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Consider These 4 Lesser Known Careers in Event Planning

The event planning industry can be competitive. This is frustrating if you’ve just completed your event planning course(s) and are ready to dive into the industry! But don’t worry; there are plenty of rewarding career options to help get your foot in the door.

Why not consider one of these 4 lesser known careers in event planning? Read on to learn about the opportunities available to you as a certified event planner!

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DIY Wedding Consultant

Are you the creative type? If you are, we can bet that your friends are always asking for your input and decor ideas. Recently, there’s been an emphasis on DIY Weddings. Dreamy, fairy light lit photos are strewn across Pinterest for brides looking for personalized and affordable weddings. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as crafty as you. Although many brides are drooling over these DIY themed weddings, sometimes they need a helping hand!

Taking on a DIY wedding is no small feat. Creating your own decorations requires a lot of time, energy, and attention to detail. Why not lend a hand to these daring DIYers? Your portfolio of projects surely has tips and tricks that are begging to be shared!

While this may not seem like the typical career path for an event planner, think of the opportunities! If you aren’t ready to leave your current jobs to start an event planning career at full throttle, you can start your business part-time!

A DIY wedding can save a lot of money, but it can also become overwhelming. If you offer appealing service packages, you can capture the business of a stressed-out bride! Provide your clients with budget and planning guidelines, one-stop shop lists, personalized Pinterest boards, and DIY instructions for popular décor!

Services Recruiter

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Sometimes a client will need more than one planner to help them achieve their perfect event. If you’ve been in the field for a while, you’ve probably worked with other industry professionals and specialists. Your knowledge and networking base could serve you well as an event services buyer!

The truth is, event planning is a busy job and sometimes your fellow planners need extra help. Your job is to support the main planner. You must secure and coordinate the suppliers, distributors, and vendors to achieve your clients’ vision. We know it doesn’t sound as glamorous as running your own business, but working with other planners is a great learning experience!

In this profession, you will work with an event planner to secure the perfect resources to match their client’s needs. This could range from finding the perfect caterer to sourcing decorations to contracting a live band that suits the occasion! You can market yourself to established planners in your area, and who knows; maybe you’ll even meet a business partner along the way!

Destination Wedding Planner

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Not everyone wants to get married abroad, but for those who do, the planning process can be overwhelming. This is where you come in: the hero of all things destination wedding!

If you’re trying to define your niche, specialize in wedding planning in one or two destinations. Focusing your services will increase your value as a planner and allow you to become the best at what you do! With your skills and a destination wedding planner certification, you can assure your anxious clients that you have the know-how to take care of everything! With your training, you’ll know exactly what details to pay attention to in order to execute the perfect event.

Ensure that everyone has suitable transportation and accommodation options, detailed wedding day timetables, recommended activities and restaurants, and information about local customs. Knowing a location inside out will help you provide the best possible experience for your client during the trip and on their special day!

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Teambuilding Event Planner

An event planning career of this nature requires a special type of person – one who isn’t afraid to push others in order to achieve specific goals! Sometimes businesses may have difficulty getting staff to mesh well. In these cases, employers may consider a teambuilding retreat to boost morale and encourage healthy workplace behavior.

Designing activities and exercises that appeal to and include everyone is no small task. Some employees may not be so happy about spending the day with their co-workers. Many of these events take place outside of normal business hours. So, you need to ensure the experience is worth the extra time they’re putting in.
Planning these events take a lot of time and resources, so employers often outsource the job.

You’ll have to choose an offsite location and organize an event that brings together individuals in a positive way. This includes activities that encourage teamwork, address workplace challenges, and build trust.

We are sure that one of these careers will appeal to you. If none of these options appeal to you, why not put your entrepreneurial side to the test? As an (aspiring) event planner, you’re likely highly organized and creative. These qualities are exactly what help entrepreneurs become successful in their business ventures!

Know of any untapped markets for event planners? Let us know in the comments!

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