get promoted with event planner programs

4 Ways to Get Promoted With Event Planner Programs

When you first decided to become an event planner, you probably did your research and discovered that you don’t technically need a certification in order to enter into the field. It’s indeed true, but it can be a lot tougher to convince potential clients when you’re just starting out that you’re a true professional who they can trust to carry out their vision.

A lot of planners learn their skills in assistantships/apprenticeships with established professionals, but even securing this type of mentorship is tough if all the event planners in your area are already mentoring other people or are incredibly busy. If you’ve already made it into the industry and have a job at an event management company, a surefire way of climbing up the ladder is to take an event planning course! Keep reading to find out how to get promoted with event planner programs!

1.   Prove you’re a professional

Having a concrete proof of competency in the form of an event planning diploma or certification can do wonders in boosting a career. While anyone can just print their name and the word “professional” onto a business card, it’s quite different than hanging your credentials up on your office walls and using a professional designation that’s recognized in the industry.

You can prove that you have undergone extensive training and know how to navigate the local industry in order to deliver amazing events. Your certificate attests to your success in learning both and theoretical and practical components of the profession. Especially when you’re just starting out in the wedding and event industry, if you have the know-how on how to plan a fantastic event as great as a seasoned veteran at your company, you’ll be promoted in no time!

2.   Get a specialization

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While there is such a thing as becoming too specialized, there’s no harm in getting additional training to help you differentiate your services from your competitors! There are many ways you can specialize your event planning services. Maybe planning events for start-ups and small businesses works for you or perhaps milestone parties are your thing. Just make sure it’s something you enjoy doing, and that there’s a market willing to pay for those services.  Specializing in horror-movie themed wilderness parties likely wouldn’t get you very far in most areas.

You could also branch off to doing weddings and then enroll in luxury wedding courses to cater to wealthier clients or even do destination weddings in the Caribbean! The event planning field is incredibly flexible and highly rewarding for those who choose to go the extra mile and continually educate themselves!

3.   Changing careers in hospitality

You may not be self-employed or working for a big event planning company, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not a successful planner. You may be working for a hotel, a winery, a brewing house, or theme park to start within an unrelated field or in an entry-level position. If you’ve wanted to switch careers but really love your company and environment, supplementing your education with event planning courses could get you promoted to a new position. If you prove yourself to be professional and competent, you could really boost the reputation and profits of your company. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to command a higher salary!

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4.   From planning to decorating

While we oftentimes see the transition from decorator to planner as being an upgrade, it is possible to go from a position as a small-events planner to a large corporate events decorator. It all depends on how in-depth your knowledge is! By diversifying your skills, you’ll able to offer more than one service. If you take a course that focuses solely on event décor to supplement a thriving event planning career, you’ll be able to command a higher salary by offering more stand-alone services.

Sometimes you or the company you work for will be approached last-minute by a client who already has a planner but that planner may not offer the full range of services they need. If you keep the door open for new opportunities and have the education to boot, you’ll earn a promotion in no time!

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