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Graduate Feature: Emili Kopiec

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a 26-year-old business owner, wife, and mama to a two-month-old baby girl! I’m an Oregon native, with a love for the outdoors. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking with our dogs, horseback riding, fishing, riding quads, and going dirt biking. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to work from home and raise our baby… I love seeing her grow each and every day!

Why did you decide to become a certified wedding planner and event coordinator?

I’ve always had a love for events, but I started to seriously pursue it after my first engagement. That was shaping up to be a complete DIY wedding, and I quickly realize why there are certified wedding planners and event coordinators! After the engagement ended, I decided that I wanted to help other brides.

I enrolled in both the Luxury Wedding & Event Planning and Event Décor classes while I was working a full-time position in Sales. At the time, I thought it would just be something I did on the side. But then the opportunity came for me to able to open my own company, and I took it!

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What made you specifically interested in planning luxury weddings and events?

My thought process was that if I became certified in luxury events, I’d be able to handle all events – because if you can handle large, high-end functions, you can handle the smaller-scaled ones, too. However, I love the idea of large events, and I always welcome the challenges they present.

Having graduated from all these different QC courses, would you say you’ve caught the attention of MORE clients because of your additional training?

Definitely! I think that having these certifications absolutely gives me an advantage and helps me to stand out from the crowd. There are quite a few planners in my area, so competition can be pretty fierce. Having these certifications from QC has helped (and continues to help) me build my company as a newer planner entering the industry.

Can you describe your event and luxury wedding decorating style?

Elegant and clean. Although it may vary from client to client, the overall feel that I’m trying to achieve in everything I organize is elegance, simplicity, and cleanliness. I want every individual experience to be readable; for each person who sees the event (in-person, via pictures, etc.) to be able to easily tell what’s going on, and not be overwhelmed by the décor. Décor should enhance the event, but not overwhelm it!

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In addition to weddings and private events, you also provide corporate event planning. Do you have a preference out of the three, and if so, why?

I don’t have a preference, but I do look at each of them differently. I love weddings and private events for the creativity that they provide. I’m able to be more creative, and I find that they offer their own challenges in terms of coordinating and day-of stresses.

But I also love event management for the different challenges that corporate events present. They have a different kind of goal to achieve. Helping to make that happen is fun!

What was/is the most difficult part about starting your luxury wedding and event planning business?

In my area, there aren’t a lot of clientele specifically interested in this area of planning services. So I’m constantly learning how to adapt and appeal to all facets of potential clients, while being mindful not to undermine my value as a planner.

Why did you decide to attend an online event planning school over a physical school become a certified wedding planner and event coordinator?

I chose an online event and wedding planning school because at the time, I was working full-time. Having the ability of doing it on my own schedule, while still being able to focus on my job, was important to me. Not to mention that when I started, I still wasn’t fully certain that I wanted to do this full-time, let alone start my own business!

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Why did you ultimately decide to get your certification through QC Event School, compared to the other online schools you researched? How was the experience at QC overall for you?

I chose QC because it’s more relaxed, in the sense that there’s no set schedule. Your schooling is all done at your pace, which is really convenient.  QC also doesn’t put any unwanted pressure on you. You don’t have to constantly worry about deadlines or timelines when you’re busy with everyday life, having a full-time job, running a company, being a mom… All of these everyday things that you can’t always get time away from – but that other schools wouldn’t be so accommodating towards.

QC understands, and puts my needs first! I’ve loved every experience with this school. They’re always so helpful, friendly, and great to work with!

What was your proudest moment as a certified event and luxury wedding planner?

Booking my first wedding! It was an amazing and rewarding moment as a planner and as a newer business owner. I was very proud of myself. It was the feeling of, “I did it! I can do this! I am doing this!”

What do you have in store for Elegant Outcomes in 2020?

Big things: weddings, trade shows, photo shoots, other private events! I can’t wait to be able to share with the world!

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