How to Become an Event Planner When You’re Introverted

When most people think of wedding and event planners, they tend to think of extroverts. The common misconception about this industry is that, in order to succeed, you must be someone who thrives in social settings and is energized by being around others. However, this is definitely not always the case.

Yes, while extroverts do make up a large portion of wedding and event planners, this does not mean there is no room for the common introvert. In fact, the truth is that introverts make AWESOME planners – just for different reasons.

While they may operate a little differently from extroverts, their dedication to the craft, execution of detail, and devotion to the client are just as thorough, effective, and successful.

If you happen to be an introvert by nature, and are wondering how to become an event planner, then this article is for you. Here, we’ll take a look at what makes an introvert tick, as well as tips you can use to get your planning career started!

What is an introvert?

Another common misconception is that introverts and extroverts are polar opposites. In reality, they often share many of the same personality traits.

The spectrum between introversion and extroversion is not black and white. There is, in fact, much fluidity and similarities between the two. For instance, introverts are not always quiet and shy, just as not all extroverts are chatterboxes.

Comfort Zones

The biggest thing that sets introverts and extroverts apart is how they tend to recharge their internal battery. Extroverts benefit from being in social situations. Being around others is where they find and replenish their energy. They typically enjoy being in the company of others than being alone (although many do still enjoy their solo time).

Introverts, on the other hand, charge their internal battery by being alone. Social situations can be just as enjoyable, but they can also be very draining. Some introverts prefer to stay as far away from the spotlight as possible; others are fine being the center of attention, but only for a limited time.

Either way, their comfort zone is quality time by themselves.


Another area where extroverts and introverts differ is how they tend to process information. Extroverts are known to think on their feet. They have a tendency to think out loud, and make decisions quickly. If someone asks a question, they’re usually the first to answer it.

But this doesn’t mean an introvert, by contrast, has nothing to say! Introverts usually need a bit of time to absorb information, and carefully think out their response. An introvert’s input will always be thought-out, calculated, and precise.

Many extroverts are experts at adjusting to spontaneous situations. As an event planner, this will always be a positive attribute. With introverts, you can always be assured that their perspective is supported by logic and rational evidence. They likely won’t propose ideas or solutions without having thoroughly thinking them through first.

This is also just as valuable a trait to have as an event planner!

If interested, you can continue reading the differences and similarities between introverts and extroverts here.

How to Become an Event Planner as an Introvert

If you’re naturally introverted, there are many ways to not only start your career, but flourish in your profession once you’ve broken out into the industry. These tips not only cater to your preferred way of operating – they can also be utilized to provide exceptional service for your clients!

1 – Earn Your Professional Certification through an Online School

Technically, there are no licenses or certifications required to call yourself a wedding or event planner. That being said, not having any professional training or education will absolutely put you at a disadvantage. Not only will it prevent you from becoming as skilled a planner as you could be, it’ll also make it really difficult to stand out from the competition!

The single greatest way to gain professional training is to earn your certification through an accredited event planning school. But for many introverts, in-person school can be more mentally taxing than beneficial.

Luckily, this isn’t your only option. If you’re someone who learns best in a solo environment, online school can be your best friend!

Not only can your online event planning courses provide just as valuable of an experience as brick-and-mortar schools, you get to do it in your chosen space, at your chosen pace.

Want to set 100% of your focus on your schoolwork, and get it done in 3-6 months? You absolutely can! Have other things going on in your life, and can’t devote as much time to your studies for a few weeks (or even months)? You can do that, too.

The choice is yours! For many people, this convenient and flexible learning structure is the one that works best for them.

2 – Make the Most of Technology

In general, wedding and event planners need to leverage technology to their advantage in order to be successful. In this day and age, you need to be tech-savvy, at least to some degree. Throughout your career, you can find yourself using technology in the following ways:

As an introvert, we’re willing to bet you’re a fast learner. You know how to use your alone time productively, and you enjoy absorbing and understanding new information.

If you aren’t already well-versed in the ways of the internet, we’ve no doubt that you’ll put in the effort to learn. If you are, you’ll likely put just as much dedication into making the most of it for the sake of your business.


But another – just as critical – way you can make the most of technology as an event planner is through networking. In this industry, who you know is nearly as important as what you know. Over the course of your career, you’ll cultivate important relationships with all sorts of people! Some examples are:

  • Clients (past, present, and future)
  • Other planners
  • Vendors
  • Suppliers
  • Venues
  • Sponsors
  • And so much more!

In order to have a prosperous career, networking isn’t an option. It must be done. As an introvert, fostering all of these fundamental relationships in-person can sometimes be a bit draining. But with today’s technology, this doesn’t always need to be done face-to-face. A lot of your networking efforts can be done online instead!

Technology allows you to be social, without actually needing to be social. You can reach out to people, maintain contact, and digest information – all on your own time, in your own environment!

In addition to this, online conversations (such as by email, online chat, private messaging, etc.) provide a sort of breathing room that in-person conversations don’t have. You have room to absorb every response and correspondence, without needing to provide an immediate reply. You can think through exactly what you want to say in return, and take the time to formulate your answers.

3 – Approach the Big Day in a Way that Works Best for YOU!

As an introverted event planner, your optimal time will be when you get to organize everything from behind the scenes. But for every job, the event will eventually come. Sometimes, you may just want to remain in the background, keeping an eye on everything and making sure the event runs smoothly.

But often times, there will be a certain level of socializing expected from you. For the sake of your clients, your reputation, and your networking opportunities, it’s in your best interest to not back down from it.

Extroverts have very little problem with diving head-first into a crowd and feeling right at home. But for an introvert, a different approach may be needed. If you need to sometimes break away from the crowd, there’s nothing wrong with that! (Just be mindful of the environment, and choose your timing wisely.)

Another thing you can do to make the situation more manageable is to try and break things down into smaller steps. For example: instead of seeing all the guests as a whole, think of them in terms of smaller groups. You don’t need to socialize with literally everyone at once. Rather, simply take it one group of people at a time.

Breaking this sort of task into smaller, more manageable tasks will help you mitigate the effect it has on your internal battery!

4 – Make Time for Yourself

As an event planner, your schedule is likely to be hectic. Chances are, you’ll almost always feel like a busy bee! But as an introvert, remember that your comfort zone is quality time spent by yourself.

In order to not spread yourself too thin or hit the proverbial wall, it’s critical that you regularly ensure to focus on your personal needs!

Failure to do so can have negative consequences for your mental health. Recently, we took a look at why your mental health is so important. We even provided some fun tips for things you can do to prioritize yourself and your overall well-being! You can read more on this here.

Whatever it is that grounds you and brings you a sense of peace, make sure you take the time to focus on it. Even if it’s as simple as curling up on the couch with a good book, it’s crucial that you give your alone time the attention it deserves.

You need it to help recharge your battery. Otherwise, you’ll never be performing at your best – in which case, you won’t be doing yourself OR your clients any favors!

Introverts have a lot to offer, and when it comes to wedding and event planning, this is of no exception. Just because you’re not exactly extroverted by nature doesn’t mean you can’t still pursue your career goals and follow your dreams!

This industry has more than enough room for all sorts of people! As an introvert, you bring more to the table than you may realize. See your personality traits as a weapon you can use to your advantage – because that’s absolutely what they are!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take the event planning world by storm!

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