Event planning courses for social committees

Perks of Event Courses for Social Committees

Are you a member of your work’s social committee? Are you a manager considering forming a social committee for your workplace? Maybe you already have a social committee, but are not pleased with the outcome. Either way, there are many perks of enrolling in an event planning course for both committee members and employers. Keep reading to find out why an effective social committee is important for the success of your business!

Why create a social committee?

If you still haven’t realized the importance of social committees, then we’re here to tell you: They are very important! They’re not just about adding fun to tired work environments. Social committees help increase employee satisfaction and improve many on-the-job processes which can ultimately boost business!

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  1. Improves communication within and across work teams
  2. Promotes collaboration
  3. Increases company loyalty and employee retention
  4. Helps build and establish a strong company culture
  5. Affirms a sense of solidarity between coworkers
  6. Defines company goals and objectives
  7. Celebrates successes and motivates employees to continue working hard
  8. Improves productivity and supports innovation
  9. Attracts top talent
  10. Improves brand perception for potential customers

Need some extra convincing? Take it from the experts: effective culture can account for 20%-30% of corporate performance when compared with competitors that refuse to invest in company culture. Not to mention that some of the world’s most recognized brands like Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have all been named some of the best places to work. Investing in a social committee may be just what you need to grow your business like these successful companies!

Why take an event planning course?

It’s obvious that social committees are good for business. But, there’s a big difference between token social committees and ones that actually make a difference. Remember, we’re after bettering corporate culture and boosting business. So how do you keep from wasting resources on the former and successfully establish the latter?

There are several ways to create a successful social committee. The first is to choose the right team. But, that in itself can be a challenge. How do you know that the people who volunteer are right for the job? While there are ways to determine this, you may never really know until it’s too late. However, all is not lost! You can be proactive in helping your social committee toward success. How do you do this? Provide them with the resources to succeed!

Event planning courses can be perfect for giving your social committee the tools they need to succeed. Plus, if they succeed, you’ll see results in the bottom line. A lack of resources can be one of the biggest reasons for social committees failing. Providing education shows a commitment from management AND enhances your team’s knowledge. Here’s a list of things that an event planning course can help your social team with when planning events:

  1. Staying on budget
  2. Creating a realistic timeline and delegating planning tasks
  3. Contacting, communicating, and coordinating with food and entertainment vendors
  4. Promoting the event to fellow employees

These skills are especially helpful for social committees that are excited to make a difference, but don’t have planning skills or experience.. Educating the committee can help ensure that staff are coming to company events for more than just free food and drinks. It’s important that staff actually want to attend, rather than feel obligated.

The appeal of social events has a lot to do with the planning process. Asocial committee that doesn’t know what they’re doing won’t be able to help the company. An event planning course can help avoid this problem, and with online options, employees can be trained right from their desks!

So, what are the perks?

So, it’s obvious that training social committees in event planning is good business. But, what are the perks for employees? Why should they devote their time to training in event planning? Here are some of the benefits you can receive as an employee:

  1. Builds skills to list on your resume
  2. Improves your confidence when it comes to communicating with others
  3. Helps establish a leadership role amongst your fellow employees
  4. Training can be used to start your own event planning business on the side and create a secondary income
  5. Provides you with a team experience that you may be missing in your daily work tasks
  6. Provides an advantage if you’re considered for future promotion opportunities
  7. Increased involvement makes work more satisfying and enjoyable
  8. Improves your relationships with coworkers and management
  9. Increases your value as an employee and reduces your chances of being fired
  10. Build your qualifications!

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