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5 Fall-Themed Parties You’ll Plan This Season

Loved planning your last birthday bash and itching to get your hands dirty again? A party planning certification is a great way to get you started! You’ll learn about the key components typical of small and large gatherings, working with a budget, coordinating with vendors, and more.

5 Fall Parties Covered in Your Party Planning Certification

The fall season is littered with many causes for celebration. Since the bold orange hue and pumpkin motifs are abundant, you’ll have to get creative in how you differentiate one party theme from another. Keep reading to learn about the different fall party themes and how to customize them in your event planning course.

Harvest Party / Thanksgiving

To celebrate the traditional harvest season, think of North American Thanksgiving and, it’s British counterpart, the Harvest Festival. In the former, the statutory holiday is more family-oriented. Thanksgiving celebrations are more intimate gatherings involving immediate and extended families.

The latter is festival-inclined as the name indicates. Song, dance, contexts, and joyousness abound! Farmers give thanks to the land and everyone who helped cultivate a successful crop over the past several months. The exact date differs from region to region due to time and climate differences. It most notably coincides with the Harvest moon, the full moon that appears around the autumn equinox (September 22nd).

5 Fall Parties Covered in Your Party Planning Certification

The key trademarks remain the same between the two: Huge feasts and giving thanks! Imagine warm mulled cider (alcohol optional!), large apple pies, and rich pumpkin soup… just thinking about it makes us hungry!


The spookiest day of the year! Halloween parties are popular with children and adults alike. Children’s parties have a large focus on themed games, candy, and costumes. Although not specifically family-oriented, pumpkin carving is a popular activity suitable for all ages. Meanwhile, adult events involve more elaborate costuming, horror-inspired décor, and even pranks!

5 Fall Parties Covered in Your Party Planning Certification

Whatever it is, the spooky theme can run through every aspect of the decorating and catering. Fog machines, blood, and decaying bodies are no stranger to a haunted house. Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Tim Burton movies receive an entire month in the spotlight. Since Halloween parties can be community parties, work functions, or private get-togethers, the possibilities are endless. Just ensure that parties for corporations are still work-appropriate!


You don’t have to be German to appreciate some bold brews! Since originating in the 1800s, Munich’s Oktoberfest festival has risen to fame including its many imitations around the world. Not everyone can be one of the six million attendees of the festival every year. Thankfully, the merriment is now replicated every year all over the world!

5 Fall Parties Covered in Your Party Planning Certification

You may have the opportunity to plan a large-scale, brewery-hosted Oktoberfest festival. But until then, smaller gatherings for beer and comradery lovers can be just as ambitious! Order one of the few Munich-brewed official Oktoberfest beers for party-goers and plenty of traditional foods to avoid overdrinking. You may also play lively festive music and even organize a (non-traditional) keg toss contest! And if your clients are German? They can invite their guests to show up in their best Bavarian garb — just ensure it’s not too tight to gulp the beer down!

Bonfire party

Probably the vaguest entry on our list, this isn’t a holiday but it IS cause of celebration. When the weather starts to cool off, everyone wants the comfort of blankets and pumpkin spice lattes. But why not draw everyone out and have them enjoy the good weather before winter takes over?

There’s nothing like sitting around a bright campfire with friends. Flickering lanterns, gooey roasted marshmallows, and the smell of cedar wood! We find it hard to imagine how autumn isn’t everyone’s favorite season!

5 Fall Parties Covered in Your Party Planning Certification

If your client owns a large swath of land, they may decide to hold their own bonfire camping party! Just ensure that all the safety precautions are in place. Completely encircle the pit with large stones, and having wet sand or a fire extinguisher nearby is never a bad idea.

Musical entertainment is a tradition around a fire! From singalong songs to the contemplative strumming of a guitar. Bonfires are usually tech-free events, especially when it’s a camping adventure. So make the most of the community spirit and ensure music and food are aplenty.

Birthday party

You might spend most of your time planning the above events during the autumn months. But you’ll probably still be tapped to plan birthday celebrations and other milestone events. Even if the guests of honor prefer to showcase their unique interests over a generic autumn theme, the foods and colors can still be fall-inspired. The key is to listen to your client.

5 Fall Parties Covered in Your Party Planning Certification

Don’t just take over, going a mile-a-minute, with your own decorating schemes. Customize the event to their needs, but also be aware of the season’s themes. Thoughtful suggestions that make sense with their interests and goals should be your goal. Some pillar candles here… some warm apple cider there… it’ll all come together!

Any other fall parties worth mentioning? Let us know!

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