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QC Event School Feature: Maxie Langworthy

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Name: Maxie Langworthy

Location: Breckenridge, MI

QC courses you’ve taken:
Event & Wedding Planning (IEWP Certified), Event Decor

Your website: www.idealarrangements.com

Your social media:
Facebook: facebook.com/idealarrangementsevents/




[email protected]

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m from a small town in MI and I have always been a planner. When it came time to plan my own wedding, the details were completed within four months. I guess you could say I was ready. My husband and I have been married now for seven years and we have a five-year-old son, who is just as imaginative as I hoped he would be. When I told them I was going to school to become a certified planner, they were incredibly supportive and just as excited as I was. They are truly a blessing.

I recently booked my very first client and shortly after, my second. Each a wedding, both very different from the other and I look forward to showing off their ideas and the beautiful culture they have to offer. I have also taken the lead and partnered up with the town I live in to create and plan events for the community.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Especially if we are camping, having beach days or just lounging around the house.

Why did you decide to go into event planning? What about it appeals to you?

I enjoy bringing people together. Being able to reminisce and laugh about things they used to do or what they wore, to me it’s all one big family. Sure there are times where not everyone gets along, but even still you know they are there because they love each other. That’s all that matters and it makes me happy.

What challenges and accomplishments have you faced running an event planning business?

Being from a small town, the pool for clientele can be small as well. I have to think outside the box a little more to come up with ideas to get my name out there. Sometimes just the sites and posts aren’t enough.

So far my accomplishment is recognition. After brainstorming on ways to advertise I got in touch with my town events coordinator and pitched an idea to them about getting recognition not only for me but for our town as well. It’s a diamond in the rough, as it has a lot to offer but oftentimes get passed by. After my meeting with the town, they loved my ideas and I am now considering a spot on their events planning board.

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It looks like you plan a variety of events! What’s your favorite type to plan, and why?

Private parties seem to be my specialty. Don’t get me wrong – I love weddings, but with private parties, the themes are a little more creative than weddings at times. Because private parties tend to be smaller than weddings, the budget for décor is higher. I can spend more time on making the venue or location look like something out of Pinterest. And because event décor is my favorite, I especially enjoy that part.

How do you think QC Event School has prepared you for working in the events industry?

Homework and feedback. After completing the course I had a full arsenal of contacts and venues. I learned how to communicate more effectively with clients and it allowed me to hit the ground running. It also opened my mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. There were times when I would submit an idea thinking I was spot on, however when I received my feedback my tutor wouldn’t always agree. After she explained her thoughts on why it always made more sense and was refreshingly mind opening. It just goes to show you, there’s more to planning than most people think.

Photo Credit: Holly Jenks Photography

Congratulations on completing QC’s Event Planning course! What do you think the future holds for you and your business?

Hopefully a successful career where I am able to quit my full-time job and do something I love. My dream is to open a venue one day, something all types of people can afford. Everyone deserves a place where they can enjoy their loved ones without having to break the budget.

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