Wedding vs. party planning certifications

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Wedding vs. Party Planning Certifications: Is There a Difference?

What do corporate conferences, music festivals, and 20th anniversary parties have in common? They all can benefit from the expertise of a professional planner! Some planners choose to start with planning an array of different events and eventually specialize their skills to plan particular types that suit their tastes.

While there is a big difference between planning an industry event compared to a milestone party, is there really a difference between regular party planning and wedding planning? Read on to find out!


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Both party and wedding planning require the planner to be familiar with most of the same planning processes. Regardless of your type of event planning certification, you’ll develop organizational skills, interpersonal skills, forward thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and be expected to be a well of creativity and possess an eye for detail.

These attributes and skills are all necessary in order to do the following:


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Despite the many similarities between the two, there is a reason why many schools offer wedding planning as a separate course from regular event or party planning. The fact of the matter is that wedding planning is really involved. It takes a lot more time and energy to plan a full-service wedding compared to a birthday party. Let’s see where the big differences lie:

The final verdict:

There isn’t a world of difference between party and wedding planning. The basic event components remain the same so you can expect a similar curriculum in your courses. Milestone events are the most similar to weddings when it comes to regular parties. The main differences between them come to light when you’re tailoring your services and familiarizing yourself with specific cultural traditions and rituals. No matter the path you choose, you’ve got an exciting career ahead of you!

The road to achieving your certification isn’t easy to navigate. Check out this article to find out what’s in store for you!

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