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My Wedding Trend Predictions for 2021

Tamesha Antria is a QC Event School Student Ambassador. She is both a graduate and current student of QC Event School’s wide variety of event and wedding planning courses. Tamesha’s wedding and event planning business, Black Haven Events, offers clients everything from officiant services, wedding and event planning/coordination, virtual events, and much more. Connect with Tamesha in QC’s Virtual Classroom on Facebook!

What is a ‘Wedding Trend’?

A wedding trend is a general direction in which weddings are developing. A trend develops according to how many people participate in it. As an example, let’s look at a trend which gained immense popularity in 2020: the social media platform, TikTok. Once COVID-19 started, many of the dances created and published on this app went viral. More and more people saw it and chose to participate; creating their own dances, too. In no time at all, it became a new trend. Entrepreneurs saw the potential of this app and harnessed the greatness that came from short, entertaining demonstrations.

Let’s switch lanes and go back to the world of wedding planning. How does something in this industry become a wedding trend? Well, with weddings and events, there are all sorts of different things that can become increasingly popular, and thereby start trending. For instance: designs and decor, types of wedding, and even wedding destinations are all factors that can turn into trends.

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A Year in Review: The Wedding Trends of 2020

Honestly, 2020 was an unpredictable year. Largely thanks to the pandemic, these were some of the trends that became hugely popular last year:

  • Livestreaming events and weddings
  • Using digital services to get creative with the guest list
  • Pre-shipped wedding swag boxes
  • Weekday weddings
  • Reduced opportunities for crowding
  • Individuality
  • Customized masks
  • Big and bold event decor

As an unconventional wedding planner, these particular trends stood out the most to me. This is because, in my opinion, these trends took a bold stance against the norm. In 2020, we were challenged with not having our loved ones by our sides for personal events. We needed to find a way to adapt and work around the hurdles thrown our way.

But I’d say that event and wedding planners everywhere definitely rose to the challenge!

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3 Trends That Stand the Test of Time

Some classic, traditional wedding trends that have remained popular for decades are:

  1. White dresses – a trend which allows the brides to honor their personal values through their dress of choice.
  2. 100-200 person guest counts – a trend which allows the couple to invite as many important people to their special day as they feel is necessary.
  3. Weekend weddings – a trend which allows guests to be able to attend weddings, despite their busy and hectic personal or work schedules.

These 3 trends alone have generated a standard for professional event and wedding planners to follow. For instance, weekend weddings have become more popular over the last few years, especially for working families. Weekday events can often make getting time off from work difficult. But if your clients have their special day on a weekend, it creates an opportunity for their wedding to be a true get-away experience for everyone.

I’ve also drawn from the white wedding dress trend many a time. My business tends to pull from the fabrics and intricacies of the dress, in order to bring them to life during the ceremony and reception. This would be reflected in both the wedding decor and florals (which are, personally, my favorite part). As a wedding planner that also does event decor, I enjoy incorporating different florals and patterns into my work. This enhances the event by adding layers to the theme.

Just keep in mind that it’s important to make sure patterns are coordinated properly. After all, we don’t want to overwhelm the guests!

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My 3 Wedding Planning Predictions for 2021

1 – Livestreaming/Hybrid Weddings and Events

This trend was around long before COVID-19, but the appreciation for livestreaming services has undoubtedly grown since then. Virtual events and weddings will not only allow your client to still have their special day; it’ll also allow their guest list to be more inclusive and customizable. As we start the new year, many of us are still determining the proper safety measures needed for in-person celebrations.

In the meantime, livestreaming and/or hybrid weddings will allow your client to maintain mass gathering guest lists (50+ persons) without risking their funds or anyone’s health. In 2020, it was extremely hard on couples to celebrate their biggest moments without having some of the most influential people in their lives there to witness it. Luckily, these types of virtual services provide a convenient way around this issue!

Hybrid and livestreaming isn’t new, but COVID has made this option a lot more popular. Instead of risking a capacity that may put others at risk, couples now have other options. There’s beauty in not having to reinvent the wheel. We can look at what’s been done before, and simply enhance previous attempts in order to meet the new need.

For example, instead of having 100 in-person guests, I’ve seen couples opt for a hybrid option. In such a case, the couple can then still have 100 guests attend their big day. It would simply be a matter of 25-50 attending physically, and the rest attending virtually. In fact, I plan to suggest this to all of my clients that are challenged with hosting a milestone event during the pandemic!

2 – Bigger, Bolder Decor

Event decor is another feature that’s been highlighted at weddings, but will be highlighted even more in 2021. With less people attending in-person weddings and events, this leaves room to enhance one of the biggest aspects of the event itself: its design and decor.

In 2021, we want bigger and bolder designs. Couples are setting a statement with their wedding decor, rather than their wedding guest list. Investing their wedding budgets in design allows for more creativity with photos and engagement. This goes not only for the couple, but their guests as well!

In 2020, weddings across the nation were transformed from traditional, mass gatherings, to intimate gatherings with elaborate designs and event decor. The popularity in event and floral design has also dramatically increased increased since COVID-19 began. People across the nation are now choosing to harness their crafts and further their professionalism by getting proper training and earning reputable certifications.

Which leads me to my 3rd and final trend prediction…

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3 – An Increase in Event and Wedding Planning Courses/Certifications

Personal and professional development have swept the nation! Millions of people everywhere have had time to study the skills they may not have necessarily prioritized before. The pandemic has offered an opportunity to enhance skill-sets that one might not have had time to complete before.

If you’ve always had a passion for baking, now’s the time to learn how to be a pastry chef! Have you been thinking about becoming a floral designer? QC Event School just launched its brand-new Floral Design Course! My point is, you can be that person you’ve always wanted to be. Right now is the perfect chance to take hold of your dream and turn it into a reality. During the pandemic, I became a minister, a life coach, and an event decor specialist. I can’t tell you how excited I am for my personal and professional growth in 2021!

Obtaining certifications and furthering your specializations creates new jobs and businesses. For aspiring wedding planners in 2021, I predict an increase in wedding planning course enrollments and professional certficiations. One of the best things about become a certified wedding planner is that you’re gifting yourself a sense of job security that’s sorely needed these days. Many have unfortunately lost their jobs and businesses this year. Personal and professional development will be essential in regaining what has been lost and creating job opportunities for yourself.

The Importance of Continued Learning

If you face any challenges, remember these key concepts:

  1. Like life, there’s always more to learn!
  2. Remember to strive for progress – not perfection!

Even after you earn your certification, there will still be much more to learn. Maintaining this mindset will help both you and your clients. Practicing your crafts and passions leads to progress, which in turn, secures your clientele. I’m truly excited for professionals world-wide as we explore and develop together!

Properly educating yourself in wedding planning is essential. There are countless reasons why I recommend enrolling in wedding planning courses – and one such reason is the way they will help you better understand and utilize wedding trends in your own career.

Trends are strategic and calculated. Many times, trends are recycled from history. The beauty in receiving taking wedding planning courses is that you’ll discover all of the basics and trends from their original era. History is our biggest teacher when it comes to future progression. We determine our next steps in life based on the steps taken prior. Hosting virtual events has been great, and I get excited for the lessons that come from each event – namely because I know it’ll make the events to follow even greater!

The bottom line is that our lessons will only ever make us stronger.

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I highly recommend getting a proper education through accredited wedding planning courses. QC Event School’s wedding planning courses position planners to be successful in the professional industry. QC’s training has better equipped me to work successfully with popular industry trends. I’m able to coordinate across different destinations, eras, and unique challenges. Although I had training from working alongside other brilliant planners and designers, I needed an industry foundational truth. Through QC, I got exactly that.

Even if you’re already a wedding pro, this is still a great opportunity to expand and diversify your skill-set. A few certifications will only enhance your passion, and I can guarantee you, we’re so ready to see it!

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