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New Year, New Career: What a Career in Wedding Planning Can Do for You!

You have a knack for planning events, and a soft-spot for weddings…what could be better for you than starting an inspiring career as a successful wedding planner?!

Wedding planning can be challenging, and that’s just another reason for you to get into the industry. Giving yourself new career goals is beneficial for yourself, and will also make a difference in the lives of your clients. Follow your passion once and for all—start a business as a creative wedding planner!


Fulfilling career as wedding planner

First things first: the biggest advantage to becoming a wedding planner is the fulfillment you feel within yourself. Your success in planning weddings will make a huge impact on your clients. It’s the biggest day of their lives, and being instrumental in their happiness makes for an extremely rewarding career.

If possible clients never have the chance for you to plan their dream wedding, both of you would be missing out on a memorable experience. Your talent will always be different from any other wedding planner and that’s exactly how you’ll become successful. It just takes one heartfelt “thank you” card to keep you motivated to plan your next wedding. You’ll be finding happiness for others in your own dream job—how great does that sound?


Wedding planning is an ever-growing industry, and there is every type of client imaginable. There’s DIY couples, budget-friendly couples, luxury couples, and quirky couples—all which keep you on your toes to come up with clever ideas. They’ll want you to make their wedding different from any others, so being creative is a constant challenge in wedding planning!

Now, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every wedding you plan. Being creative can be as simple as finding an interesting venue idea, or Pinterest-ing unique bouquets for the bride. Finding out what your clients’ personalities are is an intriguing part of becoming a wedding planner. Pay attention to your clients and they’ll love the ideas that you specifically design for their big day!

Creative wedding decor ideas from careful wedding planning


As a wedding planner, your business’ success depends on how much work you’re willing to put into it. If you just want a small planning career on the side or if you want to be the #1 wedding planner in town, you’ll need to assess how much time you’ll be allotting to this career. It’s a BIG motivating factor to be in charge of your own career—no waiting on promotions or for late projects! You drive your business in the direction you want, depending on what type of weddings you want to plan and how much business you’re looking to gain. Whatever your choice, wedding planning will bring you out of your dull job and push you to be a better business person.

It does take tremendous organization to be a wedding planner—but developing organizational skills is simple! Get yourself a planner and calendar to stay on track with your plans, and be sure to get things done before the last minute. Once you get used to it being organized it will become your norm, meaning you’ll always be ahead of the game (and the competition!).


Career motivated woman running her startup wedding planning business

One thing your own business can give you that working for someone else can’t: flexible hours. You choose your own hours as a business owner, and with wedding planning there’s always changing times for appointments and meetings. You can still structure your planning hours around your usual work days and modify them as you go. If you have personal appointments or errands to run, there’s always time for you to get it done. Being in charge of your working hours is a huge benefit to starting a career as a wedding planner. And, you could even work from home!

On top of all that, becoming a wedding planner allows you to meet amazing people. When you network with clients and other wedding planners, you’ll have a whole new social and professional group emerge from this career path. Not to mention, you’ll be invited to attend some really fun weddings!

Ready to follow your passion? Find the right direction for your new career as a wedding planner!

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