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My Top 4 Success Tips for Your Event Decor Assignments

Mwai Yeboah is the proud owner of the destination wedding planning boutique, Love, From Mwai. With over 15 years of industry experience, Mwai helps culinary enthusiasts, fashion admirers, and adventure seekers plan experience-focused weddings that exceed their dreams and leave their guests in absolute awe! In addition to the countless awards she has received over the years, she’s also written and published her own book about wedding planning. Mwai is one of QC’s leading tutors for the Event & Wedding Planning, Luxury Wedding & Event Planning, Event Decor, and Destination Wedding Planning courses.

As the tutor of the QC Event School’s Event Decor Course, I want to offer up a few important insights to help event planning students submit the best possible decor assignments. If you’ve been wondering what I’m looking for in a final product, or how exactly to nail your assignment, then fear not! Today, I’m revealing everything you need to know to submit an excellent event decor assignment. Read on for my top 4 tips!

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1 – Include a detailed introduction.

One of the most effective ways to set your event decor assignment up for success is to ensure that you include a detailed introduction. Getting to know you better will help me understand how you approached the assignment as a whole. For instance, I want to know:

  • Who you are
  • What moves and inspires you
  • What your lifestyle is like
  • Where you turn for inspiration
  • What aspects of your personality led you to pursue a career in the event planning industry, etc.

I also want to know why you chose to take this course, in particular – and what you hope to get out of it. Understanding all of these things will help me provide feedback that’s customized to YOUR unique needs and goals.

2 –Make sure your event decor mood board is cohesive and comprehensive.

The best events aren’t just “pretty parties”. They’re a cohesive collection of experiences that communicate a couple’s story. Your mood board should be the same!

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The most effective mood boards read like stories. Start the process from the very first guest touch point (i.e. save the dates or wedding invitations), all the way to the very last touch point (the “send off” moment or late-night entertainment). I want your mood board to take me on a detailed, distinct, and beautiful journey. It should cover every last aspect of the event itself; from the venue and floral elements, to the couple’s outfits, etc.

By the time I’m done absorbing it, I should have a clear understanding of the unique look, feel, and emotions that the celebration will both capture and convey.

Pro Tip: Design your mood board with an eye towards consistency. Don’t pin fine-art images for a rustic-themed event. Even if there’s a certain element of a photo you like, the overall image still needs to fall in line with the event aesthetic. If it doesn’t, don’t include it. Design consistency is key when it comes to planning and producing high-end weddings!

3 – Write your event decor assignment as if you were communicating with a client.

My students know that I’m a wedding professional. As such, they sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need to walk me through their decisions in the same way they would with a client. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! I want your assignment to be incredibly detailed! Write it as if you were explaining all of your choices to a client, rather than an industry expert.

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It should meet the same level of detail and professionalism that it would if you were sending a couple their proposal. It needs to have correct spelling and grammar. It should include thorough and thoughtful information. For instance, explain why you’ve selected certain elements of event decor. More importantly, break down how your decor choices will tie into the overall event aesthetic.

Ultimately, I want you to create the couple’s story to their guests.

4 – Ensure the event is well conceptualized.

The best assignments will show me that thought was put into conceptualizing the event as a whole. Don’t simply think, I’m going to choose a fine-art wedding, and then pin every fine-art image you can find. Rather, I want a true translation of the client’s vision! Ideally, you’ll show me this in your description and/or mood board.

There should be a clear purpose and meaning behind everything you’ve put together. The deeper the meaning, the better. Go beyond surface-level aesthetics! Consider the sorts of things that will tug on your client’s heart strings. Try to exceed their expectations and tie key elements into their story!

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For example, you can include:

  • Floral elements that represent their heritage
  • Wedding favors from their favorite boutique
  • Tables named – rather than numbered – after something that’s important to the couple, etc.
  • And so much more!

Originality, and your ability to conceptualize, are two things that I am definitely looking for.

I hope these insights are helpful, aspiring planners! Remember: nailing your event decor assignment is all about the amount of thought you put into it. Always ensure that you communicate your ideas clearly. Keep these things in mind, and you’ll be just fine. I can’t wait to see what you present!



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