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Where to Find Event Planning Jobs in the United Kingdom

When you think about the event planning industry, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that it’s the 16th largest employer in the United Kingdom. That is until you think about the vast array of events held in the UK every year:

Uk sporting event for event planning jobs

And let’s not forget the secondary and tertiary business involved in the production of an event:

If you’re new to the world of event planning, you probably didn’t realize that there are so many different businesses working together in order to organize an event. And when there are events, big or small, you can bet there’s an event planner behind it all, pulling all the strings.

Do you think that person could be you? It absolutely can be! With an event planning certification and some elbow grease, you can go pretty far in the UK events industry. While we love words of encouragement, they aren’t real facts.

Let’s dive into some concrete evidence of where you’ll have the best chances to succeed as an event planner in the UK!

Key facts about the UK:

big ben london england

Need a little convincing that the UK is a great place to launch a career in event planning? You’ve come to the right place. Check out these stats about the UK events industry!

  • With over 10,000 venues of varying sizes in the UK, you won’t have trouble finding a spot for your next event
  • The event industry is worth £42.3 billion
  • The average event budget in 2015 was £65,943
  • The average conference size is 258 people
  • There are over 7000 major outdoor events a year in the UK

*Figures from EventBrite

Top cities to become an event and wedding planner in the United Kingdom

You’ll find lots of career opportunities in these cities.


If corporate event planning is your thing, this is the place to be. According to the British Meetings & Events Industry Survey of 2014, 78.3% of corporate events happen in London. With high levels of business activity, you’ll have the opportunity to plan a variety of meetings and professional conferences.

Georgian Palace in Kew Gardens near London England UK

That’s not to say that London is lacking when it comes to entertainment and sporting events. Home of the BAFTAs, the Grand National, and Wimbledon, this metropolis is where you want to be!

According to EVENTMB (2019), the average salary for event planners in London is £28,784. Keep in mind, this is an average. You’ll earn much more depending on the specific branch of the industry you work in. In a world-class city like London, you’ll find many opportunities working for high-end clients. You can expect opportunities to handle charity balls, music festivals, and exclusive parties.

If wedding planning is what you’re all about, there’s no shortage of beautiful, historic buildings and venues around the city. From the Globe Theatre for theater buffs to the Kew Gardens for nature-lovers, there’s something for everyone. With an average wedding cost of £41,500 in London, you can expect to earn a more than fair wage as a professional wedding planner.


According to a study by the Royal Mail, Edinburgh is the best city to live in based on factors such as job opportunities and the ability to make a fair living. Here, you’ll find the city is perfect for traditional and modern events. A well-connected city with its airport just 8 kilometers to the east and a high walking score, travel and accommodations are a breeze. As such, this city is home to many popular conferences every year.

Did you know that the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage site? The  city is known for its unique buildings and spaces. And with them comes unique opportunities to plan events you can’t experience anywhere else in the world. You could become The Caves’ event director, planning private parties and celebrations just steps away from the city center.

Edinburgh castle in the heart of scotland is popular wedding venue event planning job

While not as green as Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, 28% of the Edinburgh is green space—that means plenty of space for outdoor events. Golf also has roots in Scotland—you’ll find 21 golf courses in just Edinburgh. So let’s not forget the annual tennis, surfing, swimming, and cycling tournaments you could be planning.

As of 2017, the average Scottish wedding costs £26,544, higher if you’re in a big city such as Edinburgh or Glasgow. If planning fairytale weddings are your specialty, you’ll thrive in Edinburgh. Castle weddings are hugely popular. These architectural marvels boast stunning architecture and are brimming with history and tradition. The best part is that you (and your clients) don’t have to give up modern comforts or an urban stay. Edinburgh castle is located in the heart of the eponymous city!

Are any other cities worth mentioning? Leave us a comment!

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