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Wedding Trends for 2022 EVERY Planner Should Know

Want to put together the ULTIMATE wedding next year? Then you’ve come to the right place, because today, we’re going to look at 12 hot wedding trends for 2022 that need to be on your radar!

From trending wedding themes, to health-conscious alternatives, to budget-friendly wedding trends… Keep reading to get some serious inspiration!

12 Upcoming Wedding Trends for 2022

1. Destination Weddings

After 2 years of being cooped up and limited by countless restrictions, everyone is going to have the travel bug once the pandemic finally becomes an endemic. So, be ready for an upswing in destination weddings next year! That said, keep in mind that “destination” weddings don’t necessarily mean they have to be out of the country.

According to The Knot, “domestic destination” nuptials will be particularly popular in 2022. Say your client is interested in a wedding celebration away from home… However, they don’t necessarily want the hassle that comes with traveling internationally. This can be the PERFECT solution!

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2. Virtual and/or Hybrid Weddings

These are wedding trends that became particularly popular over the past couple of years, for obvious reasons. As we move into 2022, some clients might still want to avoid a large wedding with tons of guests in physical attendance. Luckily, a virtual wedding – or a hybrid of virtual + in-person – can be the answer they’re looking for.

If you want to learn more about virtual weddings vs. hybrid weddings, as well as the benefits of both options, check out this blog article by QC Event School tutor and renowned luxury planner, Mwai Yeboah.

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3. Smaller Guest Lists

Now, what if your couple doesn’t want a virtual or hybrid wedding, but is still worried about potential health risks? Microweddings are another popular wedding trend of both 2020 and 2021… And they’ll continue to be in high demand for 2022 as well!

The concept of a microwedding is simple: it basically involves a drastically reduced guest list. The size of the wedding party may even reflect this downsizing, too. Typically, there’ll be no more than 50 guests at a microwedding. Not only will a small, intimate wedding allow your clients to strategically place everyone with enough room between them (in order to abide by social distancing rules); it’ll also prove to be extremely good for their overall budget.

4. Eco-Conscious Weddings

These days, many clients want peace of mind in knowing that their weddings (and the items used to bring their dream day to life) are ethically-sourced and environmentally-friendly. This has been a very popular movement for a number of years now, and its demand shows no signs of slowing down. For that reason, eco-conscious nuptials are a major trend for weddings in 2022 and beyond!

If your client wants to go this route, here are 10 quick suggestions you can offer them:

  1. Print their invitations and Save The Dates on recycled or plantable paper. Or skip this step altogether by sending everything out digitally!
  2. Invest in ethical wedding rings that use recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.
  3. Avoid plastic dishes, utensils, and cups.
  4. Prioritize caterers who support local farmers. Bonus points if they also compost or donate any leftover food!
  5. Succulents or paper floral arrangements/bouquets have more longevity and create less waste. Just remember to use recycled paper if your client wishes to opt for hand-crafted flowers.
  6. There are all sorts of sustainable wedding attire designers out there, as well as boutiques that offer second-hand or vintage clothing. So, go with those, if possible!
  7. Reducing travel time for everyone involved, wherever possible, will help cut down greenhouse gas emissions.
  8. Advise your client to avoid tangible items on their gift registry.
  9. Choose decor that can be used for multiple purposes throughout the ceremony and reception.
  10. For guest favors, gift attendees with practical, reusable items. They’ll be far less likely to be tossed into the trash!

Want to learn even more about eco-conscious weddings, and get even more awesome tips? This article by The Budget Savvy Bride is a terrific read!

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5. Monochromatic Colors

Particularly, this wedding trend is expected to be seen in bridal party attire. The mix-and-match trend for bridesmaid dresses, seen over the past several years, is officially on the decline. Instead, we’re now seeing a rise in the entire bridal party wearing either a lot of lace – or a lot of white!

Both create a beautiful contrast to the pops of color used throughout the rest of the wedding theme and/or decor.

In the past, it was believed that only the bride should be wearing all white. These days, that notion (which some consider to be outdated anyways) is being placed aside. That said, if your client does want her gown to stand out, one option would be to choose a slightly off-white color for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

6. Neutrals

On the other hand, this wedding trend for 2022 will be applied more so to the overall theme and event decor. A neutral color palette serves as a wonderful base for a polished, chic atmosphere. What’s more – neutrals make it SO easy to accentuate bolder, brighter colors. If you’re looking for some inspiration with regards to neutral color schemes, this article by Yeah Weddings offers 10 trending options!

7. Natural and/or DIY Decor

This is one of those weddings trends that’s perfect for your client’s budget! Furthermore, it’s a great idea for any couple that wants to get creative and play a proactive role in the design of their big day. We found this article by Upcyclist that breaks down a variety of ways to use natural resources for your client’s decor.

Pro Tip: You can also check out this video by QC Event School Student Ambassador, Afton Romrell, for 3 innovative wedding DIY ideas!

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8. Outdoor Events

This will be an especially popular wedding trend for 2022, for the same reason as destination weddings. We’ve all been stuck inside for what feels like forever. As such, getting outdoors and enjoying the weather – especially in the company of loved ones – is going to be a majorly popular past-time next year (even just in general).

Just remember that there are pros AND cons to your client hosting their wedding outside. This shouldn’t discourage them, mind you! It’s just important that they understand the potential issues they could face on the big day, such as inclement weather. That way, they can be as prepared as possible.

9. Going Against “Tradition”

Let’s be real for a moment. There are more than a few wedding “traditions” that haven’t exactly aged well. While it’s totally fine if your client wishes to abide by them, there are also increasingly more couples who would prefer to stray away from these outdated beliefs/practices.

For instance, it’s more common these days for people to use the term “wedding party” instead of “bridal party”. Similarly, couples may switch up their wedding parties to include men, women, and nonbinary individuals on both sides. An example could be the bride having a “man of honor”, or the groom choosing a “best woman” to stand alongside them. They may not want a paternal figure to walk the bride (or groom) down the aisle. Or perhaps they have no desire to include a “flower girl” or “ring bearer” as part of their ceremony.

There are countless ways that modern couples might choose to do away with traditional “norms” on their big day. As their wedding planner, your job will be to listen to their needs, wants, and values. This way, you can help them create a memorable experience that best represents them.

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10. Aerial Views

In terms of wedding trends, this is a relatively new one. With everyone living online nowadays, wedding photos and video footage are a dime a dozen. As such, a lot of couples want to find new, innovative ways to make their special day stand out from the rest.

One unique way to achieve this is to have their wedding documented from above! For this reason, aerial photography packages – typically, capturing the ceremony by drone – have become increasingly popular recently. Because they’re still considered more of a luxury item, pricing will likely be higher when compared to standard photography packages.

However, if your client is committed to getting this fun, new perspective for their wedding day, it’ll be well worth the investment!

11. Weekdays Over Weekends

Obviously, most couples will still want to try and tie the knot on a Saturday or Sunday. However, in some cases, this just won’t be possible. As The Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, thanks to the number of nuptials that had to be postponed over the course of 2020 and 2021, weddings are practically booked solid now… all the way through to 2024!

As a result, couples are turning instead to weekday weddings. There’s no reason to see this as a negative, though. In fact, it could be a blessing in disguise! Since weekend weddings are in highest demand, their costs tend to reflect that. Weekday weddings, on the other hand, could actually prove to be a bit cheaper for your client.

In case your client needs a bit more convincing, WeddingWire breaks down 5 of their top reasons why weekday weddings are the new way to go!

Newlywed couple, bridesmaids & groomsmen having fun outdoors

12. Prioritizing Self-Care

One thing the pandemic has brought to the forefront is the importance of mental health. In general, planning a wedding can be a stressful experience at times. As the days draw closer, anxiety might only continue to build. But when you throw everything that’s been going on in the world on top of that, it can be a recipe for disaster if your clients aren’t properly taking care of themselves.

So, one of the biggest wedding trends for 2022 will be couples (and wedding parties) who focus on their well-being above all else. This can take many forms, depending on the individual and what they need to do in order to feel more Zen. For one couple, prioritizing self-care could mean taking vitamins and getting plenty of rest the week of their big day. For others, it could be excluding toxic people from their guest list.

Whatever self-care looks like for YOUR clients, it’s important that you encourage it. Remind your clients that their health always needs to be priority #1! And just as importantly, if there’s anything you can do to help alleviate their stress and make their wedding planning experience more enjoyable, to communicate their needs with you.

After all, that’s what you’re there for, right?

What other weddings trends for 2022 can YOU think of? Add them to this list by commenting down below!

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