Spring and Summer Event Design Trends

Trends in event design and décor come and go with the seasons, just like in any other industry. Changes in color schemes and styles can be exciting to work with, but it’s important for event planners to keep track of what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’. Check out the following event décor trends for spring and summer 2015 and think about how you might work them into your events this season!

Tone it down

Choosing a color scheme is a key part of the event décor process. Everything should match, contrast, and compliment according to the color palette you choose. Like the rest of the décor world, colors come and go in terms of popularity, particularly when it comes to weddings.

Earth Tones Wedding

As 2015 warms up, subtle earthy tones are emerging as the palette of choice for event décor, with high emphasis on shades of blue. Rather than simply choosing ‘blue’, however, décor specialists are suggesting hues like cerulean and dusk blue, and sliding through the color grid towards green by using shades of aquamarine and sea foam.

If blues aren’t your ideal choice, try other neutral colors like blushing pink, toasted almond, sandstone, sage green, or lavender. 2015 is the year for a natural, earth-toned twist on the previous pastel craze.

Get it on paper

paper flowers event decorations

Every so often, a decorative trend emerges that totally breaks the norm. For 2015, that trend is paper flowers! You read that right. Some event décor specialists are skipping real flowers all together and opting for bouquets and floral decorations hand crafted entirely from different types of finely made paper. Doing so opens up hundreds of innovative options for color, style, and pattern that aren’t always readily available while working with actual flowers.

Besides looking gorgeously unique, paper floral arrangements are also quite practical. Your bride won’t have to dry her flowers carefully before storing them away as a memento, and arrangements that aren’t kept can be recycled following the event. Of course, having your paper flowers designed by a professional is ideal so that they contribute well to your over all décor. You don’t want bad paper flowers to detract from an otherwise classy event because they fell apart or were clearly folded by your assistant from printer paper at the office. Using fine paper designs as artistic décor is a diverse option for center pieces as well.

Make it pop

The phenomenon of the ‘pop-up’ has made its way into the world of event planning and décor! Think of recent shopping trends where companies, particularly designer labels, create ‘pop-up stores’ to quickly promote products or temporarily sell merchandise where they don’t have a permanent location. The ‘pop-up’ made its way to the world of food and catering, as well as through several other industries, and event professionals are putting ‘mini pop-ups’ to use in 2015.

In the context of event planning and décor, this means making things like food and entertainment mobile so they can be taken to guests, rather than having guests move locations for different parts of the event. This keeps the energy in the room alive because guests aren’t interrupted with instructions to move from room to room. Instead, they can keep enjoying themselves while mini pop-up stations with food, beverages, or activities are set up around them.

Keep it modern

We’ve all seen pretty pictures of events that are intentionally rustic, reclaimed, and antique chic. Décor styles that emphasize things like up-cycled furnishings, however, are slowly fading from the scene in favor of all things modern and metallic. Clean, even shapes and ultra modern dining sets are becoming more prominent in 2015, with a particular emphasis on uniquely shaped seating.

In addition to modern shapes, trends are shifting toward modern materials as well. Metallic accents are popular, particularly because they blend well with the earthy color palettes that are all the rage right now. Décor specialists are starting to work gold, silver, and chrome into modern furnishings and decorative items more than ever before.

Modern Table Setting

Fairy tale themes

Fairy Tale Wedding

No matter how trends shift, organizing events with fun, beautiful themes never seems to go out of style. This year, the most popular choice of theme actually seems more like a classic idea than a trendy one. As we head toward summer, the demand for fairytale themed events is more prominent than any other. Complete with princess-worthy trimmings like tulle and glitter, fairytales are making their way into weddings, birthday parties, and countless other types of events by way of theme and décor style.

It’s easy to see how a fairytale can easily be combined with other currently trendy elements, like metallic accents, a whimsical blush pink color palette, and gorgeously unique paper flowers that guests can take home with them to preserve the fairytale.

Keep up!

Staying on trend in the world of events is both fun challenging. For more information about how you can stay informed and work with trends, check out the courses at QC Event School!

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    Cheryl C. Hancock says:

    Can we take pictures of our own decor creations and post them for other Event Decor Professionals to see once we have graduated and begun our new career as an International Professional Event planner, an International Professional Wedding Planner and an International Professional Decor Professional? Is there a forum for this idea? So Excited to get started in completing All of these wonderful courses!
    Cheryl C. Hancock

    Ana Scholtes says:

    Hi Cheryl, thanks for your comment! Students and graduates of QC will always have access to a personal website created through QC. It’s kind of like an online portfolio to show off photos of your own work and advertise your services. We also have a Student Showcase that is posted to our website, to which students and graduates are able to submit photos of projects they’ve worked on for all to see their amazing talents. 🙂
    We’ll look forward to having you as a student with QC, Cheryl!

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