4 Wedding Favors that Guests Do NOT Want

At most weddings, it’s considered a common practice – and a long-standing tradition – to provide the guests with a token of the couple’s appreciation for attending their big day. There are no rules when it comes to wedding favors; they’re completely up to the couple, and what they feel their guests would like.

That being said, sometimes it feels like there should be rules when it comes to what’s good to give and what isn’t. While guests should always be grateful for the kind gesture, there are admittedly some favors that are going to be less popular than others.

Whether you’re a certified wedding planner helping guide your client in the right direction, or you’re the one getting married and want some advice on what kind of wedding favors to give (and not give) your guests, we can help! Here are 4 examples of favors your clients should probably skip, as their guests will likely neither want nor need them…

small potted plants as wedding favors, next to Let Love Grow sign

1. Anything monogrammed or with the couple’s face on it

Here’s the thing… unless the bride and/or groom is an immediate family member or really close friend, is the guest really going to want a magnet with the couple’s face on it, or a coaster stamped with your client’s names and wedding date? That kind of wedding favor is perfect for a very select group of people. Unfortunately, it’s more awkward than anything for everyone else.

In general, wedding favors that are too personalized are typically not practical for guests. There’s a high risk that they won’t appeal to the majority of the people there. If they’d neither need nor want it in their everyday lives, it’s more likely to collect dust than go to good use.

2. Pens

On paper, pens seems like a practical wedding favor for both the guests and your clients. (Like what we just did there?) On your clients’ end, you can typically get pretty good deals on pens when buying them in bulk, which makes their budget happy. In terms of the guests, it’s a gift that they can use, right? Who doesn’t need pens!

Nautical style wedding favors

The problem is, there’s a reason we always seem to need pens, and that’s because they’re one of the most easily misplaced items in the history of the world. Inherently, they have very little worth. We all have a tendency to lose them frequently – and that’s on a good day! At most weddings, there’s alcohol involved. Given that a lot of the guests will likely be inebriated to some capacity, most of those pens will be lucky if they even make it out of the venue, let alone remain in the guest’s possession for longer than a week or two. Your clients are better off saving their money.

3. Bubbles

Unless your clients are requesting that bubbles be blown at some point during their ceremony or reception, this kind of wedding favor will only appeal to guests if they all happen to be five. We’re just being honest. While we admit that life would be insanely more fun if grown adults regularly blew bubbles as part of their daily routine, that’s just not the case. Once they leave your clients wedding, those bubbles are going straight in the trash.

Not to mention, this doesn’t exactly feel like a wedding favor either – especially if its purpose is to enhance the wedding for the bride and groom. That makes it feel more like a gift for the happy couple, rather than something meant for the guests themselves. At that point, it might just be best for your clients to call a spade a spade: provide the bubbles, but include them as part of the wedding itself. Don’t try to pass them off as being a gift for the guests.

4. Jordan almonds

jordan almonds in clay bowl, on wood

Jordan almonds are one of those things that people seem to either love or hate. There’s no middle ground. I’ve heard them be described as “fun and delicious”. I’ve also heard countless stories of guests describing the taste as “disgusting” and nearly chipping their teeth on them. Fun fact: when Jordan almonds go stale, it’s basically like trying to eat a rock.

On the whole, they don’t seem to be nearly as popular as they once used to be.

The thing about Jordan almonds is that they do have cultural meaning behind them for certain nationalities. At Greek and Italian weddings, in particular, the taste of the almonds themselves is meant to symbolize life. The coating of sugar surrounding the almond is a metaphor for the bride and groom’s life ahead of them – that it be sweeter together than bitter.

In this sort of case, we can understand giving guests Jordan almonds as the wedding favor. But otherwise, this is a traditional wedding favor that should probably be left in the past.

So what IS a good wedding favor to give?

If you’re a certified wedding planner, this may be a topic that your clients come to you for advice on. As the professional, your job is to rely on your expertise to help steer them in the direction you logically feel is best for everyone involved. So when it comes to wedding favors, trying to find a practical wedding favor that has the best chances of pleasing the most people is obviously the way to go.

So is there a ‘be-all-end-all’ wedding favor that’s most likely to do the trick? Yes: edibles.

Bride and groom cake pops

While there are tons of useful and creative things that can be gifted as wedding favors, edibles are the simplest and most popular choice. Wedding guests are often times peckish from all the mingling, moving, and dancing. They’re going to want something tasty to snack on and keep their energy up! Edibles are the one wedding favor most likely to be put to good use, and quickly.

Some common edible wedding favors are:

  • Cookies
  • Cake pops
  • Toffee
  • A loot bag of assorted candy from the candy bar (if applicable)
  • Chocolate

The coolest part is that there are endless ways your clients can customize what they give their guests, based on the theme/feel of the wedding. Is it outdoors and set in the winter? How about a DIY hot chocolate kit to keep the guests warm and toasty! Do your clients want to give something their guests can take home with them, and WILL likely use? Some popular options are mini wine bottles, homemade jams, or an array of olive oils!

Decorated mini jars of jam, rustic wedding favors. Apple and plum jam, pink background, space for text.

Food is a universal language; one that everyone speaks and everyone loves. In terms of popular wedding favors that’ll leave guests smiling, it’s always the safest way to go!

But it probably should be said: the above list is not universal. We know that. There will always be guests that will enjoy the above favors, even if others don’t. Ultimately, it’s the bride and groom’s call. They know their guests best. As their certified wedding planner, if they insist, simply support their decision and do everything you can to make their vision come true!

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    My fiance and I are planning to have customized stickers with our names on it because these will be placed on all of our wedding favors. I agree with you that pens could be a great giveaway presents for our guests since they may use these every day. Well, we also like your suggestion of providing them with Jordan Almonds, which is placed inside the cute jars.

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