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3 New Fields to Explore in Your Event Planning Career

Let’s face it: event planners have got it good! Not matter which path you choose in the industry, you’re in for an exciting career— and that’s not something everyone has the luxury of saying! No matter how tough some days may be, you’re always rewarded by your client’s reaction as the big event unfolds. The planning process is infinitely rewarding! But event planners are not complacent. A creative, ambitious planner is always on the lookout for new clients, ideas, and opportunities to jump on.  And if you’re reading this, we bet this sounds a lot like you!

Check out these three new fields that you can explore in your event planning career.

Before we get started…

Are you looking for new opportunities to expand your business? Or are you looking to switch your focus completely? Based on your answer, the field you choose will need to meet a few different criteria. Make no mistake: you don’t want to completely change your business just to find out that your area of interest isn’t so lucrative after all…

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There are a few criteria you should consider when making any career change. First and foremost, is it possible? Will your local industry be able to support your new services, or will you need to travel elsewhere to find clients? If you own an event planning business, you’ll also need to look at how this new pursuit fits into your plan. Will you need to rebrand, or will you be able to carry on under the same name? Your finances are also extremely important. We hope that you have a bit of a safety net if you’re looking to completely switch your focus. Remember, any business venture can take some time to pick up pace.

You know a lot about planning events, but make sure you’re planning for your career too. Stay organized and don’t let any details slip during this transition. Dream boards and lists are your new best friend.

Now that you know what to expect in the transition, what are your options?


We know that some of you may already have your own event planning businesses, but for those who don’t, what’s holding you back? When you step out on your own, it can be a scary position to be in. But if the pride of being your own boss appeals to you, you’ll find your footing in no time. The key lies in the amount of preparation and research you do about your industry. Those who fail are often not willing to put in the grind.

The benefit to running your own planning business is that you’ll have complete creative freedom. If you’ve ever had a great idea just to have it shut down by management, you understand the need for creative freedom. Plus, there are loads of other perks to owning your own business. Your earning potential will skyrocket and you’ll be able to take advantage of business owner tax incentives. If you’re successful, someday when you’re ready you’ll be able to pass the torch to a fellow planner. Whether you decide to sell your business later on, or hire a full time manager, you will have a substantial retirement plan.

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Event Decor

Every event planner knows the importance of event decor. Even if an event is planned perfectly and the day goes off without a hitch, no one will be impressed if the space doesn’t look professionally decorated. That’s why event planners often hire florists and decorators to help out.

But, there is an opportunity here! By learning how to decorate your own events, you’ll be able to do the same for others. Your services could benefit other planners as well as those planning their own parties. That busy mom of three would sure be happy to pick up the cake and games if you could come in an hour before and decorate the home like a princess castle.

Beyond increasing the amount of services you provide, you’ll also be increasing your income. Rather than outsourcing your event decorating requirements, this compensation will be directed to you. Build event decor services into your planning packages, and watch your salary per event rise. Since you have connections in the industry already, you’ll quickly be able to form partnerships with vendors. As time goes on, you can even own your decor pieces and create an inventory. Renting out your inventory is another opportunity to increase your earnings. Plus, it’s not all about the financial benefits—decorating events and venues is a ton of fun!

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Corporate Planning

The most sought after event planning careers are in the wedding industry. But, there is a huge demand for corporate planners. From holiday parties and product launches to conferences and team building events, businesses need you.

With the corporate planning industry, you’ll have the opportunity to work for a business or run your own. Large companies will hire full-time, in-house planners if they often throw events to market their products or network. If this 9-5 lifestyle sounds good to you, you’re in luck! But for those who want to use corporate planning as a side gig, you can simply add these services to your offerings. Just make sure you have real corporate event planner training. In general, corporate planning is a lot about professionalism, scheduling and sourcing entertainment. The most organized planners thrive in this field.

Which avenue sounds like the best fit for you? Leave us a comment and tell us why!

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