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My Honest Review of QC’s Event Decor Course

Tamesha Antria is a QC Event School Student Ambassador, graduate, and student of the Event Decor Course. Connect with Tamesha in QC’s Virtual Classroom on Facebook!

Hello, great people!

I’m Tamesha, the owner and lead planner of Black Haven Events. My business offers unconventional event and wedding planning services for the chill bride. I’ve been in this industry for over 6 years. But it wasn’t until shortly before the pandemic began that I decided to turn my passion for planning and coordination pinto a professional career.

Recently, I graduated from yet another QC Event School course and have officially become a certified International Event Decor Professional (IEDP™)! Today, I’ll provide my honest review of the course so you, too, can know what to expect!

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What is an Event Decorator?

An event decor professional (a.k.a. an event decorator) creates the atmosphere of your event. Once you begin your career, you’ll start to work with a variety of event professionals, such as:

  • Planners;
  • Coordinators;
  • Rental companies;
  • Photographers;
  • And venue owners.

These are just a few vendors that event decorators regularly collaborate with to make magic! Together, you service a variety of events. Weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, vow renewals, and baby showers are a handful of examples!

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Why Event Decor Training?

I chose to become an International Event Decor Professional (IEDP™) so I could have more control over who I choose to work with. By setting the atmosphere, I can then attract clients and vendors that align with my vision. Some common job duties of an IEDP™ are the design of the event, which includes:

  • Client updates (via phone AND writing);
  • Design and redesigning mock-ups;
  • Creating/managing the design budget;
  • Collecting vendor bids;
  • Setting the mood with your clients, etc.

While plenty of event and wedding planners don’t offer event design as part of their services, there are also plenty who do. I was always fascinated by this service, but thought I had to go through traditional schooling in order to become a certified decor professional. So, I was ecstatic when I came across QC Event School, as their self-paced, remote learning environment was more attainable than the traditional route. I think all planners should undergo professional event decor training. It’s a specialty service that opens up many doors, as well as opportunities for profit in the event and wedding industry.

Talking about this actually reminds me of a baby shower I’d designed before getting my certification. I tried my hand at event decor as a hobby and failed at my first attempt. To be honest, I’d underestimated the size of the space and how many people were attending. We had the right amount of tables and chairs but the space was super tight! Luckily, my team eased everyone’s frustrations by stepping up our level of customer service. We served all items so that no one had to get up for any reason (except to use the restroom).

After taking this course, I now see what my team and I can do if ever presented with a challenging space like that again!

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The Importance of a Professional Certification

Obtaining my certification in event decor added to my credibility within the industry. Certifications aren’t easy to obtain! If anyone ever tells you otherwise, do NOT believe them. Like anything you take seriously, earning a certification takes time, dedication, and hard work.

Since adding this additional qualification to my resume, I’ve increased my client reach. Being able to offer a new service is always a sure way to target more customers and better your business. Event decor and design was once something I needed to outsource to others. Now, I can fulfill this part of the event process internally.

In my opinion, the strengthened skill-set has been the biggest bonus. I enjoy playing with balloon arches and setting up intimate functions. This also gives me an opportunity to collaborate with boss designers, decorators, and florists in the industry. Practice leads to growth! Remember, it’s a very competitive market. There are always new designs to draw inspiration and execute from. This training has also provided a new stream of income for Black Haven Events. A new market means new opportunities for profit.

I also chose to obtain my event decor certification because I wanted to be taken seriously in the industry. COVID-19 was the perfect time to build on this skill-set. I needed the formal training that did not come from working with local planners. After a while, I discovered that the many planners I’d come across had a certain method for their madness. The problem was that it made it challenging to teach that madness.

I was told what to do sometimes – but not how and why things are done. Now, I can I appreciate working in the wedding and event industry, practicing the things I learned from my courses. I’m grateful for both opportunities!

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The Event Decor Course in a Nutshell

Okay, let’s delve into the program itself now!

QC’s Event Decor Course is 3 units long. It’s designed for the professional that wants a detailed perspective on each component of the industry. You’ll learn about the different components that contribute to the atmosphere of an event, such as:

  • Color;
  • Theme;
  • Layout;
  • Lighting;
  • Florals;
  • Table decor;
  • And much more!

You’ll practice designing events and setting the budget. Throughout the course, you’ll also be challenged with pairing colors and lighting together. The idea is for you to best understand how to create the mood that you want your client and their guests to have upon arrival.

You’ll also learn how event decor and design are psychological. This in particular was thrilling to me! Once you graduate, you’ll earn your very own IEDP™ certification. Moving forward, you’ll be known as a designated International Event Decor Professional. QC prepares you not only for practicing and growing your craft; they also teach you how to profit from your passion. There’s a whole unit of training included in the course curriculum that will help you learn how to successfully start a business.

I’m excited to see the many event decor professionals that are taking their passions to new heights! Since I am now a graduate of this course, I’ll give my honest feedback on what you should expect once you enroll.

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My Honest Thoughts

I had the pleasure of having Anita DiPaolo as my tutor. As part of my course materials, I received both physical and digital textbooks. These textbooks delved deeply into each topic, as well as provided exercises to help me practice what I was learning.

The most important lesson I learned was how to accurately price my services (and why this is critical). Pricing that’s too low doesn’t allow you to compete with competitors. On the other hand, pricing your services too high might turn clients away. As with any profession, it’s important to do your market research.

Another takeaway I had was to accurately quote services and products. This helps establish your credibility as well. Misquoting can be equated to lack of experience. To counter this, be prepared! Do your market research. Fully engage in your practices and build your event and wedding vendor network from your assignments.

I found the materials to be very thorough. They had a universal understanding of what has worked in the event decor industry over the years – and what hasn’t. Real-world scenario assignments were also paired with textbook learning to help me tap into my creative zone. I especially appreciated my budget assignments most. They gave me a great idea of true, live events and weddings.

In this course, you get to practice with both! I appreciated this as well, since my clients often look to me for budget management and accuracy. My tutor regularly provided me with encouragement throughout the program, as well as constructive feedback. The great thing about QC’s tutors is that they’re happy and willing to help you beyond graduation. My tutor, Anita, believed in my company’s mission. She’s helped me gain clarity on adding this service to my business. That sort of commitment has meant a lot to me.

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So, Do I Recommend the Event Decor Course?


The only suggestion I’d make for this course would be to include the option of a video call with the tutor, in order to get more immediate feedback. That being said, I strongly encourage ALL aspiring event and wedding planners to take this program. Even if you’ve dabbled in event decor as an established professional, I still encourage you to add QC’s community of supportive professionals to your network. Obviously, the IEDP™ certification is amazing and definitely has a competitive edge. But honestly, being connected to thousands of thriving and inspiring professionals has been the biggest perk for me!

I thoroughly enjoy talking to other event and wedding planners about their processes. This contributes to thriving together as a community. It doesn’t matter whether you have event decor experience or not. QC Event School’s program is designed to introduce you to the field with little to no experience! Prior to obtaining my certification, I designed less than a dozen live functions. While obtaining my certification, I’ve now designed 60+ live and virtual events! I maximized and created opportunities to practice my new skill-set through bookings and styled shoots… and you can easily do this, too!

Ultimately, I am satisfied with the results of this course. I plan to continue practicing this craft until I find my personal style of event decor and design. I’ve seen so many great niches. I’m excited to take my rightful place amongst powerful event creatives.

Thank you for taking the time to read my honest review of QC’s Event Decor Course. If you have any additional questions about becoming an International Event Decor Professional (IEDP™), feel free to connect with me in QC’s Virtual Classroom on Facebook!

Ready to get started? Enroll in QC’s Event Decor Course today! 

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    Nicole says:

    great read! Thanks for the information

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment, Nicole! We’re glad to hear that you found this blog post informative and useful. 🙂

    All the best,
    The QC Team

    Carli Lewis says:

    Great job Tamesha! You have inspired me to take this course for that added education!!

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    This is AWESOME!!! Event decor training is one of the best assets to add to your qualifications and career. We’re completely inspired by your ambition and drive, Carli, and we hope you love your course when the time comes that you start it! <3

    All the best,
    The QC Team

    The QC’s events course is best for events.

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    Thanks so much for the awesome feedback and kind words, we really appreciate it! <3

    All the best,
    The QC Team

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