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Corporate Event Planning Course vs. Wedding Planning Course: What’s the Difference?

Do you love planning events? If you’re interested in an event planning career, wedding planning isn’t your only option. While it is an extremely popular career path, aspiring event planners don’t need to focus on nuptials!

Corporate event planning, in particular, is a seriously thriving branch of the event planning industry. In theory, if you have education in general event planning, you could transition to corporate event planning. But most event planning schools know that corporate event are a different beast. That’s why corporate event planning courses have an entirely different curriculum from event and wedding planning courses. The focus is shifted away from centerpieces and vows toward booth designs and public relations. Read on to find out more about corporate event planning courses and how they can prepare you for a lucrative, rewarding career!

Less romance, more team-building

It’s no surprise that wedding planning and corporate event planning have significant differences. Wedding planners work closely with clients to ensure every last detail is organized. The entire process is an exercise in bringing dreams to life and creating an unforgettable celebration for all involved. Wedding planning courses, therefore, contain units focusing on event decor and wedding-specific activities. Although they won’t always be tapped to help, wedding planners learn all about various pre-wedding gatherings (engagement party, stag and doe, bridal shower, etc.) and even the afterparty. It doesn’t get any better for aspiring wedding planners looking for comprehensive education!

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However, if you’re more interested in executing office parties, award ceremonies, and conferences, a corporate event planning course is your ticket. You’ll learn how to set clear goals for each event and how to choose the best venues to meet your goals. Instead of scouting the best florist for a reception, you will focus on presentation materials and promotional items to support your client’s brand.

You’ll use your creativity in unique ways

Corporate event planning doesn’t exactly scream creativity. After all, isn’t wedding planning the epitome of a creative career? We understand why you’d think this—corporate event planners don’t typically stay up organizing late-night candy stations.

But don’t be fooled! As a corporate event planning student, your creativity can still flow! A number of different corporate events desperately require your unique ideas and flair. Creativity is necessary in order to engage audiences and build your client’s brand. Product launches, retirement parties, and themed conferences will be your bread and butter! Your assignments will likely ask you to come up with several theme, decor, and venue ideas for an upcoming corporate holiday party. Or, you could be asked to list potential team-building activity ideas for a corporate retreat. If you love being creative and generating original ideas, here is your chance to shine!

Interpersonal skills are taken to a new level

Although event planning has several different branches, they all require excellent people skills. Steer clear if you’re a shy or anti-social individual! A huge asset for corporate event planners is strong interpersonal skills because you’ll need to build lasting relationships with clients and vendors.

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Event planning schools recognize the importance of strong communication skills. Most corporate event planning courses require the completion of assignments to improve your verbal and written communication. For example, a course assignment may ask you to suggest two possible event venues for an upcoming conference based on your client’s needs. However, your client has a list of requirements including on-site catering, making it challenging to find the right fit for them. You’ll need to communicate effectively with both your client and the vendor, to make both parties happy—or at least satisfied. Get ready to sharpen your negotiation skills!

Let’s not forget networking. Everyone you meet at a corporate event provides an opportunity to network! As a planner, you showcase your skills every time you execute an event. Impressing these attendees with your event design, displays, and overall style will help them remember you when they plan their own events! Your career as a corporate event planner allows you to meet people from all walks of life, giving you a multitude of opportunities to learn new things and develop ideas!

Corporate clients are their own breed

Wedding planners often receive lists of details and wishes from newly engaged couples. Clients want to turn their wedding dreams into reality through details such as floral design, lighting, vows, and guest lists. Corporate events, however, is quite different. Planners follow specific timelines and budgets, with clear goals in mind. You may feel intimidated, but trust us—the right training will prepare you! Your corporate event planning course will teach all you need to know, which is why it is such a great choice for aspiring planners.

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You can bet your corporate clients have clear ideas about their events! It’s up to you, the planner, to uncover their ideas and identify solutions. Corporate event planning courses teach which guiding questions to ask your clients to identify their expectations and motivations. These insights will shape your chosen organization methods, and provide you with benchmarks for assessing success. Corporate event planning courses will prepare you aspiring planners to perform well in your roles, while wedding planning courses teach students how to apply trends and best practices in order to execute visions. Unlike weddings, corporate events often require measurement and analysis to boost brand awareness or improve a company’s image. Keep these differences between corporate events and weddings in mind when you’re deciding your path in events.

Are there other differences between the two we missed? Let us know!

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