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Event Planner Career Hacks to Save Every Planner

Everyone can use some help when it comes to event planning even if they have experience. You can save yourself time, money, effort, and a few headaches using these helpful hacks. So wave goodbye to rowdy kids, runny frosting, and indecisive clients because we are here to help!
Keep reading to hack your way to a better event!

Hack 1: The Certification

Let’s start things off with a bang! Nothing can beat getting a certification as an event planner. Anyone can become an event planner since a certification isn’t necessary to work in the industry. But don’t underestimate how far professional training can take you. It really is the ultimate hack. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks you need straight from a professional and experienced planner!

After graduating, you’ll be confident in your planning skills, and know exactly how to plan an event from beginning to end. You may also take advantage of business courses to start your own business! It might not be the 10-second hack you’re looking for, but trust us, you’ll be thanking us in the long run.

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Hack 2: The Venue

Finding the perfect event venue can be both challenging and costly. Consider this, though: Sometimes, if you choose a more costly, beautiful location, you can save a lot of time and money on decor. The bones of the space are already easy on the eyes, so why cover it up with expensive décor?

Next time a bride is looking for an extravagant setting for her wedding, try to find a venue that already reflects her theme! Drop-dead gorgeous backdrops such as a botanical garden or a heritage home need no decorating! Turning a bland white reception hall into a dream wedding is a lot of work. So if it’s possible to skip the decorating, you’ll save a lot of time, money, and resources. That doesn’t mean other aspects of the theme will suffer, though! You can bring out the wedding colors through the linens and flowers instead of figuring out what to do with a floor to ceiling white box.

And if your client’s dream venue is out of their budget? If they’re content with doing away with décor, you can divert that money into your venue fund! Why spend money on a mediocre venue you need to dress up when you can pool both funds to satisfy your client in one fell swoop?

Hack 3: The Compromise

Speaking of consulting your clients to divert funds… when there’s a problem with the budget, find out what your clients want the most. Create a list and have them order the items by importance. This way, you can figure out where you should spend your budget and know where to compromise.

For example, your clients might want the food to shine in the reception. This means spending a big chunk of money on catering a 4-course meal. Then, based on the priorities list, you’ll know where you should be making these cuts. If entertainment isn’t high on their list, you could cut the string quartet and opt for a local DJ instead.

This hack will save you money and frustration with clients who might have trouble communicating. You won’t waste your budget or time on parts of the experience that your client isn’t going to notice.

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Hack 4: The Choices

It might seem like the best planner would give their client every available option and let them choose. However, too many choices lead to indecision and becoming overwhelmed. Some clients shut down completely when faced with too many choices. Once they see hundreds of flowers in different colors, it can be harder and harder to make a decision they won’t feel buyer’s remorse for.

Find out what theme and colors your client want. Use this information to do your own search for the perfect flowers. Then limit the number of choices you offer to a manageable number. When you’ve already done the legwork to eliminate some choices using both the florists’ and your own expertise, you’ll save yourself a headache. If they don’t like any of them, you can always bring out more. But don’t flood them with too many concepts and ideas until their heads explode!

Hack 5: The Kids

Even though they sound like a great idea, kids’ tables are a nightmare. It’s true, they’ll certainly have fun together and give their parents a break. But don’t underestimate what can happen with a group of unsupervised kids! They could cause a raucous, being super loud, throwing food, having disagreements that no one is there to settle, etc.

You can still have your dream kids’ table. Just hire an on-site chaperone! The parents and kids can have a great night because the parents won’t need to be worried, and the kids can be kids. You can also set up a quiet room so that kiddos who need to nap can do so. They’ll have somewhere they can go instead of being stuck on their parent’s lap. Quiet rooms and chaperones mean no cranky kids AND no cranky adults!

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Hack 6: The Cake

Lots of people want a grand cake for their wedding – multiple layers with tons of frosting and an intricate design. Unfortunately, this can be extremely expensive! And if the reception is at an outdoor venue, it can be a melting accident waiting to happen. So, fake it until you make it!

You can purchase a frosted and decorated foam cake. This will save you both money and stress. The guests can be served a delicious inexpensive sheet cake for dessert, while still being able to get incredible wedding cake photos. Dare we say you can have your cake and eat it too?

Did we miss any hacks that you like to use?

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