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Luxury Wedding Planning Tricks on a Small Budget

What time could be better than your wedding day to treat yourself? You are always going to remember your special day and look back on photos for years to come. Not everyone has a padded budget to plan a luxurious wedding, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

Keep reading to find out where to save on your luxury wedding. We promise it’s easier than you think! Once you know where to spend less, you can spend more where it really counts.

Consider Your Venue & Season

Winter wedding at a castle

Believe it or not, even the wedding industry has an off-season. This is a great opportunity for luxury brides-to-be! Have you considered a winter wedding? Hear us out – what could be more elegant than soft lighting and white snow (natural or not)? As long as you steer clear of the holiday season, you can book your dream venue at a discounted rate.

Saving on decorations is as easy as choosing the right venue. Find a space that can speak for itself – and you – as a couple. Are you modern, or do you like more romantic spaces? Venues like museums, heritage homes, and botanical gardens provide you with a huge advantage for your ceremony and reception costs.

While finding a unique venue may seem more costly up-front, you will save a ton by not having to turn a bland space into something better! Instead, you can focus your decor budget on items you truly want to be part of your day, rather than those aimed at hiding a venue’s lacklustre spaces.

luxury wedding table setting

Cohesiveness is Key

One of the most powerful parts of your wedding is your theme. Choosing a color palette can go a long way in terms of achieving that luxury wedding feel. Soft colors tend to look elegant, while choosing deep purples can achieve luxury in a bold way.

Whichever route you choose, try to stick to three main colors when decorating your wedding venue. For example, white, champagne, and hints of blush can elevate any space and create a luxe feeling. While you may think these colors are typical, there is a reason people use them so often in weddings!

As a bonus, if your theme uses common color choices, you won’t need to custom order any linens – saving you both time and money!

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Wedding Planner

If you’ve taken a wedding planning course, you’ll know exactly which details require special attention. Otherwise, hiring a wedding planner could actually save you money! We know, we know – hiring a planner doesn’t sound like a budget-friendly idea, but trust us when we say that their knowledge and connections can help you create your vision for less.

For example, your wedding planner may know of a caterer that offers services at lower prices because they’re new to the industry. Plus, your planner has probably worked with other couples who wanted a luxury wedding on a strict budget. This means they’ll have plenty of ideas and tips to share with you!

floral covered tree decor at a winter wedding

Focus on Low-Cost Upgrades

Upgrading specific parts of your wedding can be done at a relatively low cost, and will help elevate your big day. Features like monogrammed lighting or projectors, fog machines for your first dance, and adding a signature scent can truly fool guests into thinking you’ve spent a fortune!

Try placing IKEA lanterns filled with your chosen scent throughout the reception to create a fantasy feel for less than $5 a piece! Spray-painting inexpensive decorations in gold and silver is also a great way to add little details.

Luxury weddings often feature overhead decorations. They create a gorgeous effect and make the reception feel cozy. By hanging lights, lanterns or even escort cards, you will instantly add a unique touch to your wedding and make any space feel lavish. You can achieve this at a very low cost, as long as you’re willing to put in the time to help set up the venue!

Skip the Four Course Meal

upscale appetizers at wedding cocktail reception

You don’t need a four-course meal to have a luxury wedding reception. Depending on the size of your guest list, this cost will add up – especially when the average price of catered meals is upwards of $70 a person.

Consider hosting a cocktail reception. You’ll save on the cost per person as well as the catering staff. Ask your caterers to butler a few different hors-d’oeuvres around to guests during the reception. These tasty bites look just as fancy as a typical dinner and your guests will appreciate the variety. Ask the caterer to use serving trays that match the venue and white gloves to elevate your wedding’s luxury feel. We promise this alternative will help stretch your budget!

And while we’re talking about what to skip on your wedding day, consider hiring a solo musician rather than a full band or DJ. A solo artist can introduce your first dance and play during the early hours of the reception. As the night goes on, switch to your own carefully curated wedding playlist! Designate a trusted friend to manage the music and switch between playlists every couple of hours.

Choosing a solo artist over a band or solely using your own playlists can save some serious room in your budget!

Go for Simple Elegance

bride in wedding gown surrounded by softly lit pillar candles

We know, we know – simple?! The word doesn’t exactly scream luxury. But trust us, if you focus on making your wedding feel elegant rather than high-end, you can inject that glam where it really makes an impact!

Do you really need a four foot tall centerpiece at every table? In all honesty, some wedding decor trends are much prettier than they are practical. How would you like to sit at a table where you have to crane your neck just to speak to the guest sitting across from you?

Opt for smaller centerpieces, and avoid using fresh flowers if you can. Try using feathers, artificial flowers, candles and vases. And if someone asks why you opted for faux flowers, simply explain that you wanted your signature venue scent to shine through!

Do you have any tips for planning luxury weddings on a budget? Let us know in the comments below!

Still not sure you can pull of your luxury wedding under budget? Learn about where to spend and where to save with our foolproof guide!

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