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Holiday Gift Guide for Event Planners—2019 Edition

December is officially here, which means holiday music is playing everywhere you turn, you’re forever cleaning snow off the car, and you’re always feeling frozen. But it’s also a time for friends, family, and showing them just how much they mean to you—and we definitely think that’s a reason to celebrate!

This holiday season, if you happen to have any professional event planner friends, or maybe have even hired one yourself, you now have the perfect chance to spoil her rotten! Because let’s be real: as an event planner, it’s her job to be the one who usually does all of the spoiling. When you spend each day making everyone else’s dreams come true, it can be easy to forget about your own.

But we get it: the holiday season is hectic, and you’re probably busy. Don’t worry, we can save you some time! Below you’ll find our compiled, handy list of the top 10 presents any event planner would absolutely love!

1. A travel mug

Event planners are always on the go! With such busy schedules, it can become difficult to keep energy levels up. If your planner needs her daily dose of caffeine to get through the day, this is a perfect (and cost-effective) way to let her know you care.

event planner on the phone and handling travel mug

Etsy offers wonderful travel mugs that can even be customized!

2. Electronics organizer

Your event planner is probably used to having to run all around town every day. But we imagine it can be a bit of a hassle when she also has to lug around her phone, laptop, charger, and extra cord needed to do the job. Electronic organizers run pretty cheap (below $20.00 on and are a lifesaver when it comes to keeping everything together in one organized place.

3. Fitness tracker

If you have a bit of a larger budget that you’re willing to spend, fitness trackers are very popular among event planners. From smart watches, Fitbits, and even just simple calorie counters, you can’t go wrong with this type of gift. After all, since event planners are always on their feet, being able to track such health-related stats like heart-rate and daily steps is an added bonus anyone would love!

4. Candles

The possibilities here are endless! We know it can be easy to walk into a dollar store and mindlessly grab the first candle you see, but with so much room to make this fun for your event planner, it’s worth the effort. Luxury candles and aromatherapy candles are our personal recommendations. Maybe even those fancy candles with the hidden jewelry inside. Our point is: when picking a candle, imagine that you’re sending her to the spa to unwind and relax. A good quality candle can transport her right there!

Pink candles with pink flowers

5. Blue light blocking glasses

With so much work to be done, your event planner probably works until all hours of the night. Staring at a harsh, bright screen for so long can be damaging to her vision—and we don’t want that! Available for both prescription and non-prescription glasses, what better way to say “I care about you” than protecting her eyeballs?

6. Subscription-based gifts

This is one of our favorites, because it’s an efficient and effortless way to give your planner something that will truly benefit her. The best part about it is that the majority of the subscriptions can be purchased directly online. Talk about convenient!

If you want to gift her with something to help her relax during down time, we recommend any of the following subscriptions:

  • Some sort of book or audiobook subscription
  • Spotify or Apple Music subscription
  • FabFitFun
  • Netflix, Disney+, etc.

If you’d like to try and make her work load a little less stressful by giving her equipment needed for her event planning business, you can also gift her an online productivity tool you know she often uses!

7. Yearly/monthly/daily planner

female event planner happily writing in planner

Basically any type of planner will be a staple gift for your event planner to use on the daily. Organization is a key part of her job, and planners allow her to break down all of her tasks, schedules, and deadlines in a clear and easy way. Planners come in all sorts of styles, colors, and sizes—and they don’t need to cost much to be beautiful either! They can be found in all sorts of stores, such as dollar stores, book stores, your local Walmart, etc.

8. Noise-cancelling headphones

As we mentioned above, organization is a must for event planners. It can be hard for your event planner to stay focused sometimes if there’s too much noise and distraction going on around her! Noise-cancelling headphone are a true miracle for anyone who needs to just get some peace and quiet. A good quality pair won’t be cheap and can be found at any electronics store, but there still are more cost-effective options available for purchase online that will have the same type of effect.

9. A weighted blanket

This would be an excellent gift to pair with a nice, scented candle! But even on its own, weighted blankets (also known as “gravity blankets”) work wonders to relieve stress and ease anxiety—two things that your event planner probably experiences a lot! The responsibilities and high expectations from her clients that fall on her shoulders are not easy, but she always handles it like a champ. At the end of a long day, she deserves to put her feet up and let all that tension melt away. A weighted blanket will do that and more!

happy woman reading under a big blanket

10. Certification in Event Planning

If you’re an event planner or thinking of becoming one, what better gift to give yourself than certification from an accredited event planning school? You’ll not only broaden your horizons and learn even more about event planning, but it will look very impressive on your resume and put you miles ahead of the competition!


Whether you’re interested in private events, wedding planning, corporate event planning, or all of the above, there are countless event planning classes at your disposal. Further your career with one of QC Event School’s online courses today!

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