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Top Tips for Improving Your QC Event School Assignments

If you are considering enrolling or are already a student in QC Event School, you’re probably wondering what your tutors are looking for when it comes to grading coursework. I know you want to put your best foot forward so we’re giving you the inside scoop on what tutors are looking for, how to use the available resources to your advantage, and providing you with some examples of the feedback you’ll receive throughout your course. These tips to completing your course assignments will help you produce top-notch work, which will be reflected in your overall grades!

Follow Directions

Okay, so this one is a no-brainer. Students should carefully read the assignment instructions and provide everything requested. While many assignments are straight-forward, there are several more complicated assignments with multiple components.

I would recommend taking a break after completing an assignment and revisiting both the completed assignment and the assignment instructions with fresh eyes. Double-check to ensure you’ve completed all mandatory components and that you saved your document properly!

Follow Directions Provided in Event Planning Assignments

One of the best resources at your disposal is your tutor’s audio feedback. In the feedback, your tutor will draw on their professional planning experience to give you tips and guidance, as well as let you know what you’ve done well and where you could improve. It is important to take their advice and suggestions and follow any directions they provide to implement in your next assignment. Always listen to your previous unit’s feedback prior to submitting your next unit, as this way, you’ll be able to make any adjustments necessary to improve your work and your grade. Sample some real feedback from our lovely tutor Candice, in response to a student’s Unit B submission from the Event Decor course. Listen closely as Candice provides invaluable advice within the audio feedback.

Pretend Your Tutor is the Client

Many of your course assignments are based on real-life case studies which require you to plan an event on paper based on a fictional client’s specific needs. One tip for enhancing the quality of your work is to imagine your tutor as the client.

With this in mind, you’ll want to put in that extra effort to truly sell your client on your ideas. Be descriptive, especially if you are presenting unique ideas that a client (or your tutor) may not be familiar with. Even if you have a crystal-clear vision in mind, remember that your client isn’t a mind-reader! Describe and explain your ideas in great detail so you’re on the same page!

Use Supporting Visual Aids

Once you’re a professional event planner, you’ll meet with clients face-to-face. These interactions encourage you to enhance your proposals with visual aids. Pre-made centerpieces, fabric samples and even look books allow you to convey your vision clearly.

Many of your clients will be busy individuals (too busy to plan their own events!) Their demanding, fast-paced lives mean that email communication will be a necessity. You can still articulate your vision without the use of physical props, it just means you’ll need to give your written proposals a visual boost!

Use Supporting Visual Aids for Assignments

The same goes for your assignments since you are communicating with your tutor online. For example, if you are presenting a bouquet idea, you would want to insert sample images or links to images into your document so your tutor can see what you’re talking about. Alternatively, if you are trying to describe a particular party-game or type of entertainment, you could include a link to a demonstrative video from YouTube.

Just keep in mind that inserting images into your document will increase the overall size of your document. You may want to resize the images prior to inserting them so they aren’t too big for upload!


Having great ideas is essential to being a successful planner; however, your ability to present your ideas in a professional manner is equally vital! Spelling and grammatical errors detract from the overall impact of your creative vision.

For your assignments, you’ll want to write in full sentences with proper punctuation. Try to strike a balance between being descriptive while remaining clear and concise! When you are finished, do a thorough edit then ask a friend or family member to do a quick review.

Common errors to look out for:

  • Spelling errors/typos
  • Run-on or fragmented sentences
  • Inappropriate punctuation
  • Wordiness and confusion

Once you have a polished, professional final version you are confident with, you can upload and submit your work!

Do Your Research

Our tutors love to receive assignments from students whose commitment and drive shines through in their work! Conscientious A+ students always go above and beyond what is being asked in a given assignment. They present work that is thorough, thoughtful and well-researched.

Do Proper Event Planning Industry Research

Any additional research you do will help inform the choices you make when completing your assignments. Here’s a bit of direction into the type of research you’ll want to do throughout the course and beyond:

  • Market Research: This might include researching the career outlook for event planners, how profitable this sector is nation-wide, identifying target markets and looking at common marketing trends for planners.
  • Local Competition: While general industry research will be helpful, you’ll also want to know what’s going on in your backyard. In particular, you’ll want to know who your local competition is. First you need to identify the competition, then check out the types of services they offer, their fees and identify any gaps in what they are offering that you can take advantage of (ie. for creating your own niche market!)
  • Local Resources: There is an assignment in our course where you’ll be identifying local venues and vendors. This is a great starting point for building a thorough local directory for future use and an opportunity for establishing relationships with vendors. Feel free to contact them directly and introduce yourself! You may get more information then what’s listed on their website such as specialty services or preferred pricing.
  • Trends: You will need to keep up with current trends throughout the duration of your planning career in order to stay on top of your game! There will always be new and exciting color schemes, floral design, themes, bridal fashion and décor ideas to inspire you and keep your proposals fresh! Additionally, popular trends are often requested by clients so being familiar with them will help set your clients at-ease.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help!

Feel like you’ve read the same assignment instructions ten times over and you’re still unsure what the assignment is asking for or if you’re headed in the right direction? There’s no need to suffer in silence!

Step away from the assignment to give your brain a much-needed rest and shoot the school a quick email for clarification. Or if you prefer to talk it through with someone you can always get in touch by phone or via Live Chat. The Student Support Team is here for exactly this purpose—to provide support and guidance to our students throughout the duration of their course and beyond!

Not only do you have access to our amazing Support Team for clarification or advice, but you also have the opportunity to get answers from your tutor, a successful professional in the field. The advice they have is priceless to a new planner trying to break into the market, so don’t be afraid to submit questions within your assignments! This way, they’ll be able to response directly in the audio feedback. Here’s a great example of a student in the Event and Wedding Planning course who took the opportunity to ask some questions. Listen in as Candice provides her advice.

Listen to Audio Feedback

If you want more insight into how tutors grade assignments, please watch this video with our tutor Candice! Candice marks coursework every day so she’s got some great advice for you.

Have some personal tips and tricks for school success you’d like to share with our readers? Leave them in a comment below!

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