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A Wedding Planner Certification Will Prepare You For These 6 Careers

In an industry as competitive as event and wedding planning, you need to find ways to set yourself apart from your competition! Gaining a wedding planner certification is the best way to advance in the industry. The training is also excellent preparation for a number of different careers, including spa director, marketing professional, and conference coordinator.

Read on to find out how a wedding planner certification will prepare you for 6 exciting and unique careers!

Conference Coordinator

While wedding planners know that their roles will always be in demand, conference coordinators should be just as confident. Each year, there are thousands of conferences and corporate events that take place around the world. Some are focused on bringing together like-minded professionals, while others are focused more on team building within a specific company. Regardless of the scope of the event, a conference coordinator needs to be able to think on their feet, be totally organized, and very outgoing. A wedding planning course contains texts and assignments focused on honing these skills, which are completely applicable to a Conference Coordinator role.

Marketing and Communications Professional

Are you looking for a career that’s steady, stable, and always full of employment options?

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Besides wedding planning (of course), marketing is very high on the list of roles that companies are always in need of. Each organization has different goals, so marketing and communications professionals will constantly be wearing a few different hats. You could end up planning a variety of different events ranging from employee appreciation picnics to corporate meetings and new product launches. With your wedding planner certification, you’ll have both the background knowledge and skills needed to plan incredible events. You can take this expertise even further by learning the ins and outs of event décor as well!

The more services you can offer as a Marketing and Communications Professional, the more valuable you’ll be to potential employers and clients!

Catering Assistant

Besides music and decorations, one of the most important aspects of a wedding is the food! If you love the idea of organizing platters of finger food and selecting wedding cakes, a catering career could be a great fit. It’s one of the best ways to work your way up in the event planning industry as well, as it can eventually lead you to management and sales roles! Your creativity and the details covered in your wedding planning course, such as organizing guest lists and food quantities will prepare you extremely well for a catering role.

Spa Director

A passion for customer service and the ability to stay organized and calm during chaos are two qualities that will serve you well in the role of a Spa Director. And luckily, you’ll work on these skills during your time in an event and wedding planning course.

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Curriculum based on real-world scenarios will have you come up with ways of improving the customer experience, and learn how to work with a variety of different personalities. As a Spa Director, your day-to-day duties include keeping customers as peaceful and relaxed as possible while also ensuring that the spa runs smoothly. You can bet that your wedding planning certification will be hugely beneficial and give you a competitive edge in this career!

Executive Assistant

Wedding planning courses spend a great deal of time preparing you to jump into the industry. They teach you how to work with a budget and plan both internal and external events, which are critical skills for those working in business environments. Executive Assistants spend a fair share of their time providing support to high-level executives and are often responsible for the coordination of events. If you pursue a career as an Executive Assistant, not only will you be an expert at event planning (and staying organized!), you’ll also set yourself apart immediately with a wedding planning certification. With this background, you’ll grow in your role and be able to take on more responsibility sooner than those around you!


We saved one of the most exciting careers for last! Many event and wedding planners aspire to become business owners, and we certainly can’t blame them.

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Starting your own event or wedding planning business (or a combination of the two) is seriously rewarding and liberating. As your own boss, you’ll make all the decisions, including which clients to take on, how much to charge, and which events you want to plan. But, unlike other careers that benefit from wedding planning courses, this particular role requires a great deal of confidence and a strong knowledge of the industry, both of which come after several years of experience. We recommend taking careful notes during each job you hold and build your portfolio as much as you can over the years. This will allow you to put your best foot forward and demonstrate that you have what it takes to succeed!

Did any of these careers surprise you? Share your thoughts in a comment!

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