Attending Event Planner Conferences

Event Planner Conferences and Continued Education

Just recently returned from the Wedding MBA conference, QC Event School tutor Athena DeVonne is here to tell us about all the great things that come with attending event planner conferences and advancing your education with continued training.

Watch this video to learn more!

Event Planner Conferences

As a professional event planner, attending conferences is vital to stay continually updated on what’s happening in your industry. There are many resources that event planners can use to stay updated on the top industry new and trends, like Instagram or Pinterest for example. However, conferences present the opportunity to not only get more education, but to make connections with like-minded professionals in your field. So many amazing opportunities can arise from attending event planner conferences! You should challenge yourself to attending at least one conference in your first year of business as an event planner.

Check out this list of event planner conferences to consider:

Continued Education for Event Planners

Continued education is also important to your business’s success, as it keeps you grounded and in the know. Things change in the industry throughout the years, including what’s trendy in event planner services. Have you considered adding a specialty service to your business, like destination or luxury wedding and event planning? By entering a niche market you’re opening yourself up to more opportunities and a larger clientele in a way that your competitors can’t. If you’re interested in growing your business further, check out QC’s Destination Wedding Planning and Luxury Wedding & Event Planning specialization courses!

Have you had an amazing experience at a conference for event planners? Tell us about it in a comment below!

2 responses to “Event Planner Conferences and Continued Education”

    Caroline Polcsak says:

    Greetings…I enjoy watching your videos on what your school offers and suggests….great enthusiasm shines through. I have one major concern…I live in Montreal, Canada…are there any conferences available in Montreal? I do believe you had a conference in Toronto in 2014…flying to various cities to attend conferences is not as feasable from Montreal as it is when you live in the USA . I am interested in using ” event planning “as a fund-raising event…would this be possible? ….regards, Caroline

    Mireille Pitre says:

    As an educator, QC doesn’t host any conferences. We strongly encourage all our students, however, to stay on top of the industry and attend a conference once in a while to keep in touch. It’s true that most people can’t commit to travelling for a conference, and truth is you can hold off on those travels until your business takes off!

    Off the top of my head I’m not familiar with any conferences that are held in Montreal, but I’m sure with a few quick Google searches you can probably find a couple. If not, you should be able to find some local chapters of event planning organizations that you can join, to share ideas, insight and network with other planners.

    Many event planners will get into planning fundraisers as a part of their corporate services. It probably won’t be the only service they offer, but it’s a great way to get your name out there and do some good for the community 🙂

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