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Enhance Your Event Decor Skills with Floral Design Training

As an event decor professional, you probably already know that the way an event looks has a massive effect on the way people remember it. Not everyone remembers every detail of their high school proms, but they might remember the way the venue was decorated!

Many event decor professionals are used to working with floral designers to add another layer of beauty to their events. After all, what would a wedding be without a beautiful bridal bouquet?

While some event decorators have great working relationships with existing floral designers, you may not be so lucky. Perhaps you don’t have access to nearby floral designers. Maybe you travel for business and don’t have contacts in every city or town you visit. Whatever the reason may be, more and more event decorators have started incorporating floral design into their own services.

It may seem easy to create beautiful floral designs. But there’s MUCH more to the process than meets the eye! Floral design is a technical industry just as much as it is an artistic industry. If you’re interested in adding floral design services to your event decor business, then floral design training is exactly what you need to get started!

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What is Floral Design?

Floral design is the art of arranging flowers in a visually pleasing way for display purposes. Those small bouquets you can buy at your local grocery store? That’s an example of floral design. The massive floral display walls you see at large events? That’s another example!

Designers are trained to:

  • Identify different types of flowers;
  • Create different kinds of arrangements;
  • Work with clients to determine the best designs for their events and/or special occasions;
  • And so much more!

Floral designers must take many different things into consideration with each and every arrangement they produce. This area of design uses all of the senses – including, of course, smell. So, it’s a big responsibility to create a complete sensory experience for clients! As an event decor professional with floral design training, you would be able to offer a “full service” package for your clients.

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Working in Floral Design

Whether you’re looking to enhance your event decor business, level up to work for a larger company, or you’re interested in using your existing event decor skills to pivot your career to floral design, there are many different opportunities for exciting career paths.

As well as being an event decor specialist who offers floral design for clients, floral design training could lead you to be:

  • A self-employed florist working with individual clients and groups
  • A floral designer employed by a larger company or event planner
  • An event planning assistant specializing in an event’s total decor and atmosphere

Like with event planning, floral design training can allow you to be more flexible with your schedule. You can work with clients whose visions for their events align with your own. You also have opportunities to work mostly from home, too. This means you have the freedom to leave your home office only when it comes time to set up and take down your designs at an event!

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How Can Floral Design Be Used in Event Decor?

Every great event decor professional understands that an event’s decorations go far beyond table cloths. You have to consider the event’s:

  • Theme
  • Mood
  • Tone
  • Color scheme

And, of course, you need to factor in the wants and needs of your clients!

Floral design is another way to add dimension to an event’s decor. At some celebrations, such as weddings, clients will usually expect to have floral designs featured throughout. The good news is, event decor professionals have a great head-start when they begin floral design training. This is because they already have knowledge of what makes things beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. For example, you’ll already know how to design a color palette and incorporate different textures, patterns, and styles into a design.

This is an excellent jumping off point when you begin floral design training!

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Ways to Incorporate Floral Design into Your Event Decor Business

As we mentioned, you’ll likely find it a little easier to get into the swing of floral design when you’re already trained in event decor. Incorporating floral design into your event decorating business could be as easy as offering floral centerpieces or bouquets for events like weddings. You may also decide to focus more on the floral design side of your business. Luxury events often take huge advantage of the beauty of flowers to carry their theme. So, you’ll always be able to showcase your floral design skills!

On the other hand, you might also choose to pursue floral design training because you’re interested in the way floral designers work at events. Understanding the various elements used in floral design, as well as the specific flowers and foliage pieces that work in different conditions, can be incredibly useful from an event planning perspective. If you aren’t the person in charge of floral design at a particular event, understanding the mechanics of floral design means you’ll be able to effectively communicate your needs.

More importantly, you’ll also be able to communicate the needs of your clients to the floral design professionals in your event team.

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Floral design adds so much to every event – it’s no wonder many event decor professionals consider enhancing their skills with floral design training! If you’re expanding your business, broadening your horizons, or simply exploring a new and exciting path, floral design offers endless possibilities. Who knows where your event decor career will take you, once you’re also the master of all things floral design!

Keep an eye out for QC Event School’s upcoming Floral Design Course! In the meantime, check out all of the other incredible courses QC has to offer!

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