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Event Planning 101: How to Become a Wedding Planner

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a wedding planner, this post is for you! Earlier in the month, we listed some of the top life-changing aspects that a career in wedding planning can bring about. In this post, we’re getting back to basics and outlining what steps you actually need to take to become a wedding planner!

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into a career in event planning. Sometimes even more so with weddings, which are usually the most important days of your clients’ lives. So no pressure! However, if you’re truly passionate about all things wedding-related, becoming a wedding planner just may be the most fulfilling decision of your life. So read on!

Becoming a certified wedding planner for a rewarding career

Become certified

The first step in becoming a wedding planner: learn how to plan weddings properly! Getting your certificate as an International Wedding Planning Professional will launch your career by giving you the skills and information you need. Wedding planning courses are a popular option. They will help you learn about the wedding industry and practice your organizational skills. However, before you dive into planning anything, be sure to look into the right courses for the type of wedding you want to plan!

A professional wedding planning certificate will help you find clients. Your certificate will demonstrate that you have the industry knowledge to plan a professional event—an essential for picky clients. Wedding planning is a big deal. Having proof that you are a qualified professional in the wedding industry is the perfect starting place for becoming a successful planner.

Gain experience

Gaining experience as a wedding planner is crucial for knowing the ins and outs of the industry. A solid knowledge base will help you solve problems. Not to mention, learning with a trained professional will give you an insider look at what being a wedding planner is all about. Getting yourself an internship or volunteering to help out a local wedding planning business can give you even more experience in the industry, as well as the chance to network with other industry professionals. The best part about internships is that you can take courses as you work with established planners, which may allow you to secure a full-time position with them!

Gain experience as a wedding planner

Market your services

As with any business, you need to market your wedding planning services in order to get your business off the ground. Letting friends and family know you are embarking on a new career path can help with referrals and personal support! Use social media to start marketing your skills and reaching out to possible clients. The main way to generate interest around your business is by putting hard work into the projects you already have. So be sure to have an updated portfolio of all the planning projects you’ve worked on, with shots of décor and venues.

Take it slow!

Don’t rush into too many wedding plans at once! When you first start out as a planner, you’ll still be learning how the industry works and how to handle different situations. Take projects one at a time and create strict deadlines for yourself. Just as well, make sure to give yourself enough time to complete projects—you definitely don’t want to be planning wedding details at the last minute. That’s why couples hire you, an event professional!

Once you gain more skills as a wedding planner, you can fill your schedule with multiple weddings and branch out to more clients. There’s no shame in turning down contracts if you think it will be too much! Being overbooked and unreliable is the last thing you want clients to think of your business.

Starting out as a wedding planner and gaining wedding clients

Planning can be a challenge—and that’s just another reason for you to start your career as a wedding planner. Give yourself something to be proud of, both in your personal life and your professional life, with a fulfilling career in one of the most lucrative employment industries!

Ready to get started? Take a look at our flexible online courses and follow your dreams of becoming a certified wedding planner!

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    My name’s Tiziana, I’m makeup artist, I would like to know if there is any chance to work with you.
    I have a lot experience especially with bride makeup.
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    Katie Deck says:

    Hi Tiziana, thanks for reaching out!

    We offer online event and wedding planning courses, which could be a great help to growing your makeup business if you’re interested in the wedding industry! You can view all of our course options here: http://www.qceventplanning.com/online-event-courses/

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