesn’t sound at all appealing. We recently discovered a version where the water is replaced with alcohol for adults… why?! Imagine dunking your head into a tub of vodka or a carbonated beer bath! That version also involves drinking more shots based on the number on the back of the apple you do manage to bite into… and then consume that same apple as well. We don’t know about you, but this sounds like more like a group hospital visit than a party!

Horror movie trivia

This isn’t the most outwardly awful game on this list, but it certainly doesn’t cater to the greatest amount of people. Ideally, you want your games to be playable by any person who walks through the door. These types of games exclude attendees who aren’t horror movie buffs.
Even the addition of alcoholic beverages can’t save this game. After a few shots, the game’s flaws shine through — people would be more interested in chatting with one another and actually watching a movie than the trivia questions! Alternatively, if your guests are of age, why not make a drinking game for hunting horror-genre tropes in a classic horror flick? Just make sure you don’t let your guests get too rowdy…

scary movie trivia Halloween games

Pin the spider on the web

This Halloween-themed version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey is only better suited for the occasion simply because it’s themed! This version of the game is vague enough that you can pin the spider on any part of the web and it would count as a win. Raising the stakes involves having players take shots or assign shots of alcohol according to how close to the center of the web the spiders are. But have we forgotten that the far superior blindfold game involving bashing a papier-mâché pony filled with anything—anything—you want?

If you’re still not convinced, we invite you to consider this fun fact: Pin the Tail on the Donkey is often a dismissive idiom for a pointless activity.

Are we on the same page now?

Sometimes you don’t even need a Halloween-themed game to create the perfect party atmosphere. Check out this article on the 6 ways to level up your Halloween Décor!

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