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My Event Planning Goals for 2017: Part Three

Earlier in December, Regina Young of Meant2Be Events discussed the significance of identifying and structuring your event planning goals for the New Year. In her final post from this three-part series, Regina shares step three of her guideline for creating achievable goals.

If you have been following along, you have participated in two previous exercises to create a plan for 2017. Let’s review.

Step one was to evaluate your year. What WINS did you have this year? What amazingness did you accomplish? What memorable moments happened? So by the end of that session you should have a great list of all the things you are grateful for in 2016!

Step two was to diagnose how, who and why those when’s happened, and to dream. You began to discover all the factors that helped shape those milestones. You also found out what elements may have held back more success in that area.

Finally, you also cleared the slate of all those details and just set your sights on the stars. The dream phase is equally as important as the progress report. You know what they say, if you shoot for the moon & fail, you still land among the stars!

Event planning goals for 2017

So you have it! A list of everything you want now out of your 2017. But now what?

Create actionable goals

The next step is critical. You need to create the road map of action steps and accountability to keep your goals in mind and your commitment on track. Get out your calendar—it maybe on your laptop, or your phone. But have it be the device you use and look at daily.

Consider your first goal. Let’s say it’s to lose 10 pounds. I think all of us can relate to that!

To meet those goals, I need to watch what I eat and to be more active. So I need to schedule in my action steps. I just had a baby a few months ago and I knew that I needed to have an appointment to exercise or it wasn’t going to happen. I now have a reoccurring appointment at 10:30am to get that exercise time in. I also know that if we cook at home then I will eat less. I now have a grocery delivery scheduled every Thursday night. So I have scheduled in my actions to help me reach my goal.

Create a plan
Let’s say your goal is to have a better social media presence. My ideas to create actions would be to find 3-4 online seminars or podcasts on social media branding, then sign up and schedule your time to participate. Next, I would schedule 2-3 days a week for creating posts and content for your accounts. Again, now you have your goal scheduled.

Event planning business strategies

Awesome! But what’s next?

Now you need a tool to measure your success. We know the weight scale is the way to measure pounds, but we also need to measure your business goals. The way to do that is to set a bar. For example, “increase my following by 25%” and a deadline “in 3 months” or “have one client book me from Instagram in the next 4 months.”

By setting the bar, you can now evaluate the scheduled actions you’ve created. If you are on track to hit your bar, then carry on! If not, then change the actions surrounding the goal.

Evaluate, Diagnose, Dream and Plan. That is the key to making new goals for 2017 that will bring you to a new and exciting place in all the areas of your life!

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