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2 Reasons Event Management Courses Will Increase Your Event Planner Salary

Want to boost your event planner salary? Enroll in event management courses! Join QC Event School‘s Student Ambassador, Jenny Alperin, as she reveals 2 key reasons why corporate event training will advance your career!

Jenny Alperin is a graduate of QC’s Corporate Event Planning Course. She’s also a current student of the Promotional Event Planning Course. Her company, RosePOP Parties, specializes in weddings, holiday parties, corporate team-building events, and more. A master of handmade bespoke party favors, her business also provides custom gift boxes called POPBoxes. 

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What is Event Management?

Event management is a service involving event planners who work specifically in the corporate world. Corporate planners lend their services to businesses, rather than individuals. They’re often are in charge of planning events like promotional campaigns, product launches, employee appreciation events, ceremonies, etc. In the world of event management, you’ll tend to work within a company as the in-house planner. Alternately, you may choose to work independently. In this case, you’ll likely work with recurring clients, since many companies host multiple events in a year.

Taking event management courses and becoming a corporate planner increases your chances of receiving consistent paychecks! Furthermore, you’ll get the opportunity to plan higher budget events. Plus, you’ll find that networking with potential, new clients will be a LOT easier than it is in other areas of the planning industry.

Why This Will Give You The PERFECT Niche!

Corporate event planning is a particularly great niche to add to your business! Of course, the single greatest way to hone this niche and add it to your repertoire is to get properly trained in event management courses. The corporate world is one of the best ways to receive consistent, reliable work as an event planner. For instance, an individual may plan only one event in their entire lifetime that requires the expertise of a professional planner. A business, on the other hand, will plan several events each year. This means they may very well hire YOU each and every time! After all, at a company, the employees are all busy doing other work. So, they will require an event manager to take on the event planning tasks – thus, leading to more work opportunities for you!

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2 Ways Event Management Courses will Increase Your Salary

1. More Bookings!

Certifications and continuing education are easy, dependable ways to appeal to more clients and qualify yourself as an event planner. With an event management course on your resume, you’ll be able to book more events and secure more clients with greater ease! Moreover, your professional training will give you the skills and subject-matter expertise needed to gain success more quickly. This is because specialized training positively impacts one’s ability to stand out from competitors, while also allowing you to request higher compensation. Ultimately, this will all work together to help you boost your event planner salary!

In addition, corporate events are naturally set up in a way to allow for networking opportunities for both the guests and you! Since you’ll not be the only person networking at these events, it won’t be inappropriate or unprofessional to be on the lookout for potential clients. This ability to constantly network while working events will increase your number of bookings by increasing the clients you meet.

2. Ability to Raise Your Rates!

Event management courses will make you appeal to a wider range of clients. But it gets even better than that! You’ll also be able to raise the rates of your services, too! Not only can you charge more for your event management services – you can boost your rates for all other services as well. Because you’ve put time and effort into your skills as an event planner, you have a concrete reason for clients to pay you higher rates. To sweeten the job even more, corporate clients almost always have larger budgets than individual clients. With a higher budget event, your event manager rate can increase.

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QC Event School’s Event Management Training

In this day and age, there are many event management courses available for you to take. I personally chose QC Event School’s Corporate Event Planning Course because it’s self-paced and online. QC Event School is internationally recognized, with connections to many well-known and well-established event planning networking organizations. Moreover, they hold an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau. Plus, they’re approved by the International Live Events Association (ILEA).

Having a certification helps you increase your event planner salary… but having a certification from a reputable source takes you to an even higher level of competency! As a graduate myself, this course has benefitted me in many ways. What I know is that it gave me confidence. I learned to think through every piece of planning an event. My training with QC also gave me the ability to quickly and adamantly share my experience and quality to potential clients. It’s often that very thing that sells my clients during our consultation calls!

Final Thoughts

Event management courses will be a smart, solid addition to your event planning career! To me, the world of corporate planning is so appealing because of its built-in reliability of income and workload. Taking and completing an event management course gives you the ability to get hired more easily a corporate event manager. Not to mention, it’ll increase your rates and help you to secure a higher salary.

Can you think of additional reasons why training in corporate event planning is so beneficial? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts! And don’t forget to reach out to me directly in QC’s free Virtual Classroom on Facebook. As always, thank you for reading!

Start your event management training today by enrolling in QC Event School’s Corporate Event Planning Course!

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