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Day-Of Problem Solving Tips: Event Planning Course Sample

Wedding and event planners face most of their challenges on the big day, but there are so many ways around the most common issues. Staying on top of plans and team members is only the tip of the iceberg!

Watch the video below to learn Candice Coppola’s top tips for day-of problem solving as a wedding and event planner. Don’t be caught unprepared in your career – pay attention to your event planning course!

Let’s Recap…

In terms of the team members on your list, who are you working with on the day of an event or wedding? Who are you managing?

We typically have 10-50 vendors depending on the number of things we have going on, but at a typical wedding you’re going to have a photographer, a band or DJ – some bands can range up to 15-20 pieces, depending on how big they are – you’re going to have a caterer or at least a team that is catering at the venue, so you’re going to have all the service staff.
You also might have a videographer, a florist, transportation companies, officiants, priests, and musicians for the ceremony. There are a lot of different vendors who are going to be there on the wedding day.

If you’re planning and designing a beautiful outdoor event or something on a grander scale, you’re going to have tent companies, electrical companies, rental companies, lighting companies – a variety of additional people that you may not have at a wedding venue.

It’s so essential to making sure that all of these people know exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and when they’re supposed to be doing it, prior to the wedding.

It’s no wonder people hire wedding planners when you start breaking it down like that!

Exactly. It’s a lot of work. And if you imagine a bride who obviously hasn’t planned a wedding before, it’s a huge task to do those things. So you really want to become an expert in working with those people, knowing how to develop your timelines, all of your information and sending it out to them.

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