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QC Event School Graduate Spotlight: Tyler Reid

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Meet QC Event School graduate, Tyler Reid!

Location: Atlanta, GA

QC Courses you’ve taken:

Website: https://www.eminentevents.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EminentEventsPlanning/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eminent.events/
Pinterest: https://bit.ly/45c5LAx

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Tyler.

Hi there, I’m Tyler and I’m a QC Event School graduate! I’m the Principal Planner of Eminent Events Wedding & Event Planning. I’m based in Atlanta (the Hollywood of the south) and I’ve been in the industry for 7 years. I couldn’t be prouder of my progression into the industry, as well as the relationships I’ve built and fostered since my business’ inception in 2016.

When (and why) did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in the events/weddings industry?

It wasn’t until just before I graduated college (from the illustrious Savannah State University) that I realized I wanted to become a luxury planner. I always knew I had a passion for events, ever since I planned my 16th birthday party. However, I didn’t truly come to realization until the Dean of my college challenged me choose a clear path upon graduation. I am so thankful to her that she put me in the position to become who I am today!

Why did you decide to pursue your certification training online (rather than in-person)—and how did you both hear of QC Event School?

I wanted the opportunity to work at my own pace. This online certification [from QC] has given me the networks that will last a lifetime! I’m thankful for the word-of-mouth (from an event colleague) that lead me to QC Event School and I am eternally grateful for the knowledge I’ve retained.

Why did you choose to enroll with QC Event School? (E.g., What was it about our school that won you over, compared to other online event/wedding planning schools out there?)

Firstly, I chose to pursue my certifications in Luxury Weddings & Event Planning and Destination Wedding Planning so I could provide reassurance to my potential clients that I have the experience. Furthermore, I also wanted to show them that I have the expertise and knowledge to lead them on the right path in their planning. QC’s mentors, their flexibility, and the feedback I’ve gotten has given me so much to work with!

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As you mentioned, you’re a QC Event School graduate of both our self-paced, online Luxury Wedding & Event Planning and Destination Wedding Planning courses. Tell us a little about your experience in these programs! What did you enjoy most and what was the most challenging? Furthermore, what were the biggest lessons you took away from your training?

My experiences were 10/10 overall. As a QC Event School graduate, I would definitely recommend these courses!

Of course, just like with any other online class, you’ll have struggles. But the best part about QC Event School is the feedback you can receive from your online peers, the social media groups you can join, and the overall family feel you receive when you join the family!

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How would you describe your style as a professional planner?

I describe my style as the fun, modern, family-oriented, luxury planning guru! I like to make my clients feel like they’re family every time we meet. This applies whether we’re planning a meeting, a tasting, the dress and suit fitting… All the way down to sorting your seating chart over champagne!

Regardless, I’ll make sure it’s a good time! Relativeness is, after all, my best skill-set!

Why did you decide to start your very own business, Eminent Events?

I decided to start my own business upon graduating from college. I had a vision that my company would become a worldwide, notable planning enterprise. It would highlight and cultivate events for any and everyone!

My business’ mission is “Meeting the Unconquerable”. I want to ensure my clients are like guests at their own events!

What’s the story behind the name of your business?

This is a great question! Eminent Events did not happen overnight, by far! When I first began to ponder on my business name, I wanted to be sure that it would encompass a luxury, high-end, timeless, and modern feel all in one. I believe it took me about 4-5 months to sit on the official name and create a branding logo that would look and feel like a reflection of my work… And the work I wanted to accomplish in the future!

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Portfolio image #1, photo by Kadeem Stewart
Photographer: Kadeem Stewart of Kadeem Stewart Weddings

What were the most challenging parts about launching a brand-new business, and how did you overcome these challenges?

Launching my business was a bit challenging, but through it all, there’s reward in struggle. I would say my branding was the most challenging part of launching my business. Fortunately, I’m a graphic designer. So, this craft gave me a bit of leeway along this process.

I truly believe I am my biggest critic. I believed the work I was producing wasn’t as great as it actually was. But through it all, I succeeded.

In your opinion, what are the most rewarding aspects of owning/operating your own business?

My most rewarding aspects of owning Eminent Events would have to be the relationships, networks, and “FRIEND”-ors (vendors) I’ve met along the way. This has been so gratifying!

I am extremely thankful for the connections I’ve gained, the preferred vendors lists I’ve been added to, and the couples and client’s I’ve turned into family throughout our planning processes. There’s real joy that comes over my soul for planning.

Tell us about the different types of services that Eminent Events currently offers clients!

At Eminent Events we specialize in a few different wedding services:

  • Luxury wedding planning;
  • Luxury event planning;
  • And destination wedding planning.

*Note: Eminent Events also offers Corporate and Social services as well!

What is “The Eminent Experience”?

The Eminent Experience is our full-service luxury planning service. This package is for the client that wants to relax and enjoy the wedding planning process. All you have to do is select your preference of the options offered, and the wedding planning will begin in full effect (meetings, details, timing, etc.)!

We take on the hassle so that you can enjoy the wedding planning process and focus on the fun stuff. This won’t be the last time you hear, “It’s all in the details!” Because it’s true! We will focus on the details—big and small—because there is so much more involved.

Furthermore, we will consider the emotions, the thoughts, the memories, and the wishes of you and your fiancé. We’re here to aid you in staying on top of the latest trends in wedding dresses and/or tuxedo trends. We accompany you to your fittings (at your request), and we even make sure your food tastes phenomenal.

Every part of your process is a part worthwhile! Our team will work to support your planning timeline from the moment you wake up until your venue departure. Eminent Events will be the first on site at the venue and the last to leave every event.

Often times, prospective clients are hesitant to hire a professional event/wedding planner because they’re not fully convinced it’s worth the money. Can you tell us, in your own words, why you believe hiring a professional planner is worth the cost?

Hiring a planner for your wedding/event is extremely helpful! I can’t stress this enough!

Planners become a part of your event—as well as become your personal superhero. From planning your entire day/event and creating a timeline, to coordinating/supervising the event vendors and putting out fires that may arise on your big day… We do it all!

Event and wedding planners are the superheroes. And if you don’t have one, who’s going to save the day?

Do you remember what your very first event or wedding with a real-world client was like? Tell us about it! What did you learn from it, what went well, what didn’t go as planned, etc.?

Believe it or not, my very first event was a surprise party for my mother! I was fortunate enough to plan a scaled event for her. Trying to keep it a secret was such a huge task!

It gave me so much insight while teaching me lessons as well. For example, I learned that everything just can’t be 100% perfect. However, making sure you have contingency plans in place will lead you on the path to victory, every time!

Personally, I am a perfectionist and I like things to be flawless. So, I strive to be nothing less than that in each and every event I am fortunate enough to plan. Needless to say, my family still raves about the experiences they had throughout the night and how great the event was.

This always gives me reassurance that I am on the right path!

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What are your business strategies when it comes to: finding/attracting clients, marketing/getting your name out there, networking, etc.?

When it comes to attracting clients, I take a few different routes to lead me with new and potential clients. I realize people will tend to discover your socials before doing anything else. So, you should be posting content (it’s all about content)!

Additionally, allowing your work to speak for itself will take you far. My business website is super intentional and attracts the clients that align with my vision. Quite frankly, my website is one of my greatest accomplishments.

All in all, I believe it’s all about being yourself. People will see right through someone you are trying to be. So, just yourself and always be intentional in relationships. That will bring you the clients, every time!

QC Event School graduate Feature article. In-post image 2. Photo by Danielle Hollins.
Photographer: Danielle Hollins of Forever Photography ATL

You’re located in Atlanta, Georgia – a major city with a population of over 6 million people! Given how much competition you likely have in and around your area, what are you doing to (1) make Eminent Events stand out, and (2) attract your target demographic successfully?

This is a great question! I strive to set myself apart from the other competitions by finding something that really matters to me personally, and then highlighting it in everything I do! This could be the way you make people feel, the attire you wear for consultations and site visits, down to how you communicate with your clients.

Be you—BE-YOU-TIFULLY—and make everything you do exudes your professional business and brand. In turn, this will give you the clients you want and need to fully tap into your unlimited potential!

What do you love MOST about working in the event and wedding planning industry?

People often ask me why I chose to be a planner… And honestly, I think it chose me. I’ve always had a knack for parties and events. But I find a particular interest in discovering how people grow to love each other and gather to celebrate someone.

The gift of taking on something so big (like planning a FOREVER for a couple), taking a vision for an event), and then having them trust you WHOLEHEARTEDLY with such a big task and seeing it come to fruition… That’s the real gift and what I love most about the industry!

What’s your favorite kind of event and/or wedding to put together and why?

I want everyone to know that I am dynamic and versatile! However, there are two favorite kinds of things I seriously enjoy planning:

  1. Weddings
  2. And quinceañeras.

I love weddings because they are so detail oriented and I believe it’s all in the details. On the other hand, I love quinceañeras because they allow me to dive deeper into a culture I am not from. Plus, I love new challenges!

In terms of event styling/decor, what would you say your (personal) favorite style is?

I am fascinated with bold and dynamic colors for events and weddings. I want to constantly be challenged to show my creative range, as it relates to my gift. Typically, I don’t have a favorite style because I make sure my clients never see the same type of event twice. My experiences are custom and luxury, and feel especially made for the clients every time.

What advice would you give to aspiring event and wedding planners who dream of starting their own business?

Simple: JUST DO IT! There’s no time like the present. So, what are you waiting for? No one is holding you back but you! You’ve got this!

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Why do you feel it’s important for event and wedding planners to have professional certification training?

I believe it provides the client(s) with reassurance that you’ve got the knowledge and you’ve been seasoned with expertise in the industry! After all, your clients want to know that YOU know what you’re talking about in all things weddings and events-related.

Portfolio image 3. Photo by Lance Piri.
Photographer: Lance Piri of Lance Piri Studios.

As a QC Event School graduate, why would you recommend QC’s self-paced, online certification training?

As a QC Event School graduate, I would recommend QC to anyone who is looking to gain knowledge in the planning industry! From the course materials, the online software, and digital templates they provide their students—down to the experience you’ll have… It will be worth it in the long run! Go for it!

To date, what do you consider to be the proudest moment for Eminent Events so far?

Eminent Events’ proudest moment would have to be the launching of our website, by far. I’ve wanted to house a special space for potential clients and past clients to refer others. For the longest time, I waited to make sure all the ducks were in a row. Specifically, so I could provide the content, wording, and aesthetic for visitors to reach out and connect with us easily.

I can say that I now have a space where anyone can go to request services from us in a professional way!

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What about your favorite event or wedding to date? Tell us a bit about that!

My favorite wedding to date would have to be a more recent one. I was able to be a part of a multi-million dollar wedding that featured a high-profile entertainer and high end experiences. This opportunity opened the doors for me to connect and collaborate with people in the industry that have turned into strong friendships—and I couldn’t be more grateful for this!

What’s in store for Eminent Events this year and beyond?

I’ve got a few goals to meet that I am working on which include (but are not limited to):

  • Getting published;
  • Receiving an award in the industry;
  • Securing my first celebrity client;
  • Beginning the process of owning a storefront/studio for clients;
  • And hitting 10k followers on social media platforms.

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