Don’t Overlook These Millennial Wedding Trends

Unless you are one, the thought of working with a millennial can sound nerve-wracking. Known for being a vocal generation, today’s 18-35 year old are not afraid to tell it like it is. However, when they’re not breaking down social inequalities, millennials are also known for being self-absorbed and addicted to technology!

Where does this leave you as wedding planner? Well, major shifts in the wedding industry confirm one thing: all rules are out the window when it comes to planning a wedding for millennials.

But while certain traditions may be cast aside for newer ones, many younger couples are working more, and thus, recognize the value of hiring a wedding planner. The modern bride is busy juggling her own career and wants the expertise of a professional to help make one of the most important days of her life special and memorable. Grooms are also becoming much more involved in wedding planning. Keeping an open mind about the following millennial wedding trends will not only open up new target markets, it will help keep you relevant.

Say no to basic weddings


The millennial bride and groom embrace individuality. The last thing they want is to say ‘I do’ in a generic way. Instead, they want a wedding that is true to who they are as a couple. For some, a unique touch means branding everything with a wedding logo: invitations, napkins, website, and guest favors.

Others achieve individuality in other ways; millennial weddings often have an ironic edge. The venue may be be a rustic farmhouse, but records will be blasting through a state-of-the-art turntable. Other trends might include an ironic interpretation of different pop culture themes and concepts.

Socially Responsible Weddings

With the modern environmental movement on the rise, an eco-conscious couple will want a sustainable wedding. Just like the increase in demand for conflict-free diamonds, activists may insist on ethically sourced décor.

Think about expanding your list of vendors to include these niche requests. Going vintage is a creative way to incorporate recycled material into a wedding.

Embrace your inner techie

Note we said Techie, not Trekkie, although some post-millennials are probably going to be into the idea of a venue inspired by the USS Enterprise. Notice that offbeat engagements often go viral? The ‘YouTube’ proposal is just one way that technology is making a major appearance in contemporary weddings.


Sharing the love

The majority of millennials love their social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more, all of these online platforms are important ways millennials connect with their loved ones and friends.

Be prepared to welcome technology into every aspect of the wedding. If you’re accustomed to planning more traditional weddings, this sudden proliferation of selfies and hashtags may sound intimidating—but be ready for a wild, and surprisingly fun ride.

  • Wedding hashtags: Your cutting-edge couple has probably been gleefully counting down until the day they could launch their joint hashtag. Although a wedding hashtag may sound silly, it’s actually a great way to keep family and friends updated on Instagram.
  • Wedding livestream: How fantastic is this idea for guests who can’t make it to the actual ceremony?
  • Digital guestbook: Instead of a conventional guestbook, couples might leave an iPad or digital camera for guests to leave a video message for the bride and groom.
  • Gif Photo Booth: And guests thought the props were fun! Ever come across a hilarious looped image online? Imagine how much guests will enjoy sharing an animated GIF of their photos in this Photo Booth 2.0.
  • Drone photography: Ok, so this is an extreme example of the novel ways in which technology is being used in contemporary weddings, but clients are saying no to staged photos more often, and saying yes to documentary style photography.

That being said, also be prepared to know what an ‘unplugged wedding’ is. For the bride and groom who like to go against the grain, minimizing the use of tech at their wedding is a new trend…


Budgets are fluid

Here is where you may want to be more flexible with your services package. Millennial weddings emphasize ‘experience over event.’ Many will allocate more of their budget to areas considered less important to older generations.

For example, a couple may want to design and create the wedding invitations on their own. Or they may insist on using mason jars for centerpieces. At the same time, they may want to spend serious money on an open bar. Whether you’re working with older professionals footing the bill themselves, or a young couple who just can’t wait to make it official, contemporary couples are flexible in terms of how and where they spend.

Some brides have no qualms rolling up their sleeves and making flower arrangements on their own. So instead of asking for a binder of ideas, you may just have to surf your bride’s Pinterest board for her wedding inspirations.

Food is a wonderful new world

Cosmopolitan or kitschy, creative catering will leave you amazed. From taco trucks to craft beer, millennials consider the food they serve at their wedding an extension of their own trademark style.


Your bride and groom might skip a wedding cake, or they may want an elaborate creation. A smaller wedding cake has been trendy for a while, but right now, personalized mini desserts are hot. Think coconut sorbet in monogrammed containers.

Satellite bars

With open bars playing such a large role in millennial weddings, a smaller bar that’s off to the side is going to keep the crowd happy, traffic moving, and the party going. Set up some highboy tables, have your couple think up a signature drink and have a bartender showoff some superior mixology.

Stay on top of the latest in diet trends

Many clients are health conscious, and want to incorporate that part of their identity in the wedding. Gluten free, naturally sourced, or organic, help your client with their catering choice by having specific vendors ready to contact.

Dated traditions are out


From super formal rehearsal dinners, to matching bridesmaid dresses, millennials are rejecting unexciting or mundane traditions. Many see their wedding as a more relaxed get-together, as well as an opportunity to catch up with college friends. While some of these may leave you wanting to clutch your pearls, here are some fresh trends you might want to keep in mind:

  • Casual wedding attire: Brides are opting for trendier bridal gowns: think white crop tops and cute party dresses! Two-in-one wedding dresses are also making a splash.
  • Mismatched bridesmaid dresses: Finally bridesmaids can dress for their body type! Mixed gender bridal parties are also much more common.
  • Dog of honor: Some couples are including their best friend by making them a highlight of the ceremony. And yes, it’s true! Others are foregoing bouquets for puppies! …. Bringing awareness to nearby adoption shelters.
  • Honeymoon funds: Some wedding planners are on the fence about this one. But since so many couples now live together before they get married, they are requesting money for the honeymoon instead of a second toaster.
  • Garter toss: This part of the night is up there with the bouquet toss.
  • ‘Trash-the-dress’ photo-ops: No, it’s not new. But many couples love the idea of another creative wedding shoot.

Any other millennial trends worth mentioning? Let us know in a comment!

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