Your Event Career

As your event planning training will quickly teach you, every client you work with is going to come with a budget. Sometimes, they’ll already have a set figure in mind when they walk into the initial consultation. Other times, they may need assistance with determining how much money they should be spending on their event. […]
There’s no denying it: this whole global pandemic thing has been a major buzzkill for the economy. When lockdowns and social distancing were at their worst, it was impossible to keep track of how many businesses were forced to close their doors. As we discussed previously, the event planner industry was of no exception. But […]
Your online event management courses will give you all the skills needed to launch a successful career as a corporate event planner! In particular, you’ll learn all about organizing internal and external events. A profession in event management will contain a lot of different job responsibilities. But when it all boils down to it, most […]
As part of your corporate event planning courses, you’ll learn the two main types of events you’ll be responsible for organizing throughout your career: internal and external. But what exactly are internal and external events? How do they differ? Do they share any similarities? In this two-part series, we’ll explore these questions and provide you […]
What can you do to protect your event planning business from liability suits? Your training will have the answers, but here are some general tips every planner should follow!
I’m going to let you in on a little secret… A major (but often unmentioned) part of your event planning training is learning this valuable lesson: you are NOT obligated to work with clients who actively choose to disrespect you! Earlier this week, we took a look at 2 types of nightmare clients you should […]
Real talk: your event planning classes will help prepare you for a TON of scenarios. But admittedly, there are still some situations that you’ll only encounter through real-world experience. Unfortunately, one such lesson you’re bound to learn sooner or later will be what to do when you encounter the… less-than-ideal client (to put it nicely). […]
In Part One of our series, we examined the role of an on-site venue coordinator. In particular, we looked at what’s involved in their job description, as well as the limitations posed to clients. Today, we’ll turn our focus to your role as a certified wedding planner. What is a Wedding Planner? As the title […]