There is more value in event planning programs for employers than they may think. Check out this article to learn why!

4 Reasons Your Employer Should Look Into Event Planning Programs

Sometimes the best business advice will come from unexpected places. That’s why managers speak with front-of-line staff and customers to see how to improve business. We aren’t saying that you should tell you employer what to do… that’s a bad idea! What you can do is politely bring up your fresh ideas in your next meeting. If you’ve been thinking that your company could benefit from extra employee training, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes you just have to start again from the basics to gain a new perspective.

This article will teach you about the benefits of event planning programs for businesses. Continue reading to learn about the top 4 reasons why your employer should train you with event planning courses!

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Social committees

The goal of a social committee is to improve the working environment and engage employees. Committees are great and enhance company culture. Happy employees generally make effective employees. Plus, social events can improve employee retention. Who would want to leave a good thing?

This is all great… if it works. Sometimes, social committees struggle to get people involved. It’s a shame, because they can be beneficial to employees and businesses. The trouble is, unless you know what you’re doing, social events can turn out… well, kind of lame. Lame is not the goal! Social committee events should be fun and allow employees to mingle and share more than usual. You don’t want social events to feel like just an excuse to take a break from work.

So, what can employers do about it? Every company can benefit from employee retention and better culture. That’s why it’s a no-brainer for employers to invest in their social committee leaders! If a few members are trained in event planning, the quality and turn-out for social events will skyrocket.

Event planning programs will teach social committees how to plan and manage events from start to finish. Beyond that, employees will learn how to budget and plan effectively for different groups. For example, a paint night for the accounting department may be more suited to the interests of a more creative department. Although, physical activities can certainly be fun for people from all different backgrounds! Proper training will ensure that social committees know how to plan engaging and fun events—one that employees want to attend!

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Event planning programs also teach marketing skills and theory. Do you feel your company has potential? Do you think people would like your product or service, but simply don’t know about it? Marketing may be the solution! Events are great at introducing products and services. They can also remind customers about your business and make them feel appreciated.

Product launch events are a popular promotional tool. If done correctly, they can have a huge impact. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to plan and pull off events like this. Companies generally outsource their planning, but they don’t have to!

Training employees in event planning will help them throw events truly representative of their company. Who knows a product or service better than those who work in the office every day? That’s why internal training is so valuable. Employees make great marketers!

Event planning programs teach students how to plan events and promote them. The marketing strategies that employees learn will help prepare them for other roles in the company too!

Employee investment

We’ve already touched on how social committees can improve employee satisfaction and retention. There are other ways to do this, too! Employers know that investing in their employees is investing in their business. That’s why companies hire internally…

Employers can invest in employee education as well. Doing so will make employees feel valuable. Plus, it increases job satisfaction. Remember, happy employees are productive employees!

Let’s be honest: you know that events are a great tool for internal and external affairs! Just make sure your boss knows that you’re prepared to help take on this role. Share your interest with them, and let them know that you will be honored to take on the extra responsibility.

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Every employer is concerned about their bottom line. They are responsible for it! Any way they can cut costs is great for business. If a company hires an event planner every time they throw a holiday party or promotional event, costs can add up quickly. Event planners usually charge a commission of 15%-20%. Depending on the scale of your employer’s business, this can be a lot of money.

Training employees with event planning courses requires an investment in talent. The overall cost depends on how many employees are being trained. But there are ways to do this cost effectively. If your employer chooses an online school, they won’t need to compensate for travel time, gas or any additional expenses.
If your employer crunches the numbers, they’ll quickly see that their investment will be returned quickly. The numbers will vary, but in the long run it’s cheaper to train employees than to continuously hire externally.

We hope these 4 reasons have been enlightening. Businesses can benefit greatly from investing in their employees. Doing so will encourage better social events, effective marketing campaigns, and increase the bottom line. Besides the initial investment of event planning programs, businesses don’t have anything to lose!

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