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Til Death Do Us Party Contest: Winner Announced!

It’s time to announce the winner of the Til Death Do Us Party Halloween Contest!

But first, we would like to extend a huge “THANK YOU” to all our participants, the semi-finalists, finalists, and our judge Heather Vickery!

This year, Heather created a personalized scorecard for each finalist to determine our overall winner!

The Scorecard:

Take a look at what Heather was scoring on:

  • Details, details, details: If you have had me as a tutor you know that, for me, it is all about the details. I will be looking for submissions that cover all of the event bases. The small details are what really takes an event from average to fabulous.
  • Creativity: Be sure to think outside of the box about everything that goes into the event. I want you to explore options that are new, set some of your own trends, if possible. Remember that there are all different types of inspiration and things don’t have to be translated exactly (in fact, they often shouldn’t be!). The board is for inspiration and not for reproduction – just like each event should be.
  • Consistency: Take your time on this project and ensure that everything fits nicely together. Your overall vision must make sense and each item should compliment the others.
  • Mixed Media: Does the vision board consist of items that create texture, dimension, and depth to further carry out the selected theme? Or are all the items of one medium?
  • Keep it clean: I will look for creative and unique designs that present a clear message without being messy or “overdone.” The board should clearly and quickly communicate your vision to me.

Read on for Heather’s evaluations of each mood board and find out who is our grand prize winner!

NOTE FROM THE JUDGE: It was so much fun to review all of the finalists for this contest. I can tell each of you put a great deal of work into these boards. One element that is missing from some of the boards is a written description of how you envision these elements in play. This is easy to do in Pinterest because you can leave notes under each tagged item. These types of details that truly help a client (or a judge) understand your overall vision and they are very important.

Abigale Shirley

View Board
Pinterest Event Planning Board

Details: 3/5
Creativity: 4/5
Consistency: 2/5
Mixed Media: 2/5
Keep it clean: 2/5



First I want to say thank you for giving a description of the overall vision. This was the only entry that did so and it helped me get a clear understanding of what you were going for. For the most part, this is a clean and elegant approach to a rustic fall themed engagement party, however, the Halloween elements are very dark and don’t partner well with the fall. Based on what you have on the board, it looks like three clear themes/color palettes have emerged. While I love them all and would be delighted to be a guest at any of them, they simply don’t compliment each other well enough. A major detail that is missing is any type of print (invitations, menu cards, etc).

Lauren Hume

View Board
Event planner engagement board ideas

Details: 3/4
Consistency: 5/5
Creativity: 3/5
Mixed Media: 3/5
Keep it clean: 5/5

I really like this board! I think it is a beautiful representation of a fall event. It is rustic and warm, however, it lacks color which is something the client requested and as such, the board falls a little flat. While there is some texture, there is no mixed media. You are also very light on details other than decor and food although I love the idea of having the party at the Pumpkin Patch. Where are the printed items? I love the Halloween inspired hors d’oeuvres. I appreciate that your board is fairly consistent but, unfortunately, there are almost no Halloween elements. It would have been easy to add in some soft Halloween elements and interwoven them throughout.

Stacey Clutsam

View Board
Engagement Party Pinterest Board

Details: 4.5/5
Creativity: 4/5
Consistency: 4/5
Mixed Media: 3/5
Keep it clean: 4/5

TOTAL: 19.5
Ah! Finally, I see some print elements and they are delightful! Your board is colorful and creative and shows unique floral and decor elements. I think this board does the best job of folding Halloween elements into the fall theme but there might be a smidge too much Halloween here. I love the creative details, especially the apple candles. You are missing the kids’ activities and descriptions of your vision but overall there is clear messaging and everything compliments each other.

Jordan Maughan

View Board
Engagement party inspiration for fall

Details: 4. date jar, apple dipping, wraps. NO PRINT
Consistency: 4.5
Creativity: 4 needed elevated food.
Mixed Media: 4
Keep it clean: 4

TOTAL: 20.5
This board does an excellent job of bringing in subtle Halloween elements that compliment the fall theme. I love the idea of a photo booth but would have liked fall/Halloween themed props. The board is colorful and consistent but the food elements could have been elevated since the clients are self-proclaimed foodies. I just wish there were some descriptions of your overall vision and some kids’ activities.

WINNER: Casey Tharpe

View Board
Halloween engagement party inspiration

Details: 4
Consistency: 5
Creativity: 3.5
Mixed Media: 4.5
Keep it clean: 5

This board provides a very creative approach. I love that the colors are muted but still abundant. It offers a look and feel that is a little more elevated and elegant. Excellent job of being clear and concise. The board is completely on point with food, games, and activities and has perfect, small ties into Halloween. It even includes a printed element. My only critique is that it feels more like a wedding than an engagement party and might be little too formal. A few descriptions about how you envision bringing all of the elements together might have cleared that up for me. What I loved about the darker, muted, saturated color palette is that it brings the feeling of Halloween without screaming it. Excellent job!

Congratulations, Casey! You are the winner of QC Event School’s Til Death Do Us Party Halloween Contest!

Thank you again to all our participants and to Heather for her amazing feedback on these creative mood boards!

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