Luxury weddings - just when we think we've caught up, the rich and famous surprise us again! Here is our guide to the most outrageous luxury wedding trends.

Outrageous Luxury Wedding Trends

Luxury weddings – just when we think we’ve caught up, the rich and famous surprise us again. The thing about luxury weddings is that they can involve anything! Couples spare no expenses when it comes to planning these celebrations. And with budgets this big, nothing is impossible!

Every wedding is unique. But luxury affairs set themselves apart with certain key details. They are all about creating an incredible experience. Beyond making the day special for the bride and groom, these extravagant events aim to please guests.

Are you curious about upscale weddings? Continue reading to learn about the most outrageous trends shaping today’s industry!

The Wedding Week

Why be limited by a single celebration? Luxury brides and grooms are treating their guests to multiple events. They aren’t happening on a single day, either. This is not new to the industry, and is custom in many cultures. But for luxury clients, multiple celebrations are more about treating guests to special experiences.

Like we said, luxury couples spare no expenses. This extends to guest accommodations and activities. After all, it’s easier to coordinate events when all guests are staying at the same hotel.

Many couples host a rehearsal dinner, but in a luxury wedding this is just one event of many. Celebrations include welcome parties, vineyard trips, spa and golf days, as well as farewell brunches. Yes, it sounds fun – but it’s outrageous nonetheless!

luxury wedding outside castle

Visionary Venues

When it comes to luxury weddings, no venue is off limits. For some, the fairytale wedding actually happens! Luxury venues can cost more than the average couple spends on their entire wedding. We have even heard of couples renting entire islands!

From castles to private islands and vineyards, we have to hand it to luxury weddings… they’re beautiful. We weren’t joking about their fairytale qualities. Gone are the days of simple weddings. Luxury venues are elaborate and don’t need to fit the mold.

And this is only the beginning. For luxury weddings, choosing a gorgeous venue is the first step. What happens to transform these spaces is just as important to luxe couples!

hanging floral decor

Divine Decor Details

Luxury clients leave no detail overlooked. This is a part of what makes them so incredible.

Lighting is one of the best ways to upgrade a space. Many beautiful venues don’t need this enhancing, but luxe clients take full advantage anyway. By incorporating feature lighting and soft twinkle lights in unexpected places, every detail shines.

Draped fabric ceilings are also very popular in the luxury wedding world. This can change the look of any room! Covering walls also has the same effect. Even the most gorgeous venues can be enhanced with this detailing. Draped ceilings also help create a more intimate feel, and this is especially true in large venues. The softer walls add a warm feel to the reception. Since luxury weddings also tend to have large guest lists, receptions can do with this touch!

Floral Fever

flower wall decor

Luxury weddings have no shortage of flowers. They are featured anywhere and everywhere possible. You have probably seen what we are talking about! Made famous by the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding, the flower wall has become a favorite. What could be more elegant than a backdrop made completely of white roses and orchids? We have yet to find better.

Hanging floral arrangements is also a luxury wedding staple. They have become especially popular lately, and come in many forms. Some are used to decorate existing venue features. Think floral covered chandeliers, lanterns or door frames. Other couples choose to go beyond and create entire hanging arrangements. It’s no secret why they are so popular – floral details look amazing, smell incredible, and add extra luxury.

Nothing says outrageous quite like floral cannons. Giving guests their own bouquets is one thing, but handing them mini petal cannons is another. The idea is that guests can shower the bride and groom with fresh petals as they walk the aisle. It’s slightly ridiculous, but magical all the same.

newlyweds on sailboat

Extravagant Send-offs

Send offs are the grand finale of weddings. For luxury couples this is another opportunity to make a statement. Traditionally, send-offs have followed the ceremony, but this is changing. Send-offs and grand displays are featured throughout luxury weddings.

Wedding favors can also be outrageous, and guests aren’t complaining! Ladurée macarons, sugared almonds and mini bottles of champagne are popular edible favors. But, outside this category is where wedding favors can be truly luxe! We have heard of couples treating guests to Jo Malone fragrances as well as Swarovski and Tiffany gifts. Who could pass up an invitation to a wedding like that?

Send offs are spectacles at luxury weddings. One popular option lately is firework shows. The displays light up the sky at evening receptions. An exit must be made in style of course – helicopters, vintage boats and luxury cars are popular ways of escorting newlyweds post-wedding.

Amazing Entertainment

entertainer with mask

Luxury weddings also pay special attention to entertainment. Once again, no expense is spared! This is especially true if the couple has a celebrity favorite. It’s becoming more popular to hire a famous artist to perform during receptions. And the more famous, the better! The idea is to make the event memorable and treat guests to a special performance.

Entertainment at luxury weddings is about more than music. Ideas can be unique but will thrill guests. Illusionists, exotic dancers, circus acts, and bespoke shows are just some examples of the acts featured at luxury weddings. After all, you don’t want guests to forget your special day!

Have you been to a luxury wedding? Let us know if you have any outrageous trends to add to the list!

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