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5 Reasons Why Virtual Events Need an Event Decorator!

Do virtual events need an event decorator? QC Student Ambassador, Tamesha Antria, says YES – and is here to tell you why! Tamesha is a Student Ambassador of QC Event School. She is also a graduate and current student. Her business, Events with Tamesha, offers everything from officiant services, wedding and event planning/coordination, virtual events, and much more!

A New Normal: Virtual Events

Virtual events can come in many forms; from birthday parties, to graduations, to baby showers, to networking events, and so much more. They’re just like in-person events… The only difference is that they’re held online!

Have YOU ever attended a virtual event? Moreover, did you pay attention to the virtual event you attended? Were the hosts’ attire coordinated? Did they display any graphics? Did the platform have colors to match the hosts’ brand?

Behind all of these aspects are the event decorator and virtual production team. If you’ve been following along my last few blogs, you’ll know that virtual events require much more than an event planner alone. It takes an entire team! As such, today we’re going to talk about the person responsible for fulfilling your client’s visual needs. This person is none other than the event decorator!

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An Event Decorator’s Role in Virtual Events

In terms of event decor, there are definitely similarities between physical celebrations and virtual ones. For example, event decor is used in both instances to:

  • Design the event;
  • Customize the space with creative branding techniques;
  • Determine attendee attire;
  • Co-manage graphics;
  • And more!

But what about differences?

Well, an obvious difference for virtual events is that an event decorator wouldn’t physically decorate the celebration in-person. However, this doesn’t mean they’re slacking off on the amount of work that needs to be completed! There’s still tons of effort that needs to be put into decorating a virtual event.

Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve noticed is that the location is the main aspect of an event that’s changed. In my own business, I lead a small team. We’ve been dealing primarily with virtual events over the last year. For these virtual events, we design floors that are life-like, in order to appeal to our audiences. If it’s a wedding, we’ll be sure to create a ceremony and reception (traditional to wedding culture). The only real difference is that we’re creating the venue rather than picking one that’s been pre-designed.

Having the choice of different platforms, in order to meet different needs, is very similar to choosing different venues based on the needs of a physical event.

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5 Reasons Why Your Virtual Event Needs an Event Decorator

1 – Event decor attracts people on and off the platform!

From the moment you’re invited to a virtual event, you’ve witnessed the work of an event decorator. For in-person events, materials need to be chosen right from the get-go. The exact same is the case with virtual events! The right materials, colors, and decorations will take a virtual event from good to great. In fact, one could argue that we have even MORE of a creative edge with virtual events. For example, invitations will more than likely coordinate with the host’s website, RSVP, and event platform. An event decorator makes all of these components come together harmoniously.

2 – Event decor gives life to your event!

When you walk into a virtual event (so to say), one of the first things you’ll look at is the design of the event. The color selection and design concept should be able to draw you in. Platforms that allow you to be creative are especially where event decorators thrive in the virtual events industry! Even if you don’t have the option to customize that platform by design, you can incorporate other elements – such as music – to grab attendees’ attention.

Another thing to keep in mind is that people’s faces and reactions on-screen make up a great portion of the event. So, why not call on the audience to help you? They can easily get virtually festive by dressing the part, based on whatever the theme of the remote celebration is! For instance, attendees can wear the primary color of the event. Doesn’t this sound familiar to attending an in-person event?

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3 – Event decorators are experts in color psychology!

Let’s talk about how you feel throughout a virtual event. Color can influence the way your guests feel – and an event decorator will know how to maximize those colors for the desired affect! For networking events, colors like orange and red help to stimulate ideas. You can also pair colors, such as green and blue, to encourage calm and growth-focused encounters. Lounge areas are generally neutral (think gray or brown) to encourage an even playing field for conversation and mingling. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy designing areas for various types of virtual events. This gives me an opportunity to connect with the attendees visually, without words.

4 – An event decorator has an eye for balance and understanding!

Event decorators have the pleasure of viewing an event from an overall standpoint. From the design and flow of the words on the website, to the thank-you images – the event decorator has an eye for understanding. Here’s a good example of what I mean: for an upcoming summer virtual event, I plan to set up a room designated for pre-recorded pitches! I’m super excited for this opportunity to design a station for recordings. Having that station will create balance for startup companies as they present their idea/prototype.

5 – Event decorators know how to visually communicate the type of event one is hosting/attending!

If an event is meant to have a specific theme or purpose, guests should be able to tell this just from looking at it. For instance, does the virtual event have booths that are symbolic to a mixer? Does it have an altar where a couple would stand for a wedding? As designers, our goal is to incorporate images in order to eliminate the need for words. Your remote guests should be able to know what kind of event they’re attending, without it being spelled out for them.

Let’s illustrate this with an example of an in-person luncheon. For guests, it’d as simple as walking into a venue and automatically knowing where to sit. How do they know this? Because they see tables! For a virtual luncheon, an event decorator may design the platform to look like your company lounge area. Remember: familiarity is your friend when designing or decorating a virtual event.

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4 Tips for Adding Event Decor to a Virtual Event

  1. Draw something that you know is a must-have for an in-person event, so you can incorporate this image into your virtual event.
  2. Make sure your areas for help, more information, and exiting the platform are clear and visible.
  3. Ensure that every platform is balanced with information and attendees.
  4. Design a one-page website that contains all of the event’s essential details.

Utilizing a Virtual Production Team

Earlier, we talked about virtual events. Now let’s talk about how to add different decor elements to it! I’ve mentioned the idea a few times about a virtual production team. In addition to an event decorator, on this dream team, you’ll see:

  • Event producer(s)
  • Event host(s)
  • Marketing pro(s)
  • Event designer(s)
  • Technical support
  • Photographer(s)
  • Videographer(s)

And don’t forget, the client is also a helpful resource for virtual events. By conducting a successful virtual consultation, you’ll know exactly how to deliver an event that embodies who they are and what their goals are. Whether your client is a person, couple, or company, their input helps create a one-a-kind design!

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The Importance of Event Decorator Training

In my opinion, it’s extremely beneficial for an event/wedding planner to become a certified event decorator. Adding event decor services to your business allows for an additional stream of income. Moreover, event decor doesn’t involve as much hand-holding as coordination and planning services. As a result, this service makes for a great breather in-between coordination and planning bookings.

I’m a graduate of QC’s Event Decor Course and I’m grateful to offer my clients these kinds of services in-person, as well as online. I personally recommend this course because event design doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Even if it does, I still strongly urge you to get professionally trained and certified if you haven’t already. After all, you wouldn’t skip schooling if you wanted to become a nurse or doctor, right? Professionalism requires practice and education, no matter the industry. I originally admired event decor from a distance but shied away from the service. Then I realized that I only shied away because I was unfamiliar. So, I chose to get educated – and it’s been a journey of creativity for me ever since!

What I appreciate most about QC Event School’s online certification courses are how they take you around the world and across time. I’m so excited for those of you taking your profession to the next level by becoming certified. Connect with me in the comments below about all things event decor and virtual events! You can also find me in QC’s free Virtual Classroom on Facebook.

As always, thanks for sharing some of your time with me. Until next time! 💕

Become a certified event decorator in as little as 3-6 months by enrolling with QC Event School today!

6 responses to “5 Reasons Why Virtual Events Need an Event Decorator!”

    Nicole says:

    Thanks for sharing Tamesha! It’s great to learn more about virtual events since it is all so new to us!

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    We couldn’t agree more, Nicole! 🙂 Tamesha always has such wonderful insights, tips, and advice to offer – especially when it comes to virtual events. Personally, I never could have guessed all of the ways that an event decorator is so beneficial for a virtual event! I’m glad to hear you found her article so beneficial, too. xx

    All the best,
    The QC Team

    Carli Lewis says:

    Thanks for writing this Tamesha!! I am about to start on both my virtual events and my event decor courses and I feel like you really touched on both of those! It excites me to have a head start learning about the importance of these events and courses with your blog!! <3

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    Hey Carli, we can’t tell you how happy your comment makes us! We’re beyond excited to hear that Tamesha’s article got you even more pumped up for both the Virtual Events Course and the Event Decor Course! We know you’re gonna rock them, as you always do. <3

    All the best,
    The QC Team

    Neena McConnell says:

    Let’s talk about how you feel throughout a virtual event. Color can influence the way your guests feel – and an event decorator will know how to maximize those colors for the desired affect!

    Yes, yes and YES!
    Huge fan of colour theory and using it to influence how your guests feel and sometimes even feel!

    Great read

    Sarah-Lynn Seguin says:

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Neena! We love that this particular piece of advice resonated so deeply with you. <3 We completely agree with all of Tamesha's excellent points. Who would've known that an event decorator could have such a MAJOR impact on an event - both virtually and in-person? 😀

    All the best,
    The QC Team

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