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QC Event School’s Top Event and Wedding Planning Articles of 2019

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new decade, and the opportunities to come will be endless! Before we leap right into it, let’s honor 2019 by taking a look back at the 10 most popular blog articles throughout the year.

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10. Top 5 LGBTQ+ Friendly Wedding Destinations Around the World

Weddings can be a sensitive situation for those part of the LGBTQ+ community. Unfortunately, there are still many places in the world that refuse to accept or celebrate same-sex marriage. This leaves many happy couples unable to take that precious step forward in making their union legal.

But as the world is progressing forward, there are more and more locations all around the globe that are happy to make those dreams come true! This article provides 5 wonderful places where those in the LGBTQ+ community can be legally wed, without fear or judgement. Love wins!

9. Graduate Feature: Luba Gankin of Primavera Dreams

What better way to get motivated than to see another person just like you go after their dream and succeed? QC Event School loves to showcase our graduates and students, and Luba Gankin is no exception! A wedding planner specializing in both Italy and Boston, Luba is a professional worth aspiring to. She decided to pursue this career path a bit later in life (and definitely wishes she’d done so sooner!), and has found immeasurable success.

Known for her iron-clad relationships with her vendors, Luba shares not only her advice for developing long-lasting relationships with clients and vendors alike, but why enrolling in QC Event School helped her harness and refine her skills.

8. How to Become a Corporate Event Planner in 2019

The world of event planning isn’t limited to private parties and weddings! One major field under the event planning umbrella is corporate event planning. Tutor of QC’s Corporate Event Planning course and professional event management planner, Alyssa Perna, provides a handy webinar in which she discusses developing your skills in this field, gaining practical experience, and beating your competition when looking for work. With a useful transcription to go alongside her video, this is definitely not an article worth skipping!

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7. 2019 Destination Wedding Trends Your Clients Will Love

QC tutor and destination wedding specialist, Amira Harris, explores things you can add to your client’s destination wedding that she’ll absolutely adore. The beauty of these elements is that they don’t necessarily need to be pricey. More than anything, many of them are extra touches that will bring everything together, and create an even more intimate, personal experience that your client will never forget. Amira should know – this is how she’s made her name in the event and wedding planning world!

6. Skip These 5 Destination Wedding Expenses You Don’t Need

The idea of a destination wedding in and of itself creates the image of big, bold – and expensive. But there are actually a number of things you can cut out of the experience entirely, without sacrificing any quality! Here, Amira goes to the other end of the spectrum, and reveals 5 expenses you might think a destination wedding needs, but really doesn’t.

5. Graduate Feature: Lori J. Osborne

After 30 years as an Executive-level Administrative Assistant, QC graduate, Lori J. Osborne, decided she wanted to change things up. So, like Luba, she pursued her passion for event and wedding planning! Now a professional planner, Lori thanks QC in large part for her adding to her success, and is living proof that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true!

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4. 6 Ways to Utterly Destroy Your Party Planning Career

It takes lots of hard work to cement yourself a solid reputation as a professional event and wedding planner. But it only takes seconds to unravel all of that effort and paint you as someone no client will want to work with.

Whether it’s arguing with the customer or bluffing your way through things you should really know about, this article provides 6 excellent bad habits to avoid, if tanking your reputation is the last thing you ever want to do.

3. How to Avoid “Ghosting” – Event Planner Career Tips

It’s definitely frustrating when you’re in contact with a potential client, the ball gets rolling, ideas are thrown back and forth, and you’ve invested yourself into both this client and her event… only for her to disappear without a trace. This article is a must-read, because it not only outlines how to tell a potential ghoster from a legitimate client, but also provides tips on how to increase your chances of turning an inquirer into a paying customer.

2. Don’t Be Fooled by These 6 Shady Online Wedding Planning School Tricks

In the age of technology, more and more schooling is being done online. Unfortunately, though, there are still plenty of scammers out there, looking for a quick way to rob you of your time and money. When searching for a reputable online event and wedding planning school, it’s important to know the red flags to watch out for, in order to steer clear of anything untrustworthy. It’s no wonder this article comes in second on this list. Your career and wallet will thank you for giving it a read!

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1. 4 Things an Event Planner is Not

With all the things you’re in charge of in preparation of your client’s event, it can sometimes be easy to forget that you aren’t actually responsible for literally everything. To be an event and wedding planner, you have to have a realistic expectation of what will (and will not) require your involvement.

Sometimes, it may also slip your client’s mind. Of course, she has a lot on her plate, too, so it can be understandable. But for your sanity, it’s important to remember where to draw the line. This article makes things crystal clear, so you’ll never have to second-guess your duties again! Due to the importance of this message, it’s no wonder this article has come in at #1 for all of 2019!

We can’t wait to see which articles turn out to be the most popular in 2020! Is there anything in particular you’d like to read about in the upcoming year? Let us know in the comments!

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