event planning training student, Jenny Alperin

Student Feature: Jenny Alperin

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Name: Jenny Alperin

Location: Austin, Texas

QC Courses you’ve taken / are taking:

Your website: https://www.rosepopparties.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosepopparties/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosepopparties/

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I have been in the event organizing and planning field since I can remember! My senior project in high school was running, organizing, and promoting our annual school dance performance. Since then, it seems I have always found myself in a role that heavily involves event planning. After college, my older sister and I started an immersive dance theater company. My role, in addition to being a performer, was to be in charge of all the community outreach and marketing. I was also responsible for event production and logistics.

I’ve also worked as the director of a small, non-profit organization. There, I had a major focus on fundraising events, staff meetings, social gatherings, and all the many things that go into running a non-profit. After that, I began working at a school in admissions, where I was the designated event planner and coordinator. There was a plan for me to move into the role of Corporate Event Manager in the spring of 2020. But as you can imagine, the pandemic forced us to pause on creating new roles within the company. So, I was not able to receive this promotion.

This past summer, I decided I didn’t want to wait for the company to stabilize in order to have a full-time event planning position. I was ready now, and had been getting more and more excited about it over the previous months. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that now is the time to slow down and focus in on what we truly want to do – both with our time and our lives as a whole. We have an opportunity to move slower, as opposed to the hurried hustle and bustle of pre-COVID life.

So, I went for it! I left my job mid summer to start my own event planning business, which has been a lifelong dream of mine. Having my artistic background in dance, coupled with my nerd-like enjoyment in logistical organization, makes event planning the absolute perfect field for me!

event planning training student, Jenny Alperin

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Why did you decide to become a professional event and wedding planner?

Event planning makes sense to me. It is exactly the right balance of rigid, organizational work and creativity. Even just the thought of planning an event literally gets me giddy! I can hardly contain myself to jump in and get everything done!

It’s honestly the most fun I have; my absolute favorite thing to do. I love putting on an event that makes people happy, allows them to chill, and simply enjoy being where they are. I also know that many people find planning an event stressful. So, I love that I can jump in and not only get to do something that I love, but alleviate unnecessary stress and help someone else.

Why did you choose to pursue your event planning training online, rather than in-person?

I chose to do event planning training online so that I could do it at my own pace. When I enrolled, I was working 60+ hours a week. I didn’t have a specific time slot to take a course. Now that I am almost done with the course, I’m really glad I did do the self-paced route. There were weeks when I could knock out 2 full units, whereas there others when I don’t have time for any of the certification work.

Ultimately, why did you choose to do your event planning training through QC Event School? How did QC stand out from other online event and wedding planning schools?

QC Event School seemed to be one of the most comprehensive and legitimate event planning courses I could find. I liked that it had a community, and would help to connect you with prospective vendors, clients, and other students.

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You’re currently enrolled in our Corporate Event Planning and Promotional Event Planning Courses. What interests you the most about these two areas of the industry?

I love the diversity of types of events that goes along with corporate event planning! The overarching principles are the same, but the types of events have such a wide range – and I love that.

You’ve been acing all of your Corporate Event Planning units so far – congrats! What have you learned so far from this program that you didn’t know before? How have the course materials and tutor feedback helped you grow as a planner?

Honestly, since I already had so much experience in event planning, I was already familiar with most of the concepts in this course. However, it has been incredibly helpful to learn how to organize the components of an event. I’ve learned how to create a more detailed and useful budget and timeline. I’ve also had really important refreshers on how to go about event components, such as creating a room block, organizing travel, how to best use social media, etc.

Why is it important to you to become a certified event and wedding planner (as opposed to becoming a planner with no formal education.)

For people who do not understand event planning (like many clients ultimately do not), having a certification legitimizes me quickly. It helps eliminate a lot of the back and forth conversation regarding my capability, and why I should be hired.

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Where did the name of your business, RosePOP Parties, come from?

Rose is my middle name, and I have always loved it. I knew I wanted to use it in some way to designate that this business was for me and my passion; near and dear to my life’s purpose. The word “rose” is elegant. That being said, I like to think of myself as more fun and bubbly, rather than serious. So, I added the “POP” as a kind of ode to popping the champagne at a fun party. I also like the way it sounds and think it is catchy. Therefore, RosePOP Parties!

One very creative way you’ve set your business apart from others is through your POPBoxes service! Can you tell us more about this? Where did the inspiration behind this service come from? What are the different kinds of POPBoxes that people can select?

Yes, the POPBoxes are definitely my super fun outlet! The idea came because I was starting an event planning business in the middle of a pandemic. People were feeling stir-crazy at home, and there weren’t actual events happening, due to social distancing mandates. I thought, ‘Why not bring the event to YOUR house – contactless?’

With each box, the client gets everything they would possibly need to throw a home party, however big or small (although right now they are all small). They receive drinks, snacks, games, and an agenda for the evening. I even make a playlist that they can listen to if they don’t feel like selecting their own tunes. My current POPBox themes are:

  • Happy Hour
  • Game Night
  • Baking Party

I also do custom POPBoxes! I have done a few birthday party boxes with specific emphasis on the birthday person’s likes. I also offer team bonding virtual activities, with POPBoxes delivered to each team member. For the more COVID-cautious groups, there are also options for outdoor, social distancing parties. I deliver locally in Austin, as well as by mail all across the country. The only caveat with mailing is that I can’t send liquor – but I send everything else that would normally be included.

Stay tuned for some holiday-specific POPBoxes coming this December!

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Your business also offers private event, party, and wedding planning for clients. Which of these areas is your favorite and why?

I love themed parties – particularly holiday parties. However, I find them all fun! I’m doing quite a few weddings right now. I’m realizing that I truly love to create parties that reflect the client! It sounds so disgustingly cheesy, but I really just love making people happy and giving them something that makes them feel super special!

What’s been the proudest moment of your event planning career so far?

Can I say two moments?

  1. I throw an annual dance festival in a large mansion called REVOLVE: A Movement Display. Each room in the house is occupied by a different dance or theater company that performs the entirety of the evening. The attendees are able to move through the house at their own pace, and can stay and watch a performance for as long as they want. One of my proudest moments was last year during the 4th annual production. I was walking through the house; checking in on the performances and making sure the guests were happy. I just had this moment wash over me where I thought, ‘This is so cool! People are having so much fun, and the artists are getting such a unique platform to showcase their work. And I made it happen… What an honor!’
  2. My other proudest moment happened just 2 months after initiating RosePOP Parties. I signed my 15th client contract and was just in awe. I decided to start an event planning business in the middle of a pandemic, even though many people might have thought it was a terrible idea. But I did it, and now I’m getting business and making money! I literally can’t believe it. But I am so happy I decided to take the leap because I am having a blast!

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If you could give ONE piece of advice to those pursuing event planning training, what would it be?

When creating your preparation timeline, give yourself as much wiggle room as possible! For example, make a deadline of securing a decorator 3 weeks prior to your actual deadline. It’s much less stressful to do things early on than it is to be scrambling at the last minute.

It gives you time to think through concepts and designs fully, as well as reach out to more vendors to find the exact right fit for the particular event you are working on. My goal is always to be totally bored on event day, because this means that everything is running smoothly! But that requires meticulous attention to detail with the preparation work.

What’s in store for RosePOP Parties in 2021 and beyond?

Keep booking weddings and private events! I also want to create stronger relationships with my amazing event planning peers, and ultimately, help as many clients as I possibly can. When the time comes, I hope to continue helping corporations and companies with their social and team building gatherings.

Also, many, many more POPBoxes! Someday, it will be the norm – dare I say, a requirement – to order a POPBox for your house party! No more going to 5 different stores to prepare for your guests. Just order your POPBox and you’ll be ready to host!

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