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5 Niche Event Planning Businesses for the Offbeat Planner

Unconventional events can be a great way for event planners to establish a market outside of the regular competition. A niche event planning business doesn’t mean you’ll be planning the same kind of event for the rest of your event planning career, but rather that you’ll become recognized as the go-to event planner for a specific type of unique event.

While you may have the impression that niche events are quirky or over-the-top (and some of them are!), many are ordinary events that you have already heard of—if not already planned! For example, a wedding is a ubiquitous event. Elopement-style weddings are not! Think of what kind of events you already like to plan and consider ways you can further specialize your planning services. Still unsure of how unique you can get? Take a look at these 5 unique niche event planning business ideas!

1. Outrageous Bachelorette Parties

If you think the potential market for your niche event planning business is too small, think again. Just do your market research. Cosmopolitan  interviewed a Las Vegas event planner who specializes in Vegas-style bachelorette parties. This may sound like much too broad of a category to be considered a niche event, but it’s actually designed for a very specific target market.

Niche Event Planning Business Outrageous Bachelorette Parties

Cosmo’s Vegas planner—who happens to be having the time of her life running her niche business—knows exactly the kind of night her clients want. From the restaurants her clients would like to visit, down to the money they will spring on booze. Her Magic Mike-inspired bachelorette parties are so well planned that her event planning team actually has  little to do on the night of the event. All the planning is done in advance with other local businesses and vendors. The limo ride and nightclub crawl are pre-arranged as part of the prepaid bundles. Her event planner career is so inspiring because it shows you exactly how well-managed a niche event planning business can be!

2. Pop-Up Events

These spontaneous events may be the perfect opportunity for event planners struggling to establish a target market. From temporary restaurants, art galleries, theaters, and product launches to flash mobs and charity fundraisers, pop up events create a lot of demand for event planners. That being said, just like weddings are part of a broad category, pop-up events are in a field of their own. So in order to specialize in pop-up events for your planning business, you first need to narrow down your pop-up niche!

Niche Event Planning Business Pop-up DIning

If you like planning corporate events, look into planning pop-up retail events, such as a brand launch or a store opening. If you find that you prefer to work for non-profits, your specialty may become pop-up fundraising events. Many people are familiar with these short-lived events by virtue of the pop-up dining experience, which comes with the opportunity for a one-of-a-kind restaurant experience. Whether it be a specific theme, unfamiliar venue, or highly anticipated event, the rise in pop-up events come up with a demand for novelty. In the pop-up events niche, your ability to plan and create a buzz for diverse events will be on full display. If you haven’t had time to hone these skills, we suggest taking it slow in small events before going full throttle down this event planner career path.

3. Corporate Bonding Retreats

Although it may sound like an unlikely occasion for a niche event planning business, corporate bonding retreats are becoming increasingly prominent. But we’re not talking about your standard workplace picnic (although that can also be transformed into a gourmet luncheon). Corporate group outings and team building activities are the kind of niche event we’re interested in.

Niche Event Planning Business Corporate Race

Many offices realize the value of building a stronger team, so team building activities are usually a major element of this kind of event. However, your client profile will change. For some companies, building a stronger team means agreeing upon the same bottle of wine during a dinner cruise banquet. For others, this will mean plowing through an endurance obstacle course race, such as the Urban Mudder. Part of your niche event planner job description may be orchestrating team participation, or finding a vendor who specializes in designing personalized endurance races for corporate events.

In any case, just as with other event, you’ll have to know your logistics: client profile, photography, vendors, catering, and day-of coordination. Don’t believe there’s actually any pull in these corporate events? Take a look at some of the blobbing activities designed for Hercules Trophy, an international inter-company sporting challenge.

If you find yourself gravitating to planning corporate events, why not make it official and become a corporate event planner? Check out QC’s Corporate Event Planning Course outline for a sneak peek!

4. Luxury Holiday Party Planner

Did you get a chance to see the major media buzz that Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July party generated? Well move over, TayTay, there’s a new party planner in town. A glam block party is just one way to make luxe party planning into a full-time niche event planning business. There’s no shortage of holidays or clients looking to throw the party to end all parties.

Niche Event Planning Business Fourth of July

If you want to step away from weddings, think about becoming the event planner clients will call to throw luxury bashes. Videogame launches, private parties, glitzy fundraisers, Super Bowl parties—you name it. You’ll build up a reputation for bringing a signature style of glamour to every party you plan. If you aren’t courting celebrities or 6-figure budgets, think about other ways you can make your niche party planning business stand out. Are you a master at creating social media buzz? Market your event planning services as major events that stand out on Instagram and Twitter.

Aiming for top clientele with these kind of lavish parties means you really need to establish your style and event planning brand. To become the ultra-contemporary party planner, networking is the key to going after your next big event.

5. Swanky Baby shower

Just like a bride is the star of a bachelorette party, the modern mom-to-be is the center of attention at niche baby showers. Many women are now celebrating their pregnancies with upscale baby showers that don’t include a host of conventional baby-themed activities. While fun and cute group games might be incorporated into a contemporary baby shower, the focus is on creating a sophisticated celebration for mother and guests. An unconventional gender reveal may also be a major component of the baby shower. Think trendy cocktails, fresh appetizers, stylish table settings and more. Baby shower colors don’t have to be predictable pink or blues.

Niche Event Planning Business Babyshower

Another way to make your niche baby shower planning business particularly exceptional? Think of how you can make the shower even more appealing to a future mother. Include hypoallergenic fabrics or chemical-free event decor. Still hesitant about demand? Just look at how popular brands like The Honest Company (created by Jessica Alba) are among new parents. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop is yet another example of a trendsetting lifestyle brand enjoying major success. So keep on top of the trends! With some forward-thinking, you can adapt your style and skill into a successful niche event planning business.

Not every one of your tasks will be spelled out for you (unfortunately!). Find out what’s missing from an event planner job description

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    Laurie says:

    This has some great ideas for those of us who want to step outside the box.

    Laurie says:

    This has some great ideas for those of us who want to step outside the box. And gives great information to help peopls out.

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