Graduate Feature: Brooke Nauta

brooke nauta of Brooker Events - QC Event School graduate

Name: Brooke Nauta

Location: Niagara, Canada

QC Courses she’s graduated from:


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Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am the eldest of 3 children, with a younger sister and brother. I was born and raised in Niagara, so I’ve had the opportunity to experience the beauty the region offers. I am very creative and outgoing. I enjoy meeting new people—some people say that I am “bubbly” like champagne!

When I’m not planning or dreaming of weddings, you can find me indulging in books, baking up a storm, or going on wine tours! I am a foodie at heart, and I absolutely love donuts! In fact, I love donuts so much that I highly recommend my wedding clients to have a donut wall at their event!

Why did you decide to become a wedding planner?

Darling Mine Photography for Brooke Nauta - professional wedding planner

Darling Mine Photography

I grew up in the wedding industry. My grandma and mother owned their own wedding store. My Mom created wedding cakes while my Grandma did wedding invites, floral arrangements and hall rentals. My grandpa and I would deliver the wedding cakes and help set up the venues.

When I wasn’t helping around the store, you would find me in the walk-in fridge, putting together a bowl of cake shavings, caking filling (cherry was my favorite), and left-over icing.

I loved the thought that my two favorite women in my world created a name for themselves. I wanted to follow into their footsteps. I am a person who loves wedding and event planning, so I decided to put my passions to the test and create a name for myself. That is when I decided Brooker Events would be born.

Residing in Niagara, do you specialize in wedding services that are tied to the unique experiences the location offers? Do you plan to if you don’t?

Darling Mine Photography

Darling Mine Photography

There are many wonderful wedding vendors in this area, each with something unique to offer. During the client consultation, I sit down with my wedding planning clients, and ask them for 3 words that describe them and their relationship. I also ask them about 3 things that they enjoy most in weddings. From their answers, I can match vendors that suit them and their magical day best!

Regardless of where they choose to have their ceremony and reception, I make sure I find something unique that will make their day stand out!

What’s your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

The wedding day! I like seeing where all the hard work and time put in comes together. I love seeing the smiling faces of the newly married couple, their family, and friends!

Nobody is perfect! Is there still something you still struggle with?

Josh Bellingham Photography

Josh Bellingham Photography

Finding the right service price for my wedding planning business.

You need to find a happy medium for where you should be in your price range. Obviously, wedding planners with more experience can charge more for their services. But, for those just starting their wedding planning business, it’s hard to decipher where you fit-in regarding pricing structure. You also don’t want to price your planning services too low, which will steer clients away, as well. The middle ground can be quite difficult to get right.

What is your biggest career highlight so far?

Along with my own wedding business, a wedding venue (Willow Lane Wedding and Events in Stevensville, Ontario) reached out to me to help them navigate the wedding industry. This venue is beautiful, and I get to help grow their business! Being their planner has been very rewarding. I get to give them my ideas on how to grow.

Do you have any advice for students earning their wedding planner certification who are struggling to find event planner jobs?

Darling Mine Photography

Darling Mine Photography

Just keep going and believe in yourself! When times seem tough, please keep going! The more time and effort you put into your wedding planning career, the bigger the reward. Great things don’t come easy. If any one needs a pep-talk, I’m here to chat!

Also, make friends in the industry. They’re always around to help motivate you and provide advice. I joined a group in my area where we all get together once a month to discuss growing our individual businesses.

My best friend, Meagan, has helped me overcome some of the struggles of starting and running a new business.

How has QC prepared you for the wedding planning business?

QC Event School has helped me throughout my career in wedding planning. In the event and wedding planning course, they provide templates for everything you would need. The booklets they send you to read is a great way to get refreshers on the “how-to” if you need it. They touch base on the different religious aspects of a cultural ceremony, which has helped me when booking clients—I know what resources and vendors to direct them to and what should or shouldn’t be done.

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They have allowed me to be start my own business because of the information they teach you. QC has given me the confidence to be able to do what I do. The wedding planner certification is very important to clients. I would highly recommend this course and QC for all your schooling needs.

Can you share any exciting projects coming up the rest of the year?

I am hosting a stylized wedding shoot in the beginning of September. The theme resembles “Harry Potter” in its vibe. Think mystical… dark… dreamy… nothing white about it!

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    Wow! Great content! I can’t wait to start my career in Wedding and Event Planning and hopefully be as skilled as Brooke! I learned a lot about her style and it is beautiful!

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